Monday, August 14, 2017

Tribal panchayats eye MP-MLA funds for farmers' widows, orphans-IANS

Tribal panchayats eye MP-MLA funds for farmers' widows, orphans-IANS
Yavatmal (Maharashtra), Aug 14 (IANS) 
More than 160 tribal panchayats from different districts in the state passed resolutions demanding that MPs and MLAs look after the welfare of families of tribal farmers who commit suicide, an official said here on Monday.
The resolution is considered significant as the children and widows of farmers who ended their lives due to the agrarian crises face a bleak future with no help from any quarter.
Now, the local legislators and parliamentarians shall be approached to provide for the survivors of the farmers who commit suicide in their constituencies and release money from their annual MP-MLA funds, tribal leaders said.
The tribal panchayats - under the Panchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas (PESA) Act, 1996, are sore that the constitutional rights granted to them under various laws have not been properly implemented by the government in the past three years, said their leader Tulsiram Kumare.
"Under these Acts, the importance of Gram Sabhas in decision-making needs to be restored. They must be given a say in matters of mining activity, infrastructure projects, education and public health facilities," Kumare said.
The tribal panchayats have also resolved to enforce complete prohibition in all tribal villages under PESA, food security for all tribal families, digital links, electrification and road and drinking water connections to all these villages.
They also demanded a ban on all types of forest cutting which poses environmental hazards and affects the life of the tribals.
They demanded full rights on all local water bodies restored to the tribals; land ownership to landless tribal farmers; compulsory education in local tribal lingo to tribal students in PESA schools and returning land taken over by non-tribals in the PESA areas.
"All the resolutions passed are being forwarded to President (Ram Nath Kovind) and Maharashtra Governor (C.V. Rao) under whose ambit the implementation of the PESA falls," said Vasantrao Naik Swavalambi Shetkari Mission chairman Kishore Tiwari.
Another tribal leader, Santosh Naitam said there have been discrepancies in the survey of forest lands in the possession of the tribals and the government must order a fresh time-bound survey by specialised teams for the rights of the forest people.
At a workshop for tribals held on Saturday, the participants were informed that under PESA the law gives powers to tribal panchayats to impose prohibition and take other public and welfare measures deemed fit for the tribals.
Tiwari said the law also gives direct ownership of non-mineral and forest resources to the local tribals, providing them with gainful employment opportunities within the village economy.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

PESA Gramsbha resolute complete Liquor Ban and Tribal Rights Restoration Plan

PESA  Gramsbha resolute complete Liquor Ban and Tribal Rights Restoration Plan 

Dated 12th August 2017 

Around 162 tribal villages which are having special rights under constitution provision of article 244 to exercise rights to form rules and guidelines for local governance under provision of PESA(Panchayat extension in schedule areas) ACT-1996 to resolute unanimously in special convention at Pandharkawada in Yavatmal district to have complete ban of liquor and adoption of farmers kids under local fund of MP/MLA who killed themselves due debt and crop failure ,Tribal leader Ankit  Naitam who is convener of the function informed here today .
 Vasantrao Naik Shetkari Swavalambi Mission (VNSS) Chairman Kishore Tiwari  to while presiding over the function  moved following resolutions which are 
1. enforce complete liquore in all tribal villages under PESA 
2. to food security under antyodaya to all tribal families .
3. Tribal farmers who have killed themselves due to on going agrarian crisis ,all dependents of farmers families should be  adopted under fund given MP/MLAs in the DPDC .
4.By  2017  all tribal villages should have digital links where as most of villages are not electrified and not connected with roads .the water source available to villager is contaminated with Florine and other toxin metals .
5. as due on going uncontrolled forest cutting ,big environmental and ecological issues  are coming up hence complete ban on all types of forest cutting is resolved .
6. all rights of water body to local tribal village body is demanded.
7.  land rights to all landless tribal farmers .
8. No CFR (community forest rights) activities in the PESA villages .
9. compulsory education in tribal language to tribal student in PESA Schools.
10. restoration of land to tribal which are  taken over by  non-tribal in the PESA areas .

tribal leader tulsiram kumare ,dharma atram. santosh naitam,pravil kulkarni. madhukar ghasalkar, tukaram ,atram attended the meet . the resolutions are being sent to Indian president and Maharashtra governor who are responsible for the implementing PESA act , Kishor Tiwari added.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

विदर्भातील २० लाखावर आदीवासी शेतकरी व शेतमजुरांना खावटी कर्ज देण्याची स्व . वसंतराव नाईक शेतकरी मिशनची सरकारला शिफारश

विदर्भातील २० लाखावर आदीवासी शेतकरी व शेतमजुरांना  खावटी कर्ज देण्याची स्व .  वसंतराव नाईक शेतकरी  मिशनची सरकारला शिफारश 
दिनांक ७ ऑगस्ट २०१७
गेल्या वर्षी झालेली अतिवृष्टी, गारपीट आणि यंदा मान्सून सुरू झाल्यानंतर पाऊस नसल्यामुळे विदर्भातील २० लाखांवर आदिवासी कुटुंबे उपासमारीला तोंड देत आहे. आदिवासी शेतकरी दुबार पेरणीच्या संकटात आहेत. शेतमजूर रोजगार नसल्यामुळे नैराश्याच्या गर्तेत सापडले आहेत. मागील वर्षी आत्महत्याग्रस्त शेतकऱ्यांमध्ये आदीवासी भूमिहीन मक्तेदार वा बटाईदार शेतकऱ्यांच्या समावेश मोठ्या प्रमाणात असुन यावर स्व.वसंतराव नाईक शेतकरी  मिशनच्या ३१ जुलै २०१७च्या बैठकीत गंभीर चिंता व्यक्त करण्यात आली व  सध्या विदर्भातील शेतकरी पाऊस नसल्यामुळे गेल्या काही दिवसांपासून संकटात सापडला आहे. कर्ज घेऊन पहिली पेरणी केल्यानंतर पाऊस नसल्यामुळे दुबार पेरणीची झाल्या नंतरही तरी त्यांच्या हाती पैसा नसल्यामुळे पुढे काय करावे या चिंतेने त्यांना ग्रासले आहे. आदिवासींना पुरवठा विभागामार्फत अन्नाचे वाटप होत नाही. आदिवासींना काम करण्यासाठी दूरवर भटकंती करून देखील रोजगार उपलब्ध होत नाही. तसेच उत्पन्न मिळविण्यासाठी दुसरे साधन नसल्यामुळे कुटुंबाच्या उदरनिर्वाहासाठी रोजगाराच्या दिशेने भटकंती सुरू आहे. विदर्भातील अडचणीत आलेल्या सर्व आदिवासी शेतकरी व शेतमजुरांना राज्य सरकारच्या खावटी कर्ज योजना १९७८ प्रमाणे थकित खावटी कर्ज माफ करून खावटी वाटप करावे अशी शिफारश  स्व.वसंतराव नाईक शेतकरी  मिशनने  केली आहे  मात्र, त्यांची अंमलबजावणी करण्यात साठी आदिवासी विभाग व आदिवासी विकास महामंडळास आदेश दिल्याचे   स्व.वसंतराव नाईक शेतकरी  मिशनचे प्रमुख किशोर तिवारी यांनी सांगितले.
राज्यात खावटी कर्ज योजना १९७८ पासून आदिवासी क्षेत्रात सुरू करण्यात आली आहे. ही योजना महामंडळाकडून आदिवासी सहकारी संस्थाच्या सहाय्याने राबविण्यात येते. पावसाळ्यामुळे रोजगार नसलेल्या दिवसांमध्ये गरजू एक लाखावर आदिवासी कुटुंबांना या योजनेतंर्गत धान्य पुरवठा करण्यात येतो. राज्यात खावटी कर्ज योजनेत ७० टक्के वस्तू रूपाने म्हणजे अन्नधान्य व कडधान्य स्वरूपात दिले जाते तर ३० टक्के आर्थिक स्वरूपात दिले जाते. यामध्ये दिलेल्या खावटी कर्जात ३० टक्के अनुदान दिले जाते यामध्ये मोठा भ्रष्टाचार होत असल्या च्या तक्रारी येतात त्यामुळे सगळी १०० टक्के राशी सरळ बँकांच्या खात्यात जमा करण्याचा आग्रह तिवारी यांनी आहे. 
 सध्या विदर्भात आदिवासींना रोजगार मिळत नसल्याने कुटुंबाचा उदरनिर्वाह करण्याचा प्रश्न निर्माण झाला आहे. अतिदुर्गम भागात रोजगार उपलब्ध होत नसल्याने आर्थिक गरजादेखील पूर्ण होत नसून तसेच आदिवासी विकास महामंडळाकडून दिली जाणारी या खावटी कर्जात गरजूंना दिली जात नाही. राजकीय नेत्यांच्या शिफारशीने हे वाटप होत आले आहे. त्यामुळे आता तरी सर्व खावटी कर्जात वाढ केली असली तरी या काळात रोजगार उपलब्ध होत नाही. तसेच शेती करण्यासाठी जमीन नाही. त्यामुळे उत्पन्न येण्यासाठी दुसरे साधन नाही. त्यासाठी आदिवासी विभागाकडून देण्यात येणारी खावटी आता जगण्याचा पर्याय आहे. सरकारने खावटी लवकर सुरू करावी, अशी मागणी  स्व.वसंतराव नाईक शेतकरी  मिशनचे प्रमुख किशोर तिवारी यांनी केली आहे.   

Friday, July 28, 2017

कर्ज माफीमध्ये भूमिहीन शेतकऱ्यांच्या समावेश करा -किशोर तिवारी

कर्ज माफीमध्ये भूमिहीन शेतकऱ्यांच्या समावेश करा -किशोर तिवारी :सरकारला सादर केली पंचसुत्री 

दिनांक २९ जुलै २०१७
शेतकरी चळवळीचे  कार्यकर्ते किशोर तिवारी यांच्या अध्यक्षतेखाली वसंतराव नाईक शेती  स्वावलंबन मिशन (व्हीएनएसएसएम) ने विदर्भ, मराठवाडा  भागांतील भूमीहीन शेतकऱ्यांच्या गंभीर  परिस्थितीबद्दल सखोल अभ्यास करून शहरात राहणारे नेतेगीरी ,सरकारी नौकरी ,व्यवसाय करणारे सर्वच श्रीमंत शेतकऱ्यांनी गावातील आदीवासी ,दलीत ,भटक्या व इतर मागास वर्गातील भूमिहीन वा अल्प भुधारक शेतकऱ्यांना जमीन भाडेपट्टीने दिली असुन महाराष्ट्रातील कुळ कायद्याच्या तरतुदींमुळे  वहीतदारांच्या यादीत या भूमीहीन शेतकऱ्यांचे नाव न नोंदविल्यामुळे होत असलेल्या अन्यायाकडे  सरकारचे लक्ष वेधले असुन या वंचितांचे हित जोपासण्याकरीता तिवारी यांनी सरकारला पंचसुत्री दिली आहे . 
शेतकरी मिशनने आपल्या अहवालात म्हटले आहे की आत्महत्या करणाऱ्या शेतकऱ्यांमध्ये आदीवासी ,दलीत ,भटक्या व इतर मागास वर्गातील भूमिहीन वा अल्प भुधारक शेतकरीचं असुन मात्र कर्जमाफीसह इतर सर्व सवलती व योजनांच्या लाभ उच्च जातीच्या स्वतः  मर्द म्हणुन ओळख दाखविणाऱ्या सतत सत्तेत राहणाऱ्या श्रीमंत पोटभरू शेतकऱ्यांनीच घेतला असुन आता यांना कर्जमाफीसह इतर सर्व सवलती व योजनांच्या फ़ायद्यापासून वंचित ठेवण्यासाठी कायद्यामध्ये तात्काळ बदल करण्याची तसेच जमिनीच्या भाडेकरू कायद्यात शेती मालकी आणि भाडेकरु शेतकऱ्यांचे हक्क पुर्णपणे  सुरक्षीत ठेवण्यासाठी डॉ हक समितीच्या नीती आयोगादिलेल्या व सर्व राज्यांना  तात्काळ लागु करण्याच्या केंद्रांच्या आदेशाची योग्य अंबलबजावणी करून दुरुस्ती लागु करण्याची मागणी  सरकारला सादर केली  आहे . 
आपल्या अहवालात शेतकरी मिशन खळबळजनक खूलासाकरीत   ग्राम पातळी, मंडल व तहसील पातळीवर ठेवलेल्या रेकॉर्डची यंत्रणा जमीन कायदा, विशेषत: महाराष्ट्र जमीन महसूल संहिते (एमएलआरसी) च्या अंतर्गत असलेल्या वैधानिक तरतुदींच्या अंतर्गत कार्यरत आहे, सर्व व्यावहारिक दृष्टिकोनातून, जमीन भाडेकरू कायद्यासह तसेच जमीन धारणा कायद्याच्या तरतुदींनुसार ठेवली जाते परंतु यामध्ये कधीच  भूमिहीन शेतकर्यांच्या हिताचे रक्षण करण्यास सर्व सरकारे पुर्णपणे अयशस्वी ठरली आहेत कारण हे "मक्केदार" किंवा "बटाइदार" किंवा "किरायेदार " (कृषी  भूमीचे  भाडेकरु) भूमीहीन शेतकरी म्हणून ओळखले जातात आणिहे सर्व जमीन मालकीच्या कायद्यामध्ये शेतकरी म्हणुन बसत नाहीत व यांना  सर्व शासकीय किंवा सामाजिक सुरक्षितता योजनांच्या फायद्यापासून वंचित ठेवण्यात आले आहे यामुळे ते सर्वात जास्त  पीडित आहेत कारण त्यांच्या मूलभूत अधिकारांचे उल्लंघन केले जात आहे आणि ते जीवन जगण्याच्या अधिकारापासून वंचित आहेत अशी माहीती दिली आहे .  शेतकरी मिशनने अहवालात या  भूमीहीन शेतकऱ्यांना  कृषी क्षेत्रातील प्रगतीचे प्रमुख योगदानकर्ते आहेत त्यांची संख्या  ग्रामीण भागातील एकूण शेतकऱ्यांच्या ३० टक्के असल्याचे म्हटले आहे या सर्व   भूमिहीन शेतकऱ्यांचे हक्कांचे रक्षण करण्यासाठी भूमि कायद्याच्या अंमलबजावणीत सहभागी असलेल्या शासकीय यंत्रणांनी गेल्या अनेक वर्षांपासून मलाईदार शेतकऱ्यांची गुलामीकरीत फारच शोषण करणारी खराब  कामगिरी केली आहे. हे एक अत्यंत दु: ख आणि अत्यंत दडपशाहीचे दुर्दैव आहे की या या भूमीहीन शेतक-यांना लहानातं लहान  सामाजिक सुरक्षेसाठीही लाभ झालेला नाही आणि अशा भूमीहीन शेतकर्यांच्या दुर्दैवी आत्महत्त्यांच्या  घटनेच्या वेळी सुद्धा यांच्या गरीब कुटुंबातील सदस्यांनी मूळ  शासकीय मदत   नाकारली जाते हे या आकडेवारीवरून दिसून आले आहे कारण  हे भूमीहीन शेतकरी तालठी , महसूल निरीक्षक आणि त्यांच्या पर्यवेक्षण कारणारे  अधिकारी नायब तहसीलदार किंवा तहसीलदार / एसडीओ जमीनीच्या अभिलेख ठेवणारी एजन्सीच्या एकूण दुर्लक्षमुळे हे सर्व घडत आहे . 
शेतकरी मिशनला आढळून आले की "मक्केदार" किंवा "बटाइदार" किंवा "किरायेदार " (कृषी  भूमीचे  भाडेकरु) भूमीहीन शेतकऱ्यांची ओळख करून हित  जोपासणारी तलाठी व महसूल निरीक्षक दुय्यम दर्जाच्या व तलसीलदार जमिनीच्या नोंदी ठेवण्याकरता ठेवतात  ७/१२ रेकॉर्डमध्ये भूमी मालक व वहीतदार यांच्या बरोबर नोंदी घेऊन भूमीं शेतकऱ्यांचे अधिकार जोपासले जातात मात्र  वास्तव  एकदम भिन्न आहे.वहीतदार भूमीहीन शेतकऱ्यांचा कोणताही रेकॉर्ड ठेवला जात नाही वा आता ही समस्या विक्राळ स्वरूपात समोर येत आहे कारण 
ग्रामीतील जीवनमान अधिकाधिक पायाभूत सुविधा जसे चांगले शिक्षण, चांगले प्राथमिक आरोग्यसेवा, सभ्य स्वच्छता, स्वच्छ पिण्याचे पाणी, धरण बांधणी आणि बोर विहीर, त्यांना चालविण्यासाठी सतत वीज पुरवठा करणे ही चांगली रस्ता जोडणीच्या   गरज आहे मात्र आश्चर्याची गोष्ट म्हणजे सरकारच्या  संबंधित योजनांच्या फायद्याघेणारे  काही श्रीमंत शेतकरीच आहेत बँका पीककर्ज ,कर्जमाफी वा  व्याज माफी योजनांचा फायदागरीब भूमिहीन शेतक-यांना  देण्यात येत  नाही सरकारी व  सहकारी  बँकाकडून कर्ज घेतलेल्यामध्ये ९० टक्के  मोठ्या आणि श्रीमंत शेतक-यांच भरणा आहे कारण हे  सर्व व्यावहारिक अर्थाने ते खरेखुरे शेतकरी  नाहीत अशा कट्टू सत्य  शेतकरी मिशनने सरकारसमोर मांडून  वंचित  आत्महत्याग्रस्त  पुढील उपाय सुचविले  आहेत:
१) भू-अभिलेख एमएलआरसी मधील तरतुदीनुसार योग्य व वास्तविकतेने खरे शेतकरी यांचा आलेख करण्यात यावी रायामध्ये पारदर्शकता ठेऊन योग्यरित्या दुरुस्त करणे आवश्यक आहे.                                
२) जमिनीच्या भाडेकरू कायद्यात शेती मालकी आणि भाडेकरु शेतकऱ्यांचे हक्क पुर्णपणे  सुरक्षीत ठेवण्यासाठी डॉ हक समितीच्या नीती आयोगादिलेल्या व सर्व राज्यांना  तात्काळ लागु करण्याच्या केंद्रांच्या आदेशाची योग्य अंबलबजावणी करून दुरुस्त करणे गरजेचे आहे.          
३) अनेक मलाईदार शेतकरी  जमिनीची कमाल मर्यादेच्यावर शेकडो हेक्टर जमिनीचे आजही मालक आहेत या कायद्याची  अचूकपणे अंमलात करण्यात यावा  आणि अधिकारी अधिक शक्तिशाली व उत्तरदायी बनविण्यासाठी सुधारीत करण्यात यावी 
४) प्रत्यक्ष शेतीमध्ये  दिले जाणारे सर्व अधिकार व सवलती या  सर्व "मक्केदार" किंवा "बटाइदार" किंवा "किरायेदार " (कृषी  भूमीचे  भाडेकरु) भूमीहीन शेतकऱ्यांना देण्यात याव्या  सर्व कल्याणकारी  आणि शासकीय योजनांचा तसेच   बँकांकडून पीककर्जाचा फायदा या शेतकऱ्यांना देण्यात यावा 
५) जर "मक्केदार" किंवा "बटाइदार" किंवा "किरायेदार " (कृषी  भूमीचे  भाडेकरु) भूमीहीन शेतकरी म्हणून ओळखले शेतकऱ्यांच्या आत्महत्यांच्या दुर्दैवी घटनेमुळे झालेल्या दुःख व संकटे सहन केलेल्या अशा भूमीहीन शेतक-यांची विधवा आणि प्रभागांना नियमित शेतकर्यांप्रमाणेच सर्व लाभांसाठी विचार करणे गरजेचे आहे असल्याचे प्रतिपादन आपल्या अहवालात शेतकरी मिशनने केल्याचे किशोर तिवारी यांनी म्हटले आहे . 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Act against banks not aiding farmers, says Tiwari-TIMES OF INDIA

Act against banks not aiding farmers, says Tiwari

TNN | Jul 23, 2017, 03.43 AM IST
Nagpur/Amravati: Vasantrao Naik Shetkari Swavalamban Mission head and farm activist Kishore Tiwari has blamed the nationalized banks and their managers for being indifferent towards farmers.
"Despite clear NABARD and the state government instructions to take up a proactive stance towards farm lending, the banks have again shown an apathy to farmers," said Tiwari.

He pointed out that nationalized banks have, till date, barely met with 15% of the kharif target. Even for the stopgap Rs10,000 loan for sowing needs, nationalized banks have been slow. As a result, out of 89 lakh eligible farmers, only 3,200 could avail of it till Friday.
Tiwari pointed out that this year the total khairf farm credit target was hiked by Rs7,000 crore from Rs51,000 cr to 58,000 and nationalized banks were expected to play a bigger role. But the PSU banks have once again failed to rise to the occasion. Last year they had completed 80% of the target by this period. He further claimed that the district cooperative banks, though not in best financial health, have done far better by meeting 50% of their farm credit target.
Tiwari has asked the government and NABARD to take strong action against bank officials failing to meet the target set for them. "The mission is keeping a close watch on the situation. If any farmer commits suicide and we find that banks had failed to provide timely credit to such a farmer, we will take up such cases," Tiwari warned.
The mission chief has welcomed state government's decision to make drip irrigation compulsory for sugar cane which is a water guzzling crop. He said the mission had recommended it to the chief minister a year ago. Sugar cane is an 18-month cash crop, requiring nearly 25,000 tmc water for one hectare. If drip irrigation is introduced, it will save nearly 7500-12500 tmc of water per hectare.
According to the scheme approved by the state cabinet this week, the government will give a loan to farmers of up to Rs85,400 per hectare at subsidized interest rates of 2%. The state government aims to bring nearly 3.05 lakh hectares of land of the 9.42 lakh hectare under sugar cane cultivation under this scheme in the next two years. There are 2.25 lakh hectares which are already under drip irrigation.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Only 3200 out of Nine Million farmers have got Rs10k relief as farm loan waiver advance-Kishor Tiwari

Only 3200 out of Nine Million   farmers have  got Rs10k relief as farm loan waiver advance-Kishor Tiwari 
Dated- July 22   
Farm activist Kishore Tiwari, chairman of the farm Task Force (Vasantrao Naik Sheti Swavalambi Mission (VNSSM) ) formed by state govt. to address prevailing Agrarian crisis and for alleviate farm poverty criticized Public sector banks in Maharashtra for their non-sensitive approach and anti-farmers hostile functioning as all PSU banks and  Govts. Babus ,urging the state to take action against all erring concerned officer who are responsible to disburse the relief aid announced earlier as part of mega farm loan waiver as    State government's Rs10,000 advance as immediate aid to farmers has come rather late and reached only a handful so far. According to official data, just over 3200 farmers across the state received the advance. Sources said a majority of PSU banks had not started giving the amount yet. The major share in giving the loan is of Vidarbha Konkan Gramin Bank and Maharasthra Gramin Bank followed by district central cooperative banks (DCCBs),tiwari added.
Banks are Babus are aware that  Farmers take yearly short-term loans for sowing expenses. Those who have defaulted on earlier loans cannot get fresh credit till the dues are cleared. They can begin with a clean slate after the waiver scheme is implemented as the implementation was to take time, state government announced an advance of Rs10,000 so the farmers could start with cultivation. The amount was to be adjusted against the waiver. Almost 90 Lakh farmers defaulted in repayment are eligible for waiver surprising  against this, only 3200 odd have got the advance by this week that has subjected Govt. and Mah.CM in particulate  to awkward situation facing unwarranted criticism from apposition and farmers who were asked on 14 June that  Rs.10,000 advance as immediate aid will be given on 15th June ,Tiwari has questioned the accountability of Babus who briefed ministers at the time of negotiations with farm activist and they responsibility should be fixed to avioid future humiliation .
The government resolution (GR) notifying the scheme was issued on June 14. However, the state government issued its guarantee to banks only on July 4 this delay would have been avoided ,Tiwari said .
 After that each bank is supposed to get a resolution approved by its respective board of directors and this process has  taken necessary delay that  has failed it,s purpose as there was very poor follow up from State concerned  Babus who are against such  farm loan waiver from time of negotiations ,Tiwari alleged .  
Kishore Tiwari, criticized Public sector banks in Maharashtra for their non-sensitive approach and anti-farmers hostile functioning as all PSU banks have disbursed barely only 15% of the crop loan targets set by RBI-Nabard for the 2017-18 kharif season, last year by 21th July 80% target was achieved
The crop loan outlay for the year 2017-18 is expected to be around Rs 58,662 crore, an increase of around Rs 7,000 crore from last year’s outlay of Rs 51,235 crore. However, but PSU Banks have made mockery of Nabard target even Rs.10,000/- which was announced on 11th June as emergency relief as part of loan waiver to be within week was not been started till 15thJuly ,intentionally acting interest against of the dying farmers , surprising 11 district central cooperative banks (DCCBs) which were finding to meet their targets in view of their economic condition has disbursed more than 50%, Tiwari informed.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Farm Distress Mission welcomes Mah. Govt. decision to make Drip Irrigation compulsory for Sugarcane Cultivation

The Farm Distress Mission welcomes Mah. Govt. decision to make Drip Irrigation compulsory for Sugarcane Cultivation
Dated -20th July 2017
Noted farm activist Kishor Tiwari today welcomed decision of the Mah. government to make  drip irrigation compulsory for sugarcane cultivation which is  the water guzzling crop on a large scale even during the drought years.
The Farm Distress Mission, which Tiwari heads, has said it in recommendations which were submitted to the Chief Minister a year  ago asking  the Maharashtra government to  replace "killer crops" like sugarcane and Bt Cotton in the 14 districts of drought- hit Vidharbha and Marathwada regions in the state.
Sugarcane is 18-month cash crop, it required nearly 25,000 tmc water for one hectare of the crop and if drip irrigation is introduced the state government aims at saving nearly 7500-12500 tmc of water per hectare, said officials from the state agriculture department.
According to the scheme approved by the state cabinet on Tuesday, the state government will give a loan to farmers of up to Rs 85,400 per hectare at subsidized interest rates of 2%. The state government aims to bring nearly 3.05 lakh hectares of land of the 9.42 lakh hectare under sugarcane cultivation under this scheme in the next two years. There are 2.25 lakh hectares which are already under drip irrigation.
Terming sugarcane and Bt Cotton as "killer crops", he said instead "food crops" like oil seeds, pulses, maize and sorghum should be encouraged with incentives and support price protection.
Stringent conditions should be imposed to curb the cultivation of rain-sensitive cash-crops like sugarcane and Bt Cotton which have over-exploited the water in the parched areas of the state and led to a man-made drought, he said.
"At a time when farmer suicides is a burning issue, Vidharbha and Marathwada regions are facing a drought and also need drinking water," he said. Cultivation of water-hungry cash-crops like sugarcane and Bt Cotton exacerbated the agrarian crisis, he said .He also urged the central  Government to provide additional Rs 40,000 crore for fresh crop credit.Farm credit, crop pattern and cultivation practices are the core issues of agrarian crisis, he said.
"At present only 35 per cent of the debt-trapped farmers out of the four million distressed farmers in the 14 districts are getting fresh loans. Hence the panel has recommended to the Government to provide additional farm credit of Rs 40,000 crore to the distressed farmers," he said.

Soil health card and soil moisture management is playing a key role in reducing cultivation cost by half, but the killer crops like sugarcane and Bt. Cotton   are fueling the present agrarian crisis, he said.