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Direct LPG Subsidy Transfer in Bank is aimed End Fuel Subsidy Era

Direct LPG Subsidy Transfer in Bank is aimed End Fuel Subsidy Era

Nagpur - May 30, 2013
When bank account linked Aadhaar card or unique identification number penetration has only penetrated to less than 20% Indian population and  Aadhaar card has not being given as Govt.admission to more than 70% population which is mostly poor and middle class ,the UPA Govt. move to start Direct Cash Transfer to LPG and Kerosene consumers from June 1st  in 18 selected district is premature and unplanned decision in light with fact that  ground reality in 18 district selected for pilot project as per fact of Aadhaar  card distribution and linking of it’s bank account is very fragile and  fancy stage ,will result the direct benefit fuel transfer programme to end subsidy era of Indian socialistic republic as par planed agenda of WTO-WORLD BANK ,is first step to withdraw food and fuel security to deprived poor hence we urge UPA govt. to withdraw such anti poor plan ,Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Jandolan Samiti(VJAS) activist working right to food and fuel in the region informed in press release.  
“When officially announced  goal of UPA to save Rs 8,000 to 10,000 crore in LPG subsidy annually after the scheme is rolled out all over the country that means most needy poor consumers who are not having bank account even after Aadhaar card is issued they  will have to buy cooking gas at market price which is double the Rs 410.50 rate for a 14.2-kg bottle as there is no base to Govt. claim that as many as 89 per cent of the LPG consuming population in these districts have Aadhaar number government linked  bank accounts where cash subsidy has to be transferred which totally hoax as not more than 20% are having such facility and all are from creamy layer society hence for the poor  the is all set to end era of giving subsidies food opening floodgate to open market as per globalization policies imposed by world bank’  Tiwari added.   

It is reported that from June 1 cooking gas or LPG consumers in 18 districts of the country will get Rs 435 credited in their bank accounts when they book an LPG cylinder from a banafied  gas agency as the government will roll out its direct benefit fuel transfer programme to bring down its fuel subsidy bill. Officials said Oil Minister M Veerappa Moily will launch the scheme in Tumkur in his home state Karnataka on June 1, while Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Lakshmi Panabaka will simultaneously kickoff the scheme in Hyderabad, her home town and there is Plans are afoot to roll out the scheme in the rest of the country by the end of the year but the government wants to assess the results of the rollout in the 18 districts first. Petroleum Ministry is planning in next three months after the scheme is rolled out, that is from September 1 in India and then those consumers with Aadhar and bank accounts linked to them will be eligible for gas subsidy the rest will need to buy the LPG cylinders at market rates which will reduce subsidy recovery by Rs.10,000 hence it is obvious that poor who have no bank linkage  so called Aadhaar card or unique identification number which has legitimate status under law of country will freeze basic right to food of deprived masses of country hence serious review petroleum ministry is needed, Tiwari said.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maharashtra 600 schools with fake students Derecognised-Gulf News Report

Maharashtra schools with fake students derecognised

These institutions used false names on their rolls to 
collect government grants
  • By Pamela Raghunath, Correspondent
  • Published: 18:24 May 29, 2013
  • Gulf News

Mumbai: A farmers’ organisation in Maharashtra has welcomed the state government’s decision to derecognise 600 schools that were showing bogus students on their rolls to collect grants.
“The Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti [VJAS], a farmers’ organisation, welcomes this biggest ever action in the history of Maharashtra to derecognise 600 schools belonging to politicians and legislators on the basis of a state survey which will save more than Rs10 billion [Dh6.53 million] being paid as grants for mid-day meals and uniforms of more than a million bogus students.”
In a statement, Kishor Tiwari of VJAS also demanded criminal prosecution against the school managements and recovery of all grants paid in the name of students.
There are more than 10,000 schools and 5,000 tribal residential schools that have been showing fake students to grab more than Rs30 billion, with the state paying more than 12,000 teachers who are on a fake payroll.

“Hence, we welcome the Maharashtra government’s action against such schools,” he said. “This is a clear criminal breach of trust and a case of fraud and therefore we urge Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan to initiate action against erring school managements.”
Survey in Nanded district
The scam came to the fore following an in-depth survey of schools in Nanded district in 2011 ordered by then Nanded district collector Shikar Pardesi, now Municipal Commissioner of Pimpri-Chinchwad. The survey revealed that 135,000 of the 700,000 students in 3,475 schools in the district were bogus.
Chavan then ordered a state-wide survey which created a storm among political circles as it revealed that two million of 21.6 million students were bogus and 1,200 schools were identified in this scam.
The schools were mostly run by MPs and legislators of all political parties.

Two Million Bogus Student Survey:600 schools Derecognized in Maharashtra

Two million Bogus student survey: VJAS welcome Mah. Govt. Decision to derecognize 600 schools, demands criminal prosecution

VJAS welcome the biggest ever action in the history of Maharashtra against school management to derecognize 600 schools belonging politicians on the basis state-wide survey of all Govt. aided schools popularly known as “PAT TAPASANI-PARDESI PATTERN” which will save more than Rs 1,000 crore  being paid as grants for mid-day meals and uniforms for these fake more than million bogus students ,demanding criminal prosecution against school; management  and recovery all grants paid in the name million of students ,Kishor Tiwari of Vidrabha janandoan  samiti (VJAS) informed in press release today .

As additional chief secretary (school education) G S Saharia informed national daily that Following report of then  Nanded district collector Shikar Pardesi now Municipal Commissioner Pimpari-Chinchwad of in-depth survey of schools in Nanded district year 2011 revealed shocking truth   that 1.35 lakh of the seven lakh students in 3,475 schools in the district were bogus  Prithviraj Chavan ordered  a statewide survey on fake students which created storm in political circle as   state  survey revealed that 20 lakh of the 2.16 crore students were bogus and 1200 schools were identified in this scam mostly run by MLAs/MPs of all parties which were lobbying for scraping the survey but in surprise move 600 schools with more than 50% bogus students has been derecognized and a stern warning issued to those 600 schools  with 20-50% fake students but this move also to save and fever politicians ,alleged Tiwari in letter to CM.
"We are following the survey since it was initiated in Nanded District popularly known as 'Pat Tapasani' and we are not happy with the response of the state government after the report about Nanded was submitted to the state cabinet who decided to conduct the survey throughout state and it was done in Maharashtra with help of more than 1 lakh staff and police force between October 3-5. The final report shows that in Maharashtra more than 2 million students are bogus, and each year the school management is getting bogus grant to the tune of more than Rs.2200 crore amounting to tune of Rs.20 thousands crore in the last 15 years’ Tiwari said .
In Maharashtra more than 10,000 schools and more than 5000 tribal residential school known as ‘ASHRAM SHALA’ are showing fake students to grab more than Rs.3000 crore grant and state is paying salary to more than 12000 teachers which are on fake payroll hence we welcome Maharashtra Govt. action  against Six hundred schools  derecognizing   after it was confirmed that they had collected grants after showing bogus students on their rolls but massive grant which is amounting more than Rs.20000 crore paid to these schools should recovered and this is criminal beach of trust and case of fraud hence criminal action against culprit is must hence we urge Maharashtra CM to initiate action against erring school managements ,Tiwari added.

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शेतकर्‍यांची व आदिवासींची उपेक्षा थांबवा - छत्तीसगडसारखी माओवादी चळवळ विदर्भात सुरू होण्याची भीती : विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीची वेळीच कार्यवाही करण्याची मागणी-लोकमत

शेतकर्‍यांची व आदिवासींची उपेक्षा थांबवा -

छत्तीसगडसारखी माओवादी चळवळ विदर्भात सुरू होण्याची भीती : विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीची वेळीच कार्यवाही करण्याची मागणी-लोकमत 

शेतकरी दुर्लक्षित 

■ विदर्भातील दहा हजार शेतकर्‍यांनी गेल्या दशकात मृत्यूला कवटाळले आहे.

■ आदिवासी व शेतकर्‍यांबाबत असलेल्या उदासीनतेमुळे दोन्ही वर्ग विकासाच्या प्रवाहापासून कोसो दूर आहे.

■ शेतकरी आत्महत्या थांबविणे व आदिवासींचे कुपोषण हे सरकारपुढचे सर्वात मोठे आव्हान आहे.

यवतमाळ : छत्तीसगडमधील बस्तर भागात माओवाद्यांनी केलेल्या हल्ल्याचा विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीने तीव्र शब्दात निषेध केला आहे. मात्र विदर्भातील आदिवासी व शेतकर्‍यांवर होणार्‍या अन्यायाकडे त्यांनी सरकारला वेधण्याचे आवाहन विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीचे किशोर तिवारी यांनी केले आहे.
आज शेतकरी आत्महत्या करून तर आदिवासी कुपोषण व भूकबळीने मरत आहे. अशीच स्थिती कायम राहिल्यास छत्तीसगडसारखी माओवादी चळवळ विदर्भात सुरू होण्याला वेळ लागणार नाही. भ्रष्टाचारात गुंतलेल्या व जमीन, पाणी, कोळसा यासारख्या भौगोलिक संपत्तीची लूट करणार्‍या नेत्यांनी गंभीर दखल घेणे गरजेचे आहे. लोकशाही मार्गाने आदिवासी व शेतकर्‍यांच्या समस्यांवर तोडगा निघाल्यानंतर परिस्थिती नियंत्रणाबाहेर जाण्याची शक्यता आहे. 
छत्तीसगडच्या भ्याड हल्ल्याचे कुणीही सर्मथन करू शकत नाही. मात्र ही परिस्थिती सरकारच्या चुकीच्या धोरणामुळे उद्भवली हे सर्वांना मान्य करावे लागेल.विदर्भात गेल्या दशकात दहा हजार शेतकर्‍यांनी आत्महत्या केली आहे. ५0 हजार कुपोषित आदिवासी मृत्यूला जवळ गेले आहे. एकीकडे सरकार विकासाचे दावे करीत असताना शेतकरी व आदिवासी नैराश्य व दारिद्रय़ात जात आहे. मुख्य प्रवाहात आणण्यासाठी शासनस्तरावर मोठमोठय़ा योजनांची आणखी केली जाते. मात्र प्रत्यक्षात या योजना राबविताना उपेक्षितांना त्याचा लाभच मिळत नसल्याचे वास्तवही आहे. सर्व राजकीय पक्षांनी देशातील भौगोलिक संपत्ती व करदात्याकडून येणारा विकास निधी आपसात वाटून लूट सुरू केली आहे. भविष्याची चाहुल ओळखून वेळीच कार्यवाही करण्याची मागणी विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीने केली आहे. (कार्यालय प्रतिनिधी) 

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Vidarbha Saga-Who killed Namdeo-Business Standard

Vidarbha Saga-Who killed Namdeo

The latest suicide in Vidarbha underlines the need for flexible loan repayment norms for farmers
Sreelatha Menon  |  New Delhi  May 25, 2013 
Sreelatha Menon
Is it better to give compensation to dead farmers, or to provide loans and insurance to those who are alive?

In the case of a majority of cotton farmers in Maharashtra, who are struggling against shrinking land size, production costs and debts, there is neither credit or insurance when alive nor compensation on death.

Farmers caught in a debt trap are forced to kill themselves - as in the case of Namdeo Gandhewar.

The 47-year-old cotton farmer of Pumpri village in Kelapur taluka of Yavatmal district in Vidarbha committed suicide on May 20 by consuming pesticide. His suicide may not even be recognised as a farmer's suicide by those empowered to give compensation to his widow; only one out of 20 cases get recognised as a suicide, according to Vidarbha activists.

Farmers are often denied institutional credit. Eighty per cent of them are defaulters, and are not eligible for bank loans. The state has not bothered to approach the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to seek reconstruction of loans to enable defaulters to repay and seek fresh loans, says Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti. This is despite the RBI's willingness to consider it, he says.

The recent comment of the Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices' chairman on the minimum support price (MSP) of cotton is an example of what the state goes on to do. Any increase in MSP beyond Rs 100 has been ruled out for a crop that costs Rs 6,000 per acre, even by the formula used for calculating MSP, says Tiwari.

Namdeo had three acres and had taken a crop loan of Rs 40,000 last year. He took another loan from a moneylender to repay the bank this year. The bank agreed to give him a fresh loan to repay the moneylender, but it got delayed, even as the moneylender's interests kept soaring by the day.

The man was diabetic and his illness was costing him a lot, too. The family of four was living in abject poverty, says Tiwari. Namdeo cannot be called credit-starved. He was caught in a cycle of debts, and no money to plant the next crop.

In Yavatmal district, the banks have set a credit target of Rs 1,286 crore this year, of which Rs 143 crore has already been disbursed. While the credit doors are closed for a majority of farmers, the other hope for small farmers like Namdeo could have been crop insurance, for which the state is yet to demand changes in the norms from the insurance authorities. The insurance should be for each village rather than each block, says Vijay Jhawandhia, an activist from Vidarbha. And the insurance product should also cover a minimum income, he says. But there is no move towards any such a reform.

The 12th Plan document talks about pooling small holdings into land banks to shield small farmers from losses. If this works out fast, maybe there would be hope for small farmers like Namdeo.

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खरीप हंगामाची चिंता-थकबाकीदार शेतकऱ्यांना कर्ज देण्यास बँकांचा नकार--कापसाच्या आधारभूत किमतीत केवळ १00 रुपये वाढ- लोकसत्ता

खरीप हंगामाची चिंता-थकबाकीदार शेतकऱ्यांना कर्ज देण्यास बँकांचा नकार--कापसाच्या आधारभूत किमतीत केवळ १00 रुपये वाढ- लोकसत्ता 

 खास प्रतिनिधी, नागपूर

Published: Saturday, May 25, 2013

मीभावावर शेतकऱ्यांची तीव्र नाराजी-लोकसत्ता 

केंद्र सरकारने शेतक ऱ्यांसाठी अनेकदा कर्जमाफीची घोषणा केल्यानंतरही शेतक ऱ्यांना जुन्या कर्जाची परतफेड केल्याशिवाय नवे कर्ज मिळणार नसल्याचे सहकारी बँक व पतसंस्थामध्ये शेतक ऱ्यांना सांगितले जात आहे. त्यामुळे खरिपाची तयारी कशी करावी या चिंतेने ग्रासलेल्या विदर्भातील शेतकऱ्यांची अवस्था फारच बिकट झाली आहे.
गेल्या अनेक वर्षांचा उच्चांक मोडीत यावर्षी उन्हाळा चांगला तापला असला तरी मान्सुनचे आगमन लवकर येण्याचे बोलले जात आहे. त्यामुळे पावसाळा काही दिवसांवर येऊन ठेपला असताना विदर्भातील शेतकरी खरीब हंगामासाठी सज्ज झाला आहे. पेरणीपूर्व मशागतीची कामेही सुरू झाली आहे. मात्र , बाजारातील बी बीयाणे, खते व औषधे घेण्यासाठी शेतकऱ्यांकडे पुरेसे पैसे नसल्याने त्यांच्यासमोर मोठा प्रश्न निर्माण झाला आहे. आधीच कर्जबाजारी असलेल्या शेतकऱ्यांची अवस्था अधिकच बिकट झाली आहे. विविध सहकारी संस्थांच्या अहवालानुसार अनेक बँकेमध्ये कर्जाची वसुली ठप्प झाली आहे. शेतक ऱ्यांनी गेल्यावर्षी कर्ज घेऊन ठेवले आहे मात्र, अनेकांनी परतफेड केली नाही. नियमित कर्जदार वगळता सरासरी केवळ ४ चक्के थकबाकीदारांनी भरणा केल्याची माहिती भूविकास बँकेच्या एका अधिकाऱ्यांनी दिली.
गेल्यावर्षी कमी पाऊस, बी बियाणे व खते तसेच पेट्रोलजन्य पदार्थाच्या वाढलेल्या किमती. सातत्याने येणाऱ्या नैसर्गिक आपत्तीमुळे नियमित कर्जफेड करणे शेतक ऱ्यांना शक्य झाले नाही. त्यामुळे आज गाठीशी पैसा नाही अणि नवे कर्ज घेण्यासाठी बँकेत अर्ज केला तर बँकेतून कर्ज मिळत नसल्याचे सांगितले जात आहे त्यामुळे शेतकरी आर्थिक विवंचनेत आहे. केंद्र सरकारने पंतप्रधान पॅकेमधून शेतक ऱ्यांसाठी पॅकेज घोषित केले मात्र अनेक शेतक ऱ्यांना घोषित केलेली रक्कम त्यांच्यापर्यंत पोहोचली नाही. गेल्या दोन वर्षांत विदर्भात विविध जिल्ह्य़ात बँकेतून कर्ज न मिळालेल्या किंवा सावकरांकडून कर्ज घेतल्यानंतर त्याची परतफेड न करणाऱ्या ८०० हून शेतकऱ्यांनी आत्महत्या केल्या आहेत. त्यात वाशीम, यवतमाळ जिल्ह्य़ातील बहुतांश शेतकऱ्यांचा समावेश आहे. केंद्र सरकारने अर्थसंकल्पात घोषित केल्याप्रमाणे साधारणतहा जूननंतर कर्जमाफीचे कर्ज चित्र स्पष्ट होण्याची शक्यता आहे मात्र  त्यावेळी विविध निकष, अटी व शर्ती, लागून जो काही लाभ थकबाकीदार शेतकऱ्यांना होईल त्यावेळी खरीप हंगाम अर्धाअधीक संपलेला राहील.
या महिन्यात निर्धारित कामे भांडवलाअभावी वेळेत कशी पूर्ण कशी करावी याची चिंता मात्र शेतक ऱ्यांना लागली आहे. या संदर्भात विदर्भ जन आंदोलन समितीचे किशोर तिवारी म्हणाले, खरीप हंगाम जवळ आला असताना शेतकऱ्यांनी पीक कर्जासाठी बँकेतून कर्ज मिळत नाही त्यामुळे पेरणीसाठी लागणाऱ्या वस्तुची खरेदी कशी करावी या चिंतेने शेतकरी ग्रासला आहे. राष्ट्रीयीकृत बँकेने कर्ज देणे बंद केले आहे. खाजगी सहकारी पतसंस्था कर्ज देतात मात्र व्याज आकारणीचा दर प्रचंड आहे त्यामुळे शेतक ऱ्यांना ते परवडत नाही. अनेक शेतक ऱ्यांनी सावकरांकडून कर्ज घेतले आहे मात्र पहिल्या कर्जाची परतफेड केली नसल्यामुळे ते सुद्धा दुसऱ्यांदा कर्ज देत नाही. पहिल्या कर्जासाठी मागे तगादा लावत असल्यामुळे शेतकरी आत्महत्या करीत आहे. तूर, सोयाबीन आणि कापसाला भाव मिळत नसल्यामुळे सरकारने दिलेल्या भावात त्याला माल विकावा लागत आहे. खरीप हंगाम जवळ आल्याने शेतकऱ्यांना बँकेतून कर्ज देणे बंद केल्यामुळे शेतकरी आज हवालदिल झाला आहे. युपीए सरकारला चार वर्षांचा कार्यकाळ झाला मात्र या चार वर्षांत शेतकऱ्यांच्या समस्या सुटलेल्या नसल्यामुळे आत्यमहत्याचे प्रमाण वाढले आहे मात्र सरकारला शेकऱ्याविषयी कवडीची चिंता नसल्याचा आरोप तिवारी यांनी केला आहे.

कृषी मूल्य आयोगाने खरीप हंगामासाठी कापूस, तूर, सोयाबीन, साखर व धानाचे हमी भाव प्रस्तावित करून राज्य सरकारच्या शिफारशीसाठी पाठविले आहेत. प्रस्तावित हमीभावात नाममात्र वाढ सूचविल्याने शेतकऱ्यांनी तीव्र नाराजी व्यक्त केली. 
कृषी मूल्य आयोगाने कापसाचा हमी भाव केवळ १०० रुपयांनी वाढविला आहे. २०१२-१३ मध्ये कापसाचा हमी भाव ३६०० रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल होता, तो आता २०१३-१४ साठी ३७०० रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल प्रस्तावित केला आहे. तुरीच्या हमीभावात वाढ केलेली नाही. गेल्या वर्षी असलेला ३८५० रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल भाव या वर्षांसाठीही प्रस्तावित केला आहे.  सोयाबीनच्या हमीभावात जेमतेम ३०० रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल वाढ प्रस्तावित केली आहे. २०१२-१३ मध्ये सोयाबीनचा हमीभाव २२०० रुपये होता, तो आता २५६० रुपये  प्रस्तावित केला आहे. या उलट साखरेच्या हमीभावात गेल्या तीन वर्षांत दुपटीने वाढ करून तो २८०० रुपये करण्यात आला आहे. 
धानाच्या हमीभावात जेमतेम ६० रुपये वाढ प्रस्तावित आहे. कृषीमूल्य आयोगाने विदर्भाचे नगदी पीक असलेल्या कापूस, सोयाबीन व तूर या पिकांचा प्रस्तावित केलेला हमीभाव अन्यायकारक असून कापसाला ६ हजार रुपये, सोयाबीनला ४ हजार रुपये, तुरीला ५ हजार रुपये व धानाला २ हजार रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल हमी भाव द्यावा, अशी मागणी विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीचे अध्यक्ष किशोर तिवारी यांनी मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांच्याकडे केली आहे.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

कापसाच्या आधारभूत किमतीत केवळ १00 रुपये वाढ-कापूस, उसाच्या हमीभावात प्रचंड तफावत

कापसाच्या आधारभूत किमतीत केवळ १00 रुपये वाढ-कापूस, उसाच्या हमीभावात प्रचंड तफावत

कृषिमूल्य आयोगाने २0 मे रोजी येत्या खरीप हंगामासाठी कापूस, तूर, सोयाबीन व धान या विदर्भातील प्रमुख पिकांचे हमीभाव प्रस्तावित करून राज्य सरकारच्या शिफारशीसाठी पाठविले आहेत. यात कापूस आणि ऊसाच्या हमीभावात प्रचंड तफावत असून एकूणच वाढविलेले हमीभाव हे अन्यायकारक असून त्यात वाढ करण्यात यावी, अशी मागणी विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीचे अध्यक्ष व शेतकरी नेते किशोर तिवारी यांनी राज्याचे मुख्यमंत्री ना. पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांना पाठविलेल्या पत्रातून केली आहे.

कृषिमूल्य आयोगाने केलेल्या शिफारशींप्रमाणे कापसाचा हमीभाव फक्त १00 रुपयाने वाढविण्याची शिफारस केली असून तुरीचा हमीभाव वाढविण्याची आवश्यकता नाही अशी भूमिका घेत ३ हजार ८५0 रुपयांवर कायम ठेवण्यात आला आहे, तर सोयाबीनच्या हमीभावात जेमतेम ३00 रुपये वाढ करून २ हजार ५६0 रुपये प्रस्तावित केला आहे. या उलट साखरेच्या हमीभावात मागील ३ वर्षांतच दुपट्टीने वाढ करत २ हजार ८00 रुपये करण्यात आला. धानाच्या हमीभावात जेमतेम ६0 रुपये वाढ केली आहे. 
कृषिमूल्य आयोगाने विदर्भाचे नगदी पीक असलेल्या कापूस, सोयाबीन व तूर याचा प्रस्तावित केलेला हमीभाव हा अन्यायकारक असून सरकारने कापसाचा हमीभाव ६ हजार रुपये प्रति क्विंटल, सोयाबीनचा ४ हजार रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल, तुरीचा ५ हजार रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल, धानाचा हमीभाव ६ हजार रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल, सोयाबीनचा ४ हजार रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल, तर तुरीचा ५ हजार रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल व धानाचा हमीभाव २ हजार रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल करावा, अशी मागणी विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीचे अध्यक्ष किशोर तिवारी यांनी राज्याचे मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांना पाठविलेल्या पत्रातून केली आहे. 
कृषिमूल्य आयोग हमीभाव ठरविताना पिकाला लागणारा खर्च, खत, बियाणे व कीटकनाशकांच्या भावात झालेली वाढ, मागील वर्षीचा बाजारभाव, शेतकर्‍यांच्या घरचे मजूर, पीक कर्जावरील व्याज याचा प्रमुखपणे विचार करून प्रत्येक जिल्ह्याप्रमाणे माहिती गोळा करून एका विशिष्ट संगणीकृत सुत्राने हा हमीभाव ठरविला जातो. याच सुत्राने जर विदर्भाच्या कोरडवाहू क्षेत्रातील तूर, कापूस, सोयाबीन व धानाचे कमीत कमी हमीभाव काढले तर कापसाचे ६ हजार २६0, तुरीचे ५ हजार २४0, सोयाबीनचे ४ हजार २६0, तर धानाचे १ हजार ७४0 रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल भाव येतात. अशा परिस्थितीत कृषिमूल्य आयोगाने प्रस्तावित केलेला हमीभाव शेतकर्‍यांवर अन्याय करणारा असून खुल्या बाजारात शेतकर्‍यांची लूट करण्यासाठी परवाना देत असल्याचा आरोप विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीचे अध्यक्ष किशोर तिवारी यांनी केला आहे
कृषिमूल्य आयोगाने प्रस्तावीत हमीभाव शिफारशीसाठी मे महिन्याच्या पहिल्या आठवड्यात पाठविल्यानंतर प्रधान सचिव डॉ. सुधीर गोयल यांनी हे सर्व हमीभाव योग्य असून महाराष्ट्र सरकारने शिफारस करावी, असा प्रस्ताव राज्य सरकारला दिला आहे. अशा परिस्थितीत राजकीय पक्षांनी कापूस, तूर, सोयाबीन व धानाचे हमीभाव निश्‍चित होण्यापूर्वी अन्याय दूर करावा व कापसाचा हमीभाव ६ हजार रुपये प्रति क्विंटल, सोयाबीनचा ४ हजार रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल, तर तुरीचा ५ हजार रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल व धानाचा हमीभाव २ हजार रुपये प्रतिक्विंटल लागू करण्यासाठी दबाव टाकावा, अशी मागणी किशोर तिवारी यांनी केली आहे
शेतमालाच्या आधारभूत किमती ठरविण्यासाठी केंद्रीय कृषीमूल्य आयोगाने आपला अहवाल केंद्र सरकारला सादर केला असून यात कापसाच्या आधारभूत किमतीत केवळ १00 रुपये वाढीची शिफारस केली आहे. लागवड खर्चात भरमसाठ वाढ होत असताना कापसाचा आधाभूत दर केवळ ३७00 रुपये प्रति क्विंटल सुचविला आहे. त्यामुळे विदर्भातील कापूस उत्पादकांच्या तोंडाला पाने पुसली आहे.
शेतमालाचे आधारभूत दर खर्चावर आधारीत असावेत त्यानुसार शेतमालाचा हमीभाव जाहीर व्हावा अशी राज्य कृषीमुल्य आयोगाची मागणी आहे. असे असतांनाही केंद्रीय कृषीमूल्य आयोगाने राज्य शासनाच्या शिफारशींचा विचार ग्राह्य धरला नाही.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CACP’s MSP blow to Credit Starved Vidarbha Farmers

CACP’s  MSP blow to Credit Starved Vidarbha Farmers 

Nagpur-23may 2013
Recent the Agriculture Ministry proposal on the recommendations of the Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices (CACP) to hike minimum support prices (MSP) of vidrabha’s main cash cotton, pluses (Tur) ,soybean and paddy has given another blow to debt trapped dying five million vidarbha farmers who are under severe agrarian crisis and committing suicides due to prevailing distress & despair as CACP has proposed no hike to pluses(Tur) and negligible  hike of Rs.100 and Rs.60 cotton and paddy and Rs.320 to soybean which is peanut as per prevailing uncontrolled hike in input  and labor cost  and exorbitant interest amount paid debt trapped vidrabha farmers as 90% are being forced to take crop loan from private moneylenders or financial institutes hence Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti has taken issue with Maharashtra Govt.  urging them to take issue CACP and arrange to get fixed MSP of cotton @Rs.6000/-,soyabean@Rs.4000/-,pluse(Tur) @Rs.5000/- and paddy @Rs.2000 per quintal in order to avoid  another spiral farm suicides in west vidrabha where main cash crop is cotton,Tur and soybean, informed  Kishore Tiwari of VJAS in letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Pratviraj Chavan .

MSP table
MSP 2010-11
MSP 2011-12
MSP 2012-13
MSP 2013-14

‘This is right time for state intervention when The Agri.Ministry has sought views of state governments on the issue and has circulated a Cabinet note among various ministries recommending MSP to get minimum support prices (MSP) corrected as per formula set by Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices (CACP) which is consider complete cultivation cost, all overheads for cultivation, average market price, and added to it profit for farmers but set MSP seems have no relation with it’s own formula giving room for bias functioning of   Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices (CACP) to protect private corporate and market forces hence we are raising issue so that farmers can opt the cash crop for the sowing but as per media report principal secretary (Agri.) has already given Maharashtra Govt. consent to proposed MSP set by CACP  keeping the Maharashtra agriculture minister in dark  as done every year hence we want CM intervention to save 5 million vidrabha farming community which are victim economic recession after WTO free trade policies by the UPA hence this appeal’ Tiwari added.

‘Every   political parties and activist start agitation to hike the MSP at the time of arrival of crop but CACP says they can’t change the MSP and farmers are subjected to market expolilatation forcing them suicdes and this genocide is continued since 2002 after India adopted open trade policy hence we are urging Govt. Protest Indian farmers’ Tiwari added.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unapproved Bt cotton seeds sold in Vidarbha-DNA


In cahoots
Activist Kishore Tiwari of the Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti alleged, “Such illegal sale cannot happen without officials and the company being in cahoots.”
He hoped PM Manmohan Singh, who the organisation has petitioned to, intervenes “to stop this technology before it claims more lives.

DNA / Yogesh Pawar / Wednesday, May 22, 2013 8:30 IST
The illegal sale of the latest variant of genetically modified cotton seeds across Vidarbha before an expert committee’s approval has caused alarm among farmers in the region and anti-GM activists across India.
Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (MMB) India’s Bollgard II Roundup Ready Flex (BGII RRF) hasn’t got the approval of the Union ministry of environment and forests’ Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC). “GEAC has not given its nod to BGII RRF.
Selling or using it even when trials go on is wholly illegal,” said panel chairperson Dr BS Parsheera.
He admitted that the GEAC was seized of the situation and in touch with cotton-growing states where the illegal sale was taking place.
Many experts have already expressed fears of how BGII RRF use can damage fertility of soil in the long run. RRF kills weeds in cotton fields. When herbicide is sprayed, only weed is killed, while cotton plants live on as technology gives them strength to withstand the herbicide.
While considering MMB India’s plea for permission to conduct the crucial Biosafety Research Level (BRL-I) trials on RRF hybrids in 2011, the GEAC had asked data during pre- and post-spray of Roundup herbicide. The panel objected to use of non-Bt RRF in refuge area.
When contacted, Subbarao Appemane of the cotton division at Mahyco washed his hands off the matter. “The technology is Monsanto’s. They should comment, not us.”
State agricultural minister Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil reiterated his stand, saying, “Bt cotton had brought no benefits to farmers but sent seed companies laughing to the bank”. The minister had said this while addressing a workshop of agriculture officers of Nagpur and Amravati division on April 29 too.
“Bt cotton seeds checked bollworm attacks but that did not really help farmers as they have to use costlier chemicals for protection from other pests,” he told dna.
Spokesperson for the Monsanto wing of MMB India, Christopher Samuel said, “BGII RRF in-the-seed cotton technologies could offer farmers choice of dual benefits of superior insect protection from bollworms and spodoptera caterpillar, as well as convenience, flexibility and effective weed management through herbicide tolerance, enabling farmers to optimise cotton yields.”
He insisted regulatory research field trials in India under diverse agro-climatic conditions had been completed. “We are in the process of seeking regulatory approval,” he said. “The company is aware of the illegal sale of what is being called BGII RRF but we have learnt that this is not the variant we are seeking approval for.”
Most agro-experts agree that the illegal seeds came from the US. “The seeds are already in use there. Major seed developers have the wherewithal to develop the seed variety once the gene is with them,” said a senior technocrat from the state agriculture department.

Credit crunch hits farmers with sowing season looming-TIME OF INDIA

Credit crunch hits farmers with sowing season looming
NAGPUR: NamdeoGadhewar, a farmer from Pumpri village in Yavatmal'sKelapurtaluka, killed himself on Monday by consuming a pesticide. While he became this year's 268th victim to end his life, unable to bear rigours of the agrarian cycle, farm activists said his case was symptomatic of the trouble arising out of inability to get credit in time for the impending sowing season.

Gandhewar, 47, had reportedly taken a loan of Rs40,000 from Bank of Maharashtra last year. This year, under pressure from bankers to repay the loan, he cleared the dues. But the nationalized bank officials had not issued him fresh credit even as time was running out for the start of kharif operations.

"He was asked to wait till next month for fresh credit," said Kishore Tiwari, president of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti, who keeps track of the agrarian crisis that has refused to die down in the last decade. This has led to the suicide of thousands of farmers unable to withstand intense stress and strain of dryland cotton farming.

"The Amravati divisional commissioner's appeal to nationalized bank officials to taken a proactive stance and expedite farm credit disbursal on priority seems to have fallen on deaf ears," said Tiwari. According to him, only 10% of the targeted Rs5,200 crore farm loan target has been disbursed among farmers in the region, with less than two weeks left for arrival of rains.

"To make matters worse, cooperative banks in the region are hamstrung. Major district cooperative banks in the region are led by government appointed administrators, as banks are in huge crisis and losses. In such a situation, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development ( NABARD) should intervene to bail out the farmers," said Tiwari. He also pointed out that even as crop season was nearing, there was no rush at farm input stores. "This is because farmers do not have cash to make even the necessary purchases," said Tiwari.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Illegal Roundup Ready Flex (RRF) BT cotton openly sold in Vidarbha

Illegal   Roundup Ready Flex (RRF) BT cotton openly sold in Vidarbha 
Nagpur-21st May  2013

Whereas Mahyco (Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company)  has been banned in Maharashtra to  sale it’s approved BG-I  BG-II  ) variety of Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) Cotton but surprisingly same Govt. has turned blind eye to open sale non-approved Bt cottonseeds with Roundup Ready Flex (RRF) technology as Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) asked the firm to repeat trials  sale this variety which being proved too unsafe to use in part of world as RRF is a technology that kills weeds in cotton fields when herbicide is sprayed on the field only weed is killed, while cotton plants live on as the technology gives them biological strength to withstand the ill effects of herbicide but it’s environmental safety is matter of concern GEAC objected to use of  Bt RRF and put it hold but  surprisingly in remote part of west vidarbha 'roundup ready' (RR) variety of Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) Cotton is being openly sold @Rs.1500/- per pocket which is highly objectionable and made mockery of administration as agriculture deptt. Officials directely involved in this unfair trade when Roundup Ready Flex (RRF) variety yet to receive approval for usage from Government of India, informed kishore Tiwari of Vidrabha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS)  ,farmers advocacy group working for rights of 5 million farmers of vidrabha region.
  “Monsanto had developed a variety of cotton, known as ‘roundup ready’ or RR, in 1970s and the variety hasn’t got approval for commercial sale in India. Second-field trials are yet to be allowed but farmers are using it (RR) illegally. we suspect that   due to proximity of US GM seed MNC  with union agriculture minister shrad pawar Mahyco (Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company)  must have got the seed from USA as you are a major seed developer, it’s not difficult to develop the seed variety as the gene is already with you. The use is illegal but farmers are using it,” Tiwari added
The RR variety is used for managing of weeds growing in and around cotton plants. “Weeds are unwanted plants around crops drawing nourishment from nutrients of the soil and this sometimes hampers growth of crops and RR has a gene which protects the cotton crop from herbicides (used for weeding) but it has long term permanent damage to soil and ecology and Experts believe that use of these varieties can damage fertility of soil in the long run.  hence Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), which functions under ministry of environment and forest, Government of India, is the body that approves manufacture, usage, export and import of genetically-modified organisms or cellshas not given permission for commercial sale of RR variety of Bt Cotton and its upgraded RR Flex by Monsanto is still pending with GEAC hence there is no clearance for commercial use of RR or RR Flex Bt Cotton from GEAC ,all Trials for the same are illegal  hence we demand immediate high level probe RR and RR Flex Bt Cotton illegal sale to innocent cotton farmers ,VJAS chief Tiwari urged to PMO.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three more Vidarbha Farmers Suicide in a day as Union Agri. Minister Sharad Pawar and Maharashtra CM Prathviran Chavan visits to Vidarbha

Three more Vidarbha Farmers Suicide in a day as Union Agri. Minister Sharad Pawar  and Maharashtra CM  Prathviran Chavan visits to Vidarbha
Nagpur -May 15, 2013
When Union Agri. Minister Sharad Pawar  and Maharashtra CM  Prathviran Chavan was putting foundation stone on Rs.500 crore power plant equipments manufacturing plant of BHEL in village Mundipar of Bhandara of vidrabha were announcing another Rs.2000 crore packages to project effected farmers of 25year old Gosikhurd irrigation project now in news due Rs72,000 crore irrigation scam same time as per report published in Union Agri. Minister Sharad Pawar  family owned news paper ‘SAKAL’ that three more farmers were committing suicide due debt and prevailing crop failure losses as media reports they are
1.Gajanan Gowardhan of village Hirapur in Yavatmal
2.Devendra khandare of village Mmanjari in Akola
3.Dayarath khakare of village Talked in Buldhana

These are debt trapped cotton farmers of west vidarbha region where farmers are committing suicide @ one in every 8 hours since June 2005 even PM-CM packages to the tune of Rs.5000 crore and mega loan waiver of Rs.70,000 crore  failed to address agrarian crisis as larger issues of crop, credit and input and output cost   has not been addressed and distress of debt trapped vidarbha farmers forcing them to commit suicide ,taking toll to 265 in this year ,informed kishore Tiwari of Vidrabha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS)  ,farmers advocacy group working for rights of 5 million farmers of vidrabha region.
‘The vidrabha are trapped in wrong agrarian practices and cash crop pattern which is high risk much volatile to open market hence the urgent need to stop these cash crop like Bt.cotton sugarcane which has been reason of  Poor farmers and a permanent recession and MSP and bank credit is vital issue ignored by state as even west vidrabha agri. Crop loan target is set Rs.5200 crore ,abkers are not ready to give more than 50% of targeted value forcing majority of farmers to take crop loan from private moneylenders and in MSP of cotton ,soya and pluses,  It is CACP wants farmers to live in a state of permanent recession’ Tiwari added.

The Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices (CACP) declares MSP of agriculture commodities every May. It first makes a recommendation in April, then each state government sends its recommendations, and based on a set process to derive average country-wide production costs it announces the support prices, as a mechanism to ensure that the prices don't fall below this level.This year the CACP recommends to increase barely Rs 100 on a quintal of cotton MSP from Rs 3900 to rs 4000; ditto for soybean and pulses and cereals.The recommended hike is not commensurate with the constant inflation over the last few years, the volatility in fuel and power prices, and steep increase in fertiliser costs, among other inputs. Also, the minimum wages across the country too are slated to increase. In Maharashtra minimum wages have just been increased. the cotton MSP, the current MSP levels won't even recover a part of the increased production cost. In Maharashtra for instance, the government says teh production cost per quintal of cotton stands at around Rs 5900, up from last year's Rs 5268/quintal. Rs 4000 a quintal of cotton means a loss already hence   we demand that to protect vidrabha cotton  farming community ,Maharashtra Govt. and Agri. Minister Sharad Pawar ask CACP raise cotton MSP to Rs.6000/-, Tiwari urged.