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Six vidarbha farmers suicides reportd in last 72 hours : 3 lakh Agri. Connection snapped by MSEDCL adding fuel to vidarbha crisis

Six vidarbha farmers suicides reportd in last 72 hours : 3 lakh Agri. Connection snapped by MSEDCL adding fuel to vidarbha crisis


Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited ( MSEDCL) has started not only power disconnection of Agri. Culture connection now they have removed hundreds of power transformers and DPs and feeders so that three phase power connection to total block is disconnected ,this recovery drive ordered by Maharashtra Dy-chief minister Ajitdada Pawar has added fuel in to on going distress and despair in vidarbha agrarian crisis which has reported another six farmers suicides in last 72 hours taking toll 704 in the year 2011, Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed in press note today.

Ill fated debt trapped vidarbha farmers who killed themselves and surfaced in he media in last three days are

1.Rajendra Pawar of Ambhora in Buldhana

2.Dutta Rathode of Sakhara in Yavatmal

Earlier reported yesterday-

3.Mahadev Sarode of Village in Amaravati

4.Dhyaneshawar Rajmere of Village Talegoan in Yavatmal

5.Tulsiram Manger of village Heti in Gadchiroli

6.Eknath Mundaphale of village Khandala in Nagpur

‘Arada (Rajanna-palli) Taluka Sironcha in Gadchiroli district MSEDCL forcefully removed power transformer yesterday disconnecting almost more than 10,000 Agri.Power connection as massive drive of recovery of all pending without giving a notice ,here was some hope for farmer to get some cotton with help of little water left but that has been snapped which is much more shocking ’ Shivshankar Adgelwar (CELL-09421930747) farm activist from Gadchiroli informed today

‘In one worst farm suicide hit district more than 60,000 farmers are effected due to this disconnection drive .my own village Hiwara and adjoining Akoli,Boregoan Belori,Chalbardi,Wanjari and Kodori are villages where MSEDCLofficials have removed transformer and DPs so that power is not restored locally. those MSEDCL staff are having sympathy to dying farmers are being suspended as last week MSEDCL suspended eight engineers from service with effect from November 24 on charges of non-performance and poor recovery. These engineers include two each from Yavatmal and Amravati while the remaining four are from Washim district under the chief engineer of Akola region on the strict order of Power Minister Ajitdada Pawar and The names of engineers under suspension in Yavatmal district are Afsar Khan (junior engineer attached to Pusad division) and Sharad Wankhede (deputy engineer, urban division, Yavatmal). ,This will add fuel and more debt trapped cotton farmers will kill themselves ’ Suresh Bolenwar (cell-7588189402)farm activist from Hiwara added.

‘The ground situation is another farm suicide affected district wardha is not here also around 40,000 Agri. Power connections are snapped and farmers are being forced to pay exaggerated bills as MSEDCL officials have removed the power supply transformers in block wise in Deoli,Wardha ,Pulgoan and Sumudrapur area,having removed power feeders even non-defaulter farmers are badly affected ,we have taken protest rally to MSEDCL Wardha Office but officers are helpless blaming Power Minister for crisis ‘another farm activist Prashant Ingale((09922336918) informed wardha.

Atrocities of Ajitdada Pawar was not enough, his uncle Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar has fuel to the crisis by ruling out any help from the Centre and has put the onus on the state government by saying that there are seven other cotton-producing states. They have all accepted the Minimum Support Price (MSP) worked out by the Centre for cotton. If the state wants to give relief to cotton farmers they should accept the MSP. This statement of Sahrad Pawar has triggered slash in cotton price as cotton which was getting Rs.4400/- has come down to Rs.3800/- in last few days.

“This is very unfortunate that union agriculture minister is from Maharashtra and he knows the ground reality that 90% area under cotton and soya is rain fed and cost of cultivation for Bt cotton is almost three times and yield is only 25% in comparison to cotton farmers in state where irrigation facility is more hence bailout package for Maharashtra cotton farmers is must which is denied allowing more farmers to die’ Tiwari added.we have been demanding the vidarbha agrarian crisis should tackled on war footing and issue MSP and cash compensation to huge crop failure should be announced with outing more farmers to kill themselves ” Tiwari urged.

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VJAS plea to poll panel to relax code for Framer's relief-TIMES OF INDIA

VJAS plea to poll panel to relax code for Farmer's relief-TIMES OF INDIA

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VJAS plea to poll panel to relax code for Farmer's relief

NAGPUR: Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS), an advocacy group fighting for the cause of cotton growers of the region, has urged the state election commissioner Neela Satyanarayan to relax the code of conduct imposed for the municipal council elections so that the state government could announce a relief package for farmers.

Last week chief minister Prithviraj Chavan had put on hold decision to announce a compensation package for cotton growers citing the state election commission directives. Chavan, while stressing that he was sympathetic to the plight of the cotton growers who have suffered heavy crop losses in several pockets of Vidarbha, Marathwada expressed helplessness as the election commission had not allowed any policy announcement because of the code that was in force for the December 8 elections to 196 municipal councils in the state.

VJAS president Kishore Tiwari in a petition filed before the state election body has requested Satyanarayan to relax the model code and allow the state to extend relief to the cotton growers who were in serious state of distress because of crop losses. The VJAS has requested Chavan to pay compensation of Rs20,000 per hectare as difference in current purchase price and the actual cost of cotton cultivation.

Pointing out that over a 1000 farmers have already committed suicide in the current year in the cotton belt, Tiwari has urged the poll panel chief that reports were submitted with the government from time to time warning of the impending crisis.

Tiwari has said in the plea that cotton procurement prices have not been revised substantially in last three years though input costs, including prices of seeds, fertilizers, labour costs had increased by about 40%. Several committees including the Narendra Jadhav committee had recommended urgent relief for dry land cotton farmers of the state but the government had failed to act on the reports. "After our meeting with the CM recently, the government had formulated a compensation package, But it was put on hold because of the model code of conduct," Tiwari said in the petition.

He has made a forceful plea to the panel to relax the code as a special case so that the government could announce succour to the distressed cotton growers on the lines of those offered to sugarcane growers of western Maharashtra. A relief package would go a long way in checking the unending suicides by farmers.


Vidarbha Agrarian Crisis is due to Govt.apathy -PTI

Food security, interest-free loans, income support demanded for vidarbha farmers

PTI | 11:11 AM,Nov 29,2011

Vidarbha farmers Nagpur, Nov 29 (PTI) The Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) which has been working for distressed peasants in the suicide prone Vidarbha region, has demanded free healthcare, secondary income support and interest-free crop loan for dryland farmers. "VJAS has urged Maharashtra New Chief Minister Prhitiviraj Chavan to address the long pending demands of Vidarbha farmers. The most important issue of cotton growers which needs to be attended is compensation for wet drought and crop failure due to record rain and revision in cotton minimum support prices, which has remained unchanged since 2008 even when cost of cultivation has tripled in last two years," its president Kishore Tiwari said. Irrigation facilities in these areas would not cross 20 per cent of total agriculture land.
Hence there is an urgent need to make water conservation a mass movement. Approach of water conservation at village level would be the most effective solution, Tiwari told PTI. The NGO has been monitoring the farmer suicides in Vidarbha and has been on the forefront placing their demands before the government. The VJAS has demanded re-structure of loan for 2011-12, since DCC banks can not raise more than 1250 crore. An additional Rs 1500 crore needs to be provided for disbursement of crop loan. Also, de-silting of Malgujari (local private tanks) and minor storage tanks should to be undertaken by using special time bound programme to stop suicidal tendencies of farmers in the region, it said. Tiwari alleged that the Maharashtra government in December 2008 had decided to implement the recommendations of a high-power committee headed by Vice-Chancellor of Pune University, Dr Narendra Jadhav and had promised to provide food, health care and free education to children of 4.34 lakh farmers in distress from the suicide-prone districts of Amravati, Akola, Yavatmal, Buldhana, Washim and Wardha remedies on the farmers' plight, instead of providing relief to dying farmers, the then Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh had in November 2007 set up a one-member panel headed by Jadhav to suggest ways to arrest farmers' suicides in the Vidarbha region when it was quite aware of the gravity of the issue of grave situation of farmers in the cotton growing belt of Vidarbha, he said. VJAS pointed out that in majority of farmer suicide cases, it has come to light that there was no food or medicine available to them which led to the extreme step. Tiwari said the Jadhav Committee has accepted the suggestions given by the VJAS and recommended that all the nationalised banks be strictly advised or directed to review the scale of finance and accordingly have extra sufficent staff for documentation for reviewing and revising the scale of finance/ credit facilities to farmers as per their eligibility.

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Govt. is misleading the Nation on Farmer suicides: VJAS

Govt. is misleading the Nation on Farmer suicides: VJAS

NAGPUR: November 30th 2011

The claim of Indian Govt. that farmers Suicide by farmers have dropped drastically in the current year due to government initiatives is misleading as country is under severe agrarian crisis due to crop failure in major state suicide prone states Maharashtra,Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka as there is severe cotton ,soybean and paddy crop failure reported and farm suicide spiral has restarted and ground situation very grim as debt and distress are forcing innocent farmers kill themselves, ,Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed in press note today.

“We have been documenting farmers suicides reported in vidarbha since 1997 and The National Crime Records Bureau –NCRB officially published actual figures of farmers suicides and we have noted that NCRB figure is three times our recorded figure but Minister of State for Agriculture Harish Rawat said in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha has completely contradicted NCRB own record of farmers suicides and mislead nation this is very rubbish and unfortunate’ Tiwari added..

Here is official link of NCRB which gives official figure

NCRB figure is 3141 Agri.Mimistry fig. 454
NCRB figure is 4147 Agri.Mimistry fig. 347
NCRB figure is 2525
Agri.Mimistry fig. 152
NCRB figure is 2666
Agri.Mimistry fig.1181
NCRB figure is 2585
Agri.Mimistry fig.138
NCRB figure is 1963
Agri.Mimistry fig. 114

It's official. The country has seen over a quarter of a million farmers’ suicides between 1995 and 2010. The National Crime Records Bureau’s latest report on ‘Accidental Deaths & Suicides in India’ places the number for 2010 at 15,964 even after Govt. informs Indian parliament that in India during 2010, 657 farmers had taken their lives on this count, while in 2004 the toll was as high as .Agrarian at it’s peak and NCRB exposes that brings the cumulative 16-year total from 1995 — when the NCRB started recording farm suicide data — to 2,56,913, the worst-ever recorded wave of suicides of this kind in human history.,
As Andhra Pradesh Govt. is also misleading when they report that 42 farmers’ suicide in 2011 in comparison to 1,181 in 2004 and 152 in 2010,in fact In Andhra Pradesh, 95 farmers committed suicides in just six districts in one month during Oct – Nov 2011, as per compilation of news reports by Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture (ASHA). ASHA conducted fact-finding visits to 20 families and found that all of them were due to agricultural reasons. “It is highly objectionable that the Government classifies suicides as ‘genuine’ and ‘not genuine’! In 2010, while Crime Records Bureau shows 2525 suicides of farmers, the AP Government has classified only 158 as “genuine”! When it comes to implementing the relief package meant for families of suicides victims, the Government machinery is geared towards ignoring or not supporting the families with designated ex-gratia, under political compulsions , Kiran Vissa of Association for India’s Development added from Hyderabad (Kiran Vissa, AID: 09701705743)
“Farm suicide is only figure that indicates serious agrarian crisis needs long term solution as it is apparent that the existing model of agriculture cannot continue. The current high-external-input model of farming has been one of the root causes for the increasing burden on farmers, given its unviable economics with spiraling costs, unmatched by adequate returns. This model of farming has also resulted in erosion and degradation of the natural resource base on which production has to rest for all time to come! The Government has to promote sustainable agriculture that will reduce costs of cultivation for farmers and reduce risks through diversity-based, agro-ecological approaches. A programmatic thrust along with appropriate and adequate support systems is required to spread sustainable agriculture like the CMSA programme in Andhra Pradesh is required immediately. In this context, the importance of grassroots farmers’ institutions, to make farming a collective enterprise in many ways, cannot be over-emphasized”, Kavitha Kuruganti, Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture (ASHA) informed from Bangalore .

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Vidarbha farm activist lobbying at delhi-failed to get appointment of UPA convener smt.sonia Gandhi

Vidarbha farm activist lobbying at delhi-failed to get appointment of UPA convener smt.sonia Gandhi
New Delhi-26th November 2011
Vidarbha farmers who has dashed new delhi to update the pathetic situation of cotton soyaben farmers failed to get appointment of smt.sonia Gandhi as she was busy in parliaments and sources informed VJAS activist Kishor Tiwari that they will get official appointment by next week only forcing them to stay at capital.
Farm activist met with wardha M.P. Dutta meghe at his 81 lodhi estate residence and brief him the demands of vidarbha farmers and urgent need of redressal.he also tried to get appointment with hon,ble prime minister and union agriculture minister but as Dr.Manmohansingh is busy in preoccupied schedule and Sharad Pawar is out of station failed to get time for meeting and he also suggested that next all vidarbha M.P. will joined take up issue for requisite bailout package for Maharashtra farmers,Tiwari said.
Kishor Tiwari while briefing media alleged official policies for the increasing number of farmer suicides across the country, farm activists have demanded immediate government intervention to support farmers. State policies on agriculture are often equally absurd forcing farmers to commit suicide. “The policies promote wrong cultivation practices in rain-fed areas such as encouraging crops dependant on rain,”
“We can’t term them suicides; they’re policy-driven victims of the state. We want policies which let the farmers live,” he added. Parliament and civil society groups urged for setting up Parliamentarians Forum on Agrarian Crisis immediately to voice the distress of farmers at the highest possible level’’Tiwari said
“Vidarbha farmers are in urgent need of help because of crop failure and the government should provide relief without delay. Now there is no question of raising MSP at this stage as small and needy farmers have already sold 50% of produce. So a cash subsidy of Rs 20,000 per hectare for cotton and Rs15, 000 for soya be paid to farmers to compensate for 40% loss of crop this year," he said

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Vidarbha Farm widows flays Maharashtra decision to delay ‘Bail-Out’: farm widows to take up issue with Smt Sonia Gandhi

Vidarbha Farm widows flays Maharashtra decision to delay ‘Bail-Out’: farm widows to take up issue with Smt Sonia Gandhi

*In order to bring pressure on the Maharashtra Govt. to announce ‘bailout’ package hundreds of vidarbha farm widows will meetSmt Sonia Gandhi in the leadership of Rahul's Kalavati and KBC fame Aparna Malikar.*

Pandharkawada 24th November 2011

‘Maharashtra chief minister’s yesterday said that code of conduct is reason for the announcement of so called ‘Bailout Package ‘for 5 million cotton farmers has received very sharp reaction in farm widow hunger strike today in which validity of such argument is questioned when election are in metros and farmers are dying micero-rural area of maharashtra ,it’s rediculos to stop relief aid on that account ,we

are moving up with state election commission will sort our issue and now farmers will force them to take corrective action to restore rural economy of maharashtra which is c

ompletely collapsed ’ Kishore Tiwari Farm activist of farmers advocacy group Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti(VJAS) announced today while addressing before hundreds of vidarbha farm widows

“vidarbha farmers are in urgent need of help due to crop failure and Govt. should help them urgently hence we all resolved that there is no question of raising MSP at this stage, because small and needy farmers have already sold around 50% of produce and cash subsidy of Rs20,000 per hectare for cotton and Rs15,000 for soya be paid to farmers to compensate for 40% loss of crop this year” Rahul's Kalvati and KBC fame Aparna Malikar informed the gathering

"The Situation of Crop damag

e is too critical and farmers have already spent 40% more on inputs this season, including labour costs and fertilizer but we are veryskeptical about any package that bailout dying distress farmers of west vidarbha hence it is unanimously resolved for a blanket relief package for all cotton growers at a rate rs.20,000 per hector . Moreover, farmers will also need to be protected from any further collapse in open market rates in the coming days. Traders are known to manipulate the situation to their advantage and government should protect interests of farmers," ,Mohan Jadhav VJAS secretary informed in the meeting

In order to bring pressure on t

he Maharashtra Govt. VJAS leader is visiting delhi on 25 and 26 November will try to meet UPA convener smt.sonia Gandhi and Indian prime Minister Dr.Manmohansingh and fix appointment of farm widows in the leadership of Rahul's Kalavati and KBC fame Aparna Malikar ,Tiwari said.

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Maharashtra proposed ‘Bail-Out’ package is Peanut :Vidarbha farm widows to join Stir from 24th Nov. tomorrow

Maharashtra proposed ‘Bail-Out’ package is Peanut :Vidarbha farm widows to join Stir from 24th Nov. tomorrow

Rampur(Yavatmal):23rd November 2011

‘Maharashtra Govt. on going negotiations and proposed ‘Bailout Package ‘for 5 million cotton farmers is peanut and is nothing but another eyewash like earlier packages when administration is aware of short term and long term solutions to vidarbha cotton farmer’s agrarian crisis as crisis are policy driven and now farmers will force them to take corrective action to restore rural economy of maharashtra which is completely collapsed ’ Kishore Tiwari Farm activist of farmers advocacy group Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti(VJAS)announced today while addressing before two

thousandstrong protest ofcotton farmers by blocking the state highway chandrapur-Yavatmal near village Rampur 120 K.M. from Nagpur .This is seventh day in row that allover vidarbha road are being blocked by cotton farmers demanding higher procurement price for raw cotton @ Rs.6000/- per quintal whereas market price is Rs.4000/- per quintal ,demand supported by all the political parties in state including ruling NCP-Congress alliance too but the state Govt. is unmoved adding fuel to on going stir .

Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan called an all-party meeting on Wednesday to discuss the issue which failed to decide any relief package for dying farmers.

"There is no question of raising MSP at this stage, because small and needy farmers have already sold around 20 lakh quintals of produce. They will be the losers now."

Farm activist and Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti president Kishore Tiwari has already met the chief minister on Sunday and suggested that a subsidy of Rs20,000 per hectare for cotton and Rs15,000 for soya be paid to farmers to compensate for 40% loss of crop this year.

"Crop damage has burdened farmers who have already spent 40% more on inputs this season, including labour costs and fertilizer," said Tiwari. "But I am sceptical about any package. I am told the bureaucrats are asking the CM to announce a paltry relief of Rs1,000 per acre. This will be too little, too late and only fuel the farmer suicide crisis in Vidarbha," warned Tiwari

"Moreover, if they announce MSP higher than current market price of Rs4,300 to 4,500, it will be suicidal for the government as farmers and traders from neighbouring states will also flood procurement centres here. So, the best way out would be a blanket relief package for all cotton growers at a rate rs.20,000 per hector . Moreover, farmers will also need to be protected from any further collapse in open market rates in the coming days. Traders are known to manipulate the situation to their advantage and government should protect interests of farmers," Tiwari added.

In order to bring pressure on the Maharashtra hundreds of vidarbha farm widows will start hunger strike from tomorrow 24th November in the leadership of Rahul’ Kalvati and KBC fame Aparna Malikar ,Tiwari said.

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‘विदर्भातील शेतकर्‍यांना पॅकेज द्या’-lokmat mumbai

‘विदर्भातील शेतकर्‍यांना पॅकेज द्या’
मुंबई - विदर्भातील आत्महत्याग्रस्त सहा जिल्ह्यांतील कापूस आणि सोयाबीन उत्पादक शेतकर्‍यांना अल्पकालीन मदत म्हणून शासनाने पॅकेज जाहीर करून प्रति हेक्टर २0 हजार रुपये द्यावेत, अशी मागणी विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीचे नेते किशोर तिवारी यांनी मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांच्याकडे केली आहे.
कापूस आणि सोयाबीनला दरवाढ मिळावी, यासाठी राज्यात आंदोलन तापले आहे. त्याबाबत, मुख्यमंत्र्यांनी तिवारी यांच्यासह समितीच्या कार्यकर्त्यांशी सुमारे दीड तास चर्चा करून समितीचे म्हणणे त्यांनी ऐकले. या भेटीनंतर किशोर तिवारी म्हणाले की, मुख्यमंत्र्यांनी अत्यंत गांभीर्याने विषय समजून घेतला असून ते दिलासा देणारा निर्णय घेतील, अशी आशा आहे.
अडचणीतील शेतकर्‍यांना प्रति हेक्टरी २0 हजार रुपयांची मदत द्यावी. ही रक्कम पीक कर्जात जमा करुन पुढील पीककर्ज उपलब्ध करून द्यावे. पुढील पीक येईपर्यंत सरकारने शेतकर्‍याला अन्न सुरक्षा द्यावी तसेच शेतकर्‍यांच्या शेतात रोजगार हमीची कामे तत्काळ सुरू करण्यात यावीत. सहा जिल्ह्यांतील आरोग्य सेवा सक्षम करुन दारूबंदी जाहीर करावी, आदी मागण्याही केल्याचे त्यांनी सांगितले.
दरम्यान, याबाबत २३ नोव्हेंबरला सर्वपक्षीय नेत्यांची बैठक घेऊन आपण चर्चा करुन निर्णय घेऊ, असे आश्‍वासन मुख्यमंत्र्यांनी दिल्याचे, तिवारी यांनी सांगितले

केवळ हमीभाव नको; अनुदानाच्या स्वरूपात मदत द्या!-किशोर तिवारींनी मांडल्या मुख्यमंत्र्यांकडे कापूस उत्पादकांच्या व्यथा

केवळ हमीभाव नको; अनुदानाच्या स्वरूपात मदत द्या!

स्रोत: TarunBharat - Marathi तारीख: 11/20/2011 8:53:25 PM

किशोर तिवारींनी मांडल्या मुख्यमंत्र्यांकडे कापूस उत्पादकांच्या व्यथा

विशेष प्रतिनिधी

मुंबई, २० नोव्हेंबर

‘‘दरवर्षी कापसाच्या दराबाबत सरकारशी भांडाव्या लागणार्‍या, यंदा नापिकीने भरडल्या गेलेल्या शेतकर्‍याला केवळ हमीभावच नाही तर अनुदानाच्या स्वरूपात मदत देण्याची तयारी सरकारने ठेवली पाहिजे,’’ असे स्पष्ट मत ‘विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समिती’चे सर्वेसर्वा किशोर तिवारी यांनी आज मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांच्याकडे व्यक्त केले.

कापूस उत्पादक शेतकर्‍यांचे आंदोलन उभारण्यापूर्वी विविध राजकीय पक्षांच्या नेत्यांची भेट घेण्याच्या मोहिमेत किशोर तिवारी यांनी आज ‘वर्षा’ येथे मुख्यमंत्र्यांची भेट घेतली. यापूर्वी भाजपाचे प्रदेशाध्यक्ष सुधीर मुनगंटीवार, शिवसेना कार्याध्यक्ष उद्धव ठाकरे यांच्याही भेटी तिवारी यांनी घेतलेल्या आहेत.

नापिकीचा सामना करावा लागलेल्या राज्यातील 5० लाख कापूस उत्पादकांच्या, तर २० लाख सोयाबीन उत्पादक शेतकर्‍यांच्या व्यथा या बैठकीत तिवारी यांनी मुख्यमंत्री चव्हाण यांच्यासमोर मांडल्या.

कापसाचा हमीभाव ठरवताना हेक्टरी ५ क्विंटल उत्पादन गृहित धरण्यात आलेले आहे. प्रत्यक्षात अनेक शेतकर्‍यांच्या हाती केवळ २ क्विंटलच कापूस आला आहे. अशा स्थितीत केवळ वाढीव हमीभाव देऊन शेतकर्‍यांच्या समस्या सुटणार नाहीत, तर अनुदानाच्या स्वरूपातील आर्थिक मदत, बँकांतर्फे मुबलक कर्जवितरण, कापूस खरेदीची सुरुवात, रोजगार हमी योजनेतून प्रत्येक शेतकर्‍याच्या शेतात शेततळ्यांची निर्मिती, असे विविध उपक्रम हाती घेण्याची सूचनाही तिवारी यांनी यावेळी केली.

आजघडीला खुद्द कॉंग्रेसमधील नेत्यांनाही कापसाच्या मुद्यावर रस्त्यावर उतरावे लागत आहे. याचाच अर्थ, जनभावना किती तीव्र आहे, हे राज्य सरकारने ध्यानात घेण्याची गरज आहे, असे तिवारी म्हणाले.

दरम्यान, मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांनी सकारात्मक भूमिकेतून शेतकरी आणि आंदोलनासंदर्भातील वस्तुस्थिती जाणून घेतली. आपण विदर्भविरोधी नसल्याचे व हा प्रश्‍न सोडविण्याबाबत आपण तेवढेच गंभीर असल्याचे मुख्यमंत्री म्हणाले. २३ तारखेला होणारी सर्वपक्षीय बैठक आणि त्यानंतर महाराष्ट्राच्या शिष्टमंडळाची पंतप्रधान डॉ. मनमोहनसिंग यांच्यासोबत होणारी भेट, या पार्श्‍वभूमीवर कापसाच्या संदर्भात निर्णय होण्यात आणखी नेमका किती वेळ लागेल आणि त्यादरम्यान आणखी किती शेतकर्‍यांच्या आत्महत्या महाराष्ट्राला बघाव्या लागतील, हे प्रश्‍न मात्र अनुत्तरितच राहिले आहेत.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tribute to DR.B.S.CHOUBEY-'He was the Supreme Court of Medicine'

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'He was the Supreme Court of Medicine'

NAGPUR: An era in the medical history of Nagpur and Vidarbha ended on Saturday with the demise of Padmashri Dr Bal Swaroop Chaubey. Aged 77, he was ailing from Dussehra due to a chest infection.

The city lost an unparalleled clinician and visionary but above all a teacher par excellence who would be remembered with respect, love and admiration by not just his students and medical fraternity but by thousands of poor families whom he treated free after his retirement. He was a messiah to many doctors who learnt from him at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) as a teacher and later as the dean from 1982-1992.

He was the best medical teacher that GMCH had in the second generation of teachers since the college started functioning in 1947-48. The college's first generation teachers, Dr Ramesh Nigam, Dr P K Devi, Dr C Balkrishnan and Dr J N Berry, taught Chaubey. He used to say that he inherited the qualities of good teachers like discipline, devotion, dedication and the passion to teach. Though also known in his fraternity as the best physician the city has produced till date, he always preferred to be known as a teacher. "I hope the government has honoured the teacher in me," he had said, after receiving the Padmashri on April 15, 2009.

"A teacher is always a winner. He can never be a loser. Become a good teacher, read regularly and organize yourself with topic before going to students," was his advice to fellow teachers.

"He was one of the toughest teachers yet the most sought after and most loved," said Dr G M Taori, director of Central India Institute of Medical Sciences and his classmate of the 1952 batch. The two seemed inseparable. "As students, the two of us were the most sought after by our teachers. We even did our project on same subject - he did the diagnosis and me the treatment for our MD course. We did teaching and invigilation together. His diagnosis without any testing modalities in those days was so accurate that not even his teachers questioned him," Taori remembered.

Another classmate Dr Devidas Kadasane remembers him as a good, straightforward and down-to-earth human being. "We both went to London, he for his MRCP and me for FRCS. But when I returned and took over as civil surgeon of Jalgaon, it was he who came and stayed with me for seven days to teach me medicine and administration," he recalled with tears in his eyes.

Dr Shrikant Vyawahare, a senior pathologist and Chaubey's batchmate, called him the 'Supreme Court of Medicine'. "His word was the last in medicine," he said. But he also remembers him as an excellent student. "Ours was the first and last batch in those days to be subjected to an entrance test. He topped everywhere thereafter. Not only that, he was also a good administrator which he proved in various capacities: dean of GMCH, dean of medicine faculty of Nagpur University and executive council and academic council member," he added.

Dr B J Subhedar and Padmashri Dr Vikram Marwah, Dr Chaubey's teachers, remember him as an outstanding student. "He had an exceptional aptitude for any medical student. He was topper all the time," said Dr Subhedar. Dr Marwah remembers him for the vision he had, which helped the two of them as the first president and secretary of the Maharashtra State Medical Teachers Association. In fact, the two together also were instrumental in formation of the directorate of medical education and research.

"We were taught by our teachers to insist that all our patients waited their turn while we examined them one by one. We were taught never to make exceptions, even if we were dealing with ministers and big shots. It earned us respect but also got us into trouble. In fact, we were transferred because of our insistence," said Dr Marwah.

After the entire batch of good teachers shifted to PGI Chandigarh in protest against the political pressure that they had to work in, it was Dr Chaubey who took the institution ahead in the right direction. He was instrumental in starting the department of nephrology, kidney and dialysis unit and pulmonology unit. GMCH has super speciality hospital because of him. "But sadly, his dream of seeing it develop into a post graduate institute remains unfulfilled," said his son Dr Sameer Chuabey, a nephrologist.

Chaubey was also survived by his wife Pramila and two daughters Sarika and Swati.

Besides being a good doctor, he had interest in literature and good movies. His most preferred authors in classics included P G Woodhouse but he also read popular fiction of writers like James Hadley Chase. His favourite movie was Bridge On The River Kwai.

Nagpur: While coming together for various reasons is a regular activity for the medical fraternity of the city, Saturday saw them assemble to share the grief of a great loss. The irreversible loss was of a person they all looked up to in times of professional as well as personal confrontations. Dr BS Chaubey not only left his own family in grief but a host of his students who admired him beyond measure and scores of patients who were regular beneficiaries of his benevolence.

Many of those who came to attend the last rites were upset at the abruptness of Dr Chaubey's demise. The master physician continued to treat patients even a couple of months before falling ill, attending his last patient on Dussehra day. Everybody present was busy recalling some profound changes that Chaubey made in the medical services available in the city. Shaken colleagues and students recounted the reasons behind the many epithets he had earned through five decades of his career. In four decades that he spent as a teacher, the physician touched the lives of more than 8,000 students.

Daughter-in-law Smita said that he would be missed sorely by his grandchildren, whom he dearly loved. "It pains me to see the condition of my mother-in-law, Pramila, who is the most dedicated wife I have ever seen," she said. Son Dr Sameer Chaubey said that though he has learnt a lot from his father, he would never be able to match up to him in terms of his skills as a physician. A friend of Dr Chaubey, Gopal Krishna Acharya broke down when he saw his friend's body being lifted. He recalled how 'the doctor of the poor' would not only waive off his own fees, but also gave money to many of his patients for their treatment.

While social worker Umesh Chaubey remembered fondly how Dr Chaubey would often go out of his way to take care of his patients, former MP Banwarilal Purohit recalled his efforts to upgrade the GMCH as its dean. A patient of his, Subhash Pandey said, "I have been seeking treatment from Dr Chaubey for so long that I feel medically orphaned with his demise."

Though many people spoke about the great loss to humanity as a whole and the field of medicine in particular that was brought in by the demise of Dr Chaubey, many silent tributes and unspoken prayers would keep pouring in for the benevolent soul.

Nagpur: Despite the many feathers that adorned his crowded cap, one of Dr B S Chaubey's heartfelt wishes was to be remembered more for his work as a teacher than a doctor. On Saturday, as many of his students took one last look of their beloved Chaubey Sir, his wish seemed to have been fulfilled as most of them remembered him for the ethics and life lessons he imbibed in them.

Students still looked up to the legendary medico with fear-mixed-awe, recounting how entire corridors would suddenly empty when this disciplinarian dean of the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) would be on the rounds. Some of them also remembered the softer side of their seemingly hard-to-crack teacher, who was known for his kindness towards the patients.

Two of his students, who have been lucky enough to get a chance of carrying forward the legacy of Dr Chaubey, retold some fond memories of the teacher. Magsaysay award recipient Dr Abhay Bang recalled how he got an incomparable explanation about Parkinson's diseases from Dr Chaubey. "He was in a hurry when a patient with the disease came in and he explained us about the syndrome in ten minutes' time. I have read and heard a lot about it afterwards, but no explanation matched his," recalled the medico-social worker, who immediately came to Nagpur from Gadchiroli on hearing the news of Chaubey's demise.

Dr SP Kalantri from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS), Sewagram, who is trying to keep alive the ethics he learnt from his beloved teacher, enthused about many of his qualities. "He was such a fine blend of knowledge, wisdom and humanity. He made the science of medicine seem like an art," said Kalantri, who is now a teacher himself. His colleague from Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Dr Ramesh Mundle, considered himself fortunate to be able to witness an era of the medical history that would never come back. Radiologist Dr Sanjay Khemuka, who was a classmate of Dr Chaubey's son Sameer, said the strict teacher for others was more like a father figure to him.

Dr Pradeep Mishra, who turned physician for his teacher, felt extremely lucky to be of some help. Dr Mishra, who treated Dr Chaubey during his illness, said, "It is a privilege to be chosen to be the physician for a man thought to be the most admired among physicians. I feel good to have been able to utilize the knowledge he gave me to help him when he needed it the most. For most of us, he was our role model and the reason why we chose to stick to general medicine."

One of his youngest students, Dr Sameer Bhisekar, who belonged to the last batch of students who had the good fortune of having Dr Chaubey as a teacher only last year, too had similar things to say. "He would never stand any mistake of ours but yet he never scolded us. He corrected us in a way that the lesson would stay with us for a lifetime," said the young doctor.

Tributes and epithets would fall short to describe the emotion that seemed to be surrounding the students of this great teacher. Thousands of his students practising across the globe are indebted to him for giving them lessons in medicine and a lot more.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wave Of Suicides Among Indian Farmers-SKY NEWS UK

Wave Of Suicides Among Indian Farmers-SKY NEWS UK

9:45am UK, Friday November 18, 2011

Alex Rossi, India correspondent

The record suicide rate among farmers in India continues to rise and is threatening the country's stability and future development, according to campaigners.

They are blaming the government's policies for the agrarian crisis and are demanding it takes urgent action.

More than a quarter of a million farmers have killed themselves in the last 16 years in what is the largest recorded wave of suicides in history.

Kishore Tiwari, a campaigner with the Vidharbha Jan Andolan Samiti in Maharashtra state in central India, says cotton farmers have been particularly badly affected.

Many of them have only just moved to growing cash crops - like cotton - in the last few years.

He says the farmers have taken on large debts to buy hybrid seeds, which are often unsuited to the harsh and temperamental Indian climate.

Farmers in India

The suicide rate among farmers in India is soaring

"They are sold these modern seeds and modern chemicals and have to take on large debts to buy them.

"The problem is they need a lot of water which is in short supply and then when the crop is poor and they have to repay the money lenders, they despair and commit suicide."

Mr Tiwari says the suicides are a symptom of a wider crisis in the countryside.

India's has one of the fastest growing economies in the world but its roots are in the countryside and much of it is being left behind.

In a country with aspirations, moving away from a life of subsistence is attractive but it can also be deadly.

Vandana Moohorle is now bringing up her children alone after her husband killed himself by drinking pesticide.

Like many farmers, he had been persuaded to use genetically modified seeds by the possibility of a better harvest. What he wasn't told was that they needed more rain than the region provided.

His wife blames the government and the large agricultural companies for exploiting the rural poor who dream of a better life.

"He was always tense" she said. "He had borrowed a lot of money for pesticides and fertilizers and now I will have to pay back his debts. Debt is the reason for all the suicides around here and it's the people in charge who are responsible for it."

Indian farmers

More than 60% of India's population depends on the countryside

Across rural India there is now widespread despair. The fields are also filling up with widows.

Activists say it is the other side of India's economic success story.

Beyond the headlines of fast growth, most of the country is still poor and is being left behind by a corrupt political class who are preoccupied with their own greed.

They point to the alarming suicide numbers to prove their point.

More than 60% of India's population still depends on the countryside for survival but with unfettered globalisation and little support from the government, the rural classes are badly exposed.

In the face of rising inflation and with no safety net, the ultimate act of desperation is often their only answer to the new world they live in.

It is a sobering fact but on average one farmer now commits suicide in India every thirty minutes.

And campaigners say the problem will only get worse without direct intervention from the government in the form of subsidies and agricultural educational programmes.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Farmers stir in Vidarbha turns violent-Hindustan Times

Farmers stir in Vidarbha turns violent-Hindustan Times

Pradip Kumar Maitra, Hindustan Times
Nagpur, November 16, 2011

Farmers and farmer leaders have intensified the agitation on Wednesday for seeking Rs 6,000 per quintal as minimum guarantee price for raw cotton in all over Vidarbha region. The agitating farmers resorted to blocking roads and raising voice against -- to what they term as the government’s apathy to agrarian crisis.

According to reports, violence continued in Amravati on the issue for the third day after Shiv Sena activists, led by the former Lok Sabha member, Anant Gudhe, damaged the state cotton cooperative marketing federation office at Rampuri camp area and set afire all the furniture of the office in protest against the meager rate of Rs 3,300 per quintal, announced by the government.

The agitated Sena activists also set afire two vehicles of state health department and set ablaze a state run bus near Badnera this morning. The district police arrested 20 Sena workers, including Gudhe and the district chief, Balasaheb Bhagwat in this connection.

On the other hand, the Independent legislator, Ravi Rana’s indefinite hunger strike entered third day on Wednesday. Rana was detained by the police on Monday and now in central jail at Amravati. Several farmers and leaders of different organizations who turned up at the jail to meet Rana on Wednesday were denied permission to meet him by the jail authorities.

Among the activists who were denied to meet Rana at the central jail include: Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti convenor Kishore Tiwari and former Maharashtra minister Sunil Deshmukh. Rana has staged an indefinite hunger strike from behind the bars for the cause of cotton farmers.

Rana’s Yuva Swabhimani Sanghatana, Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti and several other organizations also blocked roads and damaged public property at many places in Vidarbha in protest against the jail authorities “undemocratic” attitude.

The vehicular traffic on Mumbai-Kolkata National Highway 6 was paralysed at Tiwasa in Amravati when the farmers resorted to a "rasta roko" agitation on Wednesday afternoon in support of fair price of raw cotton.

The agitators even took out a huge farmers’ rally on the highway on the issue which was addressed by Tiwari and other farmers’ leaders. The farmers vowed not to sell raw cotton until the government hikes the guarantee price.

According to reports reaching here this evening, farmers have resorted to “rasta roko” agitations in several areas in the region, including Yavatmal, Wardha, Buldhana, Akola, Washim and Saoner (Nagpur).

“The agitation was peaceful in Nagpur rural areas,” said Manoj Shukla, the superintendent of police (SP), Nagpur rural.

Meanwhile, another farmer Umesh Shyamrao Bhoyar (32) of Amla village in Wardha district ended his life by swallowing pesticide due to crop failure and not getting fair price for raw cotton. Around 16-acre land-holder Bhoyar borrowed Rs one-lakh from the District Central Cooperative Bank and could not repay it because of crop failure. A frustrated Bhoyar consumed pesticide this morning and ended his life.

With Bhoyar’s death, the farmers’ death toll has risen to 22 this month while the figure is 672 since January this year.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

17 farmers commit suicides in five days-TIMES OF INDIA

17 farmer commit suicides in five days-TIMES OF INDIA

17 farmers commit suicides in five days

TNN | Nov 9, 2011, 04.36AM IST

NAGPUR: With seven farmers in Vidarbha committing suicide in last two days, the crisis which had seen a lull in last few months has resurfaced. According to Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti, which spearheads cotton growers' cause in the region and also keeps a tab on suicide committed by ryots, the farm suicide toll has reached an alarming 17 in last five days and 671 in the current year.

The farmers who took the desperate route in the last three days have been identified as Maroti Mate of Palasgoan and Jivan Raghtate of Rehaki village ( both from Wardha), Kachruba Meran of Balsamudra and Mahadev Pasode of Vadati in Buldhana, Kailas Solanki of Karanjkhed and Kisan Mahurle of Sonbardi in Yavatmal and Ratan Nagtode of Udapur in Chandrapur district. The other 10 victims in last five days have been identified as Parshuram Jambhulkar, Sukkhdev Pawar, Ashok Chintelwar and Ramesh Tekam of Yavatmal district, Gajanan Sawant, Ananta Bhilange and Vithoba Munde of Buldhana, Gajanan Kavate and Deorao Nimbolkar of Akola, Dadarao Nage of Amravati.

VJAS president Kishore Tiwari informed that when he visited Kisan Mohurale's house at village Sonbardi in Yavatmal, his paralytic father and widow said the deceased farmer was under huge stress due to mounting debt, cotton crop failure and increasing medical expenses of his family. Most of Sonbardi farmers complained of heavy crop loss and that no one from the district administration had visited to asses the crop damage.

Situation of cotton growers in Western Vidarbha has worsened as the Bt cotton seeds promoted by the state have increased the economic pressure on farmers instead of resulting in higher yields of disease-free crop. Tiwari alleged. He demanded that the government should hike the minimum support price to Rs 6000 a quintal from the present Rs 3300 to save the farmers.

Friday, November 4, 2011

9 farmers commit suicide in Vidarbha in last 3 days-Hindustan Times

Pradip Kumar Maitra, Hindustan Times
Nagpur, November 04, 2011

Nine cotton growers of Vidarbha region allegedly committed suicide in the last 72 hours at a time when traders have begun raw cotton procurement from Thursday.

According to reports reaching here this evening, among the victims, three farmers each were from Yavatmal and Buldhana district while two from Akola and one from Amravati district.

Seven farmers ended lives by swallowing pesticides while the remaining two killed themselves by hanging. They were identified as : Gajanan Sawant (32) of Pangrapola village, Vithoba Munde (42), Sonuksha, Ananta Welange (40) (all Buldhana district), Dadarao Nage (48) of Lohgaon (Amravati), Gajanan Wakte (45), Palodi, Deorao Nimborkar (40) Asola (both in Akola district), Ashok Chintalwar (45), Karegaon, Ramesh Tekam (38), Manzarde and Sukhdeo Pawar (45) of Ambdi village (all Yavatmal district).

With the death these nine persons, the farmers' suicide toll has risen to 662 since January this year.

Kishore Tiwari, the convenor of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti, a farmers' pressure group that has been documenting the farmers' suicide in the region, said that most of the cotton farmers were distressed because of meagre rate of raw cotton in the market this season.

"There is a need for state government's intervention in this regard. The government should provide at least Rs 6,000 per quintal. The chief minister Prithviraj Chavan had promised that he would talk with the union government for better support price for the raw cotton. However, nothing has been done in this regard," he alleged.

The minimum support price for the cotton was announced just Rs 3,300 per quintal when the rate was over Rs 6,000 last year, he pointed out.

Tiwari continued, "The government did not concede our demand of providing food security to desperate, distressed and marginal farmers even. The government needs to behave sensibly and responsibly to address farmers' woes and prevent the prevailing spate of suicide in the killing fields of Vidarbha." If the cotton growers do not get better price this season, the situation will assume drastic proportions, he cautioned.

Shravan Hardikar, the district collector of Yavatmal, admitted that one farmer from his district committed suicide on Thursday because of agrarian crisis. "I have not received the details of other farmers who have ended their lives in last three days," he added.

According to Vijay Jawandhia, the former Shetkari Sanghatana president, situation of cotton growers in west Vidarbha has worsened with the wrong policies of the state and particularly ban of cotton export time to time. The Bt cotton seeds promoted by the state have increased the economic pressure on farmers instead of resulting in higher yields of disease free crops. Already a low return and high risk livelihood, these policies that claim to reduce the risk have only increased the cost of farming. As a result, the cotton economy of the region has collapsed, resulting in mass suicide since 2001, he pointed out.

Jawandhia claimed that when the rate of cotton lint gets a rate of $5.346 per kg in USA (around Rs 8,906 per quintal), the farmers of Vidarbha was getting a meager rate of Rs 4,000 per quintal.

An average two farmers commit suicide in the region. Of them, maximum farmers are from Yavatmal district. As many as 52 farmers killed themselves last month while the figure was 11 this month.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

VJAS urged for Debate on BJP President bailout Plans for Vidarbha Farmers

VJAS urged for Debate on BJP President bailout Plans for Vidarbha Farmers

VJAS urged for Debate on BJP President bailout Plans for Vidarbha Farmers

Nagpur-3rd Nov.2011
BJP president Nitin Gadkari on going mega announcements of millions of employments and billions crore bailout plans for debt ridden dying vidarbha farmers asking them to opt water sensitive sugarcane cultivation replacing paddy and jawar in dry land area of vidarbha has offended vidarbha farmers advocacy Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti ( VJAS ) as these sugar factories are only producing ethanol, liquor and power ,will crate problems food security ,public health and very big environmental disaster if BJP President’s bailout Plans for Vidarbha Agrarian Crisis hence national debate and review is needed light with on going flooding of power plants and liquor-ethanol factories
‘Just before taking charge of BJP national president Nitin Gadkari in 2009 was brand ambassador of congress lead Govt. major economic development project MIHAN promising 1 million job in 2010 and 10 million 2020 which has been turned hoax today ,now he is giving same toll promises to dying vidarbha farmers who are in agrarian distress and severe economic crisis mainly due to wrong policies of state of not providing market and procurement infrastructure to their traditional paddy crop ,asking them for sugarcane cultivation which will crate very serious water crisis in the region and this is unplanned development of the region will spread farm suicide spiral in east vidarbha hence we are asking for national debate on claims of BJP President bailout Plans as this is part of mega plan of making vidarbha as ‘Power-Liquor-Ethanol Hub’ and all national parties are having partnership in this anti-farmer cartel ’ Kishore Tiwari Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti ( VJAS ) added in his press note today.

Vidarbha is region which is under agrarian crisis as main cash crop region cotton and paddy has been making huge losses due to wrong policies of state but replacing these dry land farming area with highly water sensitive sugarcane crop in order to get molasses fro liquor and ethanol manufacturing and start power plant at the cost of state subsidy to sale power in national grid will not fetch money to dying vidarbha farmers and all 22 closed sugar factories which is being purchased by Purti Group keeping eye on power generation and green fuel will ruin the agrarian community in near future as this is not eco-friendly sustainable approach and it’s impact will have long term environmental damages to central Indian ‘Tiger Zone’ forestry .

‘Nitin Gadkari is too innocent to understand the seriousness of his mega plan of having all closed sugar factories re-operational to manufacture ethanol, liquor and power but some body should tell him the degradation of land ,drop in ground water level and sugar growers economic crisis in western maharashtra. Over all food security is major issue and one can not ask paddy farmer to cultivate sugarcane as paddy is not feasible to grow in fact the answer is to get chear food to dying poors paddy growers of vidarbha needs higher minimum support price and assured procurement of state on that price other wise days are not far to have farmers suicide spiral spreading in east vidarbha farmers only difference this time credit of mass farmer genocide will shift to BJP supreme Nitin Gadkari not traditional congress party ‘’Tiwari added..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

गिरणीमालकांची दलाली करणार्‍या मुख्यमंत्र्यांची हकालपट्टी करा-विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीची मागणी

गिरणीमालकांची दलाली करणार्‍या मुख्यमंत्र्यांची हकालपट्टी करा-विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीची मागणी
स्रोत: तरुण भारत तारीख: 11/1/2011

त. भा. वा.
यवतमाळ, १ नोव्हेंबर
राज्यातील ५० लाख कापूस उत्पादक शेतकरी कापसाच्या नापिकीमुळे प्रचंड आर्थिक अडचणीत आले असून आत्महत्येचा मार्ग स्वीकारत असताना त्यांना वाचविण्याऐवजी देशातील ५० कापड गिरणीमालकांची दलाली करणार्‍या मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांची तात्काळ हकालपट्टी करावी, अशी आग्रही मागणी विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीचे अध्यक्ष किशोर तिवारी यांनी केली आहे. मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण शेतकर्‍यांना न्याय देण्यास व विदर्भाचा विकास करण्यास अपयशी ठरले असून त्यांच्या कार्यकाळात नोकरशाही माजली आहे. सर्वत्र खुलेआम भ्रष्टाचार होत आहे. अशा परिस्थितीत महाराष्ट्रात विदर्भातील शेतकर्‍यांचे हित जोपासणारा मुख्यमंत्री केेंद्र सरकारने द्यावा, अशी मागणी विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीने केली आहे.

महाराष्ट्राचे मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांनी नागपुरात येऊन, कापसाचा हमीभाव वाढवणे म्हणजे कापसाच्या गिरण्या बंद करणे होय, असे स्पष्ट विधान करून हमीभाव वाढविण्यासाठी आपला स्पष्ट विरोध असल्याचे सूतोवाच केले. एकीकडे कॉंग्रेसचे प्रदेशाध्यक्ष माणिकराव ठाकरे कापसाला ५ हजार रुपये हमीभाव मिळावा, अशी मागणी करतात, पणन महासंघाचे अध्यक्ष डॉ. एन. पी. हिराणी कापसासाठी ६ हजार रुपये प्रतीक्विंटल या दराची अपेक्षा करतात. त्यासाठी केंद्राला अधिकृत पत्रही लिहितात, याकडे त्यांनी लक्ष वेधले आहे. या चढाओढीमध्ये आपण मागे राहणार, या भीतीपोटी सामाजिक न्यायमंत्री शिवाजीराव मोघे व यवतमाळचे आमदार नीलेश पारवेकर कापसाला ७ हजार रुपये प्रतिक्विंटलची मागणी करतात. त्यासाठी चक्क सोनिया गांधींच्या दरबारात हजेरी लावतात. मात्र, हेच नेते नागपुरात येऊन कापसाचा हमीभाव वाढविणे म्हणजे गिरण्या बंद करणे होय, असे स्पष्ट विधान करून शेतकर्‍यांच्या जखमेवर मीठ चोळण्याचे काम करतात, असा आरोप किशोर तिवारी यांनी केला आहे.

२०१० मध्ये महाराष्ट्र सरकार व भारत सरकारचे कृषीमंत्री शरद पवार यांनी फक्त ३६५ शेतकर्‍यांनी आत्महत्या केल्या असून फक्त ६५ शेतकरी कृषी कारणासाठी हे जग सोडून गेले, असा दावा केला होता. असे असतानाच सरकारच्या राष्ट्रीय गुन्हे सर्वेक्षण आयोगाने दिलेल्या माहितीनुसार पुन्हा एकदा महाराष्ट्रात सर्वांत जास्त शेतकर्‍यांच्या आत्महत्या झाल्या असून यामध्ये विदर्भ सर्वात आघाडीवर असल्याचे स्पष्ट केले आहे. या आठवड्यात केंद्र सरकारच्या गृह मंत्रालयाच्या एनसीआरबीने शेतकरी आत्महत्येचे आकडे प्रसारित केले असून मागील १६ वर्षांत भारतात २ लाख ५२ हजार शेतकर्‍यांनी आत्महत्या केल्याचे सिद्ध झाले असून त्यातही महाराष्ट्र राज्य आघाडीवर आहे. केंद्र सरकारच्या आकडेवारीनुसार २०१० मध्ये भारतात १५ हजार ९६४ शेतकर्‍यांच्या आत्महत्या झाल्या. त्यात सर्वांत जास्त ३,१४१ आत्महत्या महाराष्ट्रात झाल्याचे निष्पन्न झाले. हे सर्व शेतकरी कापूस उत्पादक असून सरकारच्या चुकीच्या धोरणामुळे आर्थिक संकटात सापडले आहेत आणि म्हणूनच ते आत्महत्येचा मार्ग स्वीकारीत आहेत, असेही किशोर तिवारी यांनी निदर्शनास आणून दिले आहे.