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विदर्भात आठ शेतकऱ्यांच्या आत्महत्या-म. टा. वृत्तसेवा

विदर्भात आठ शेतकऱ्यांच्या आत्महत्या-म. टा. वृत्तसेवा

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विदर्भात आठ शेतकऱ्यांच्या आत्महत्या
25 Feb 2009, 0025 hrs IST

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- म. टा. वृत्तसेवा। वर्धा

विदर्भात मोठ्या प्रमाणावर दुष्काळ पडला असून खेड्यांमध्ये पिण्याचे पाणी, जनावरांसाठी चाऱ्याची टंचाई निर्माण झाली आहे. यामुळे गांजलेल्या शेतकऱ्यांचा बजेटकडूनही अपेक्षाभंग झाल्यानंतर गेल्या तीन दिवसांत आठ शेतकऱ्यांनी आत्महत्या केल्या. राज्य मानवाधिकार आयोगाने शेतकऱ्यांच्या आत्महत्यांची गंभीर दखल घेतली आहे.

विदर्भातील दुष्काळामुळे ग्रामीण भागात रोजगारीचे संकट उभे राहिले आहे. केंद सरकारकडून बजेटमध्ये निराशाच पदरी पडल्यानंतर कृष्णा साठे (नांदोरा, वर्धा), गजानन वावगे(दहिगाव, बुलढाणा), हरिश्चंद बुरांडे(विरली, भंडारा), आनंद ठाकरे (कासार, यवतमाळ), बबन डोंगरे (कुऱ्हाड, यवतमाळ), गुलाब वाघमारे (कळंब, यवतमाळ), ज्ञानराव तायडे (चमक, अमरावती) आणि वासुदेव गोमासे (आकोली, वर्धा) या आठ शेतकऱ्यांनी गेल्या तीन दिवसांत आत्महत्या केल्याच्या घटना घडल्या आहेत.

या आत्महत्यांची गंभीर दखल घेत राज्य मानवाधिकार आयोगाने या प्रकरणाची सुनावणी येत्या २५ फेब्रुवारी रोजी ठेवली आहे.

या बातमीवर तुमचं मत मांडण्यासाठी इथे क्लिक करा.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Unwed mothers: Rights panel seeks ATR from Mah govt-Hindustantimes

Pradip Kumar Maitra, Hindustan Times
Nagpur, February 23, 2009
The state human rights commission has asked Maharashtra government to submit action taken report (ATR) over the unwed tribal mothers in Vidarbha region.

Responding to a writ petition, filed by Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti, the commission asked the government to spell out the rehabilitation measures it took to help the victims. Samiti's convenor Kishore Tiwari expressed concern over the rise of unwed mothers in tribal areas in the region, particularly in Yavatmal district, and requested the rights panel to direct the state to provide shelter and livelihood for a better life to such unwed mothers and their children.

Tiwari drew the rights panel attention of the over the rising trend of unwed mothers in the region and alleged that the police and administration were protecting the accused responsible for such heinous act. "In most cases, the prime accused hail from influential family with political connection. These people are sexually exploiting poor tribal girls," he alleged.

The petitioner demanded the integrated rehabilitation programme of all unwed mothers by providing them regular financial aid and restoration land rights and rights in property of the accused fathers of kids of these unwed mothers. "The government should also provide free education of these kids, along with all facilities, including better healthcare and food security," he said.

The cases of unwed mothers in tribal areas were first reported in 2005. Five tribal unwed mothers of Sushri, Matherjune, Kundi and Kelapur villages in Yavatmal district gave birth babies during the period. The VJAS later filed a petition before the state human rights commission and insisted helps for them.

The Samiti claimed that as per recent survey of district administration in Yavatmal, the cases of unwed tribal mothers have been increased phenomenally. Now such cases were reported over 300 in Yavatmal district alone while as many as 52 cases were reported in Jhari Tahsil. "It has now become a great concern for the society," says Tiwari.

The rights panel has fixed the next hearing on the issue on March 3.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eight more farmers commit suicide in Vidarbha-Hindustan Times

Eight more farmers commit suicide in Vidarbha

Pradip Kumar Maitra, Hindustan Times
Nagpur, February 19, 2009

The agrarian crisis in the Vidrabha region has deepened further with eight more farmers committing suicides during the last 72 hours. With this, the toll has risen to 38 during this month alone. The last month's figure of farmers' suicides was 64.

Kishor Tiwari, president of Vidarbha Jana Andolan Samiti, an NGO fighting for farmers' rights, released this grim statistics for the tragedy unfolding in the region without any remedy in sight. He said that most of the farmers have ended their lives due to mounting debts and crop failure. "You cannot call these deaths as suicides. It is virtually genocide because failure of the system and the government's apathy has caused this tragedy. The surviving farmers are now in dire need of financial aid because the only cash crop they relied on--- cotton-- had failed miserably," he said.

Tiwari said that as many as 1246 farmers so far killed themselves because of debts and other agrarian crisis in Vidarbha during 2008, leaving their wives and children penniless condition. Despite the multi-crore-rupee relief package offered by the State and union governments to help crisis-hit cotton growers, farmer-suicides have continued simply because the aid failed to reach the target group, he alleged.

According to Tiwari, the state government's wrong approach in addressing this agrarian crisis is responsible for continuing suicides. All toll claims of agriculture growth, credit and economic reforms in rural sector are only on paper. The interim budget presented by the UPA Govt. has shown rosy picture of rural India where as situation in countryside is very critical. "It is unfortunate that state failed to give fresh farm credit even after the loan waiver and debt trapped farmers in distressed area were forced to take huge crop loan from private money lenders that led to more suicides," Tiwari further claimed.

The state and the union government had announced two separate relief packages of Rs 4,800-crore for the crisis-ridden farmers of the region. Later, the union government came out with another loan-waiving package of Rs 71,000-crore. When the farmers' suicide continued unabated, the state again announced another package of Rs 6,205-crore in December last year. But even this could not prevent the farmers' suicide in the region.

The latest suicide victims were identified as : Anandrao Thakre of Kasarbehar village, Baban Dongre, Kurad, Gulab Waghmare of Kalamb (all in Yavatmal district), Janrao Tayade, Chamak (Amravati), Krishna Sathe, Nandora village, Vasudeo Gomase, Akoli (both in Wardha district), Harish Burande, Virli (Bhandara) and Gajanan Wavge of Dahigaon (Buldhana).

Monday, February 16, 2009

Vidarbha Dying Cotton Farmers Ignored in Interim Budget -VJAS

Vidarbha Dying Cotton Farmers Ignored in Interim Budget -VJAS

Nagpur-dated 16th feb.,2009

All toll claims and economic reforms on paper ,interim budget presented by UPA Govt. today failed address agrarian crisis facing by more than 1 billionfarm families in farm suicide effected region of India ,Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) alleged today .

VJAS president kishore tiwari while reacting to interim budget presented by Pranab Mukharji acting finance minister as vote of account which reflect future agrarian policy of national Govt. ,has termed the budget as hoax when Govt. talks about 300% growth the farm credit in last 7 year but failed to mention the growth after Rs.71,000 crore loan waiver ,it also failed to give projected target and fund allocation for crop loan for year 2009-2010 . ‘it is unfortunate that state failed to give fresh farm credit even after the loan waiver and debt trapped farmers in distressed area were forced to take huge crop loan from private money lenders that resulted in more farm suicides after loan waiver due crop failure this year. this year too draught has been reported in central and south India but interim budget has not provided any fund for tackling agrarian and rural problems in that area ’ tiwari added.

There is nothing for vidarbha cotton and soya growers as they were expecting special incentive for export and increase in import duty tariff to avoid further recession in cotton and soybean . even central Govt .has extended prime minister relief package for 31 suicide prone district but there is no fund allocation for the same ‘is it single that Govt. is winding up the package’ tiwari asked.

The complete failure of NREGA nad NRHM in distress area ahs not even discussed in interim budget more over there are toll claims of it’s success .one hand Govt. has talked about food security but they have failed to give any scheme for food crop promotion. Interim budget failed to increase the quantity for BPL families to be covered in anttodaya scheme which was promised earlier .

farmers and poor both have been ignored in the interim budget giving the hint that they are likely to be ignored in future too., tiwari said.



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Monday, February 9, 2009

Two faces of BJP : Narendra Modi’s strong globalization stands makes BJP Resolution on Agriculture meaningless.

Two faces of BJP : Narendra Modi’s strong globalization stands makes BJP Resolution on Agriculture meaningless.

NAGPUR -8th feb.2009

Gujarat chief minister and prime minister of NDA in waiting(that’s also hidden list) Narendra Modi has come out with second face of up coming BJP only after 12 hours of passing the one of socialist and in line Gandhian philosophy of rural India resolution on Agriculture by national executive Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) today in Nagpur meet as he has advocated very strongly free trade and globalization which has resulted mass genocide of cotton farmers ,country has not forgotten the past when NDA has lifted quantitative restriction of import in 2004 when BJP president rajnath singh was agriculture minister ,much which before the WTO asked and huge import cotton bells from America on very cheaper rate due to heavy US subsidies to cotton farmers has completely collapsed cotton economy of vidarbha that’s has brought this agrarian crisis. If this is true face of BJP then what about it’s resolution which have been enlisted as farmers rights which are contradictory to the basic conditions WTO and free trade .BJP has assured that NDA will give

1. Minimum Support Price to be fixed after adding 50 per cent over production cost.

2. Minimum Support Price for all crops.

3. Provision of subsidy directly to farmers. Agricultural loans to be provided at the rate of four per cent Interest.

4. Farm income guarantee insurance scheme for small farmers.

5. Adequate power supply for agriculture.

6. Water for every field and work for every hand.

7. Pension for old age farmers.

8. Loans of all farmers to be waived off under the principle of equality

9. Implementation of the recommendations of the Agricultural Commission.

The resolution of agriculture was really good opening to change the image of BJP is as right wing hindu fundamentalist party to party which believes in social equality and justice but Narendra Modi speech has given very wrong single as promoting globalisation and free trade will further aggravate agrarian crisis will invite more farmers to kill themselves ,hence BJP should come out with official stand over the issue, ,Kishore tiwari of Vidarbha jan andolan samiti (VJAS) urged in press note today.

VJAS president kishor tiwari has requested all political parties to protect Indian farming community from free trade and menace of MNC,s which are mainly responsible for 1,82,000 farmers suicides since 1998 in India.“we have to stop this on going farm suicides ,we hope that all parties will take same stand on agriculture so that we can forget the very sad era of this farmers suicides which has witnessed more than 1,82,000 farm victims due wrong policies of state ” tiwari added.


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Vidarbha Tribals demands BPL cards-Protest rally rohpat kolam pod

Vidarbha Tribals demands BPL cards-Protest rally Rohpat Kolam Pod

The BPL survey done by Maharashtra administration in 2002 ,BPL cards are being distributed to the beneficiaries but most tribal families in vidarbha have been deleted from the new BPL list and their names have replaced by political workers of village who are not entitled for BPL cards as per norms but in order to get benefit of Govt. schemes BPL card is must .

In order to get free health care,food security, Gharkul (home)facility and even to get benefit of farmers relief package BPL card is must hence denying the BPL card to tribal is nothing but denying all facilities include health and food security and other basic facilities to poor tribals hence VJAS has demanded scraping of BPL list as per 2002 survey and urged administration to include all tribals of vidarbha in BPL list.

Today thousands of tribals will participate in protest rally at rohpat kolam pad,tribal leaders tukaram meshram ,babrao parchake ,ankit naitam will arress protest rally.

PIL on Farmers suicides:Govt. failed to inform HC regarding ATR on Jadhav Committee recommendations.

NAGPUR:Feb 03, 2009

Maharashtra Govt. once again failed place the copy Dr Narendra Jadhav Committee report before hon,ble high court in matter of PIL on vidarbha afrmers suicides filed by VJAS .This was third time that Govt. pleader has requested HC to grant one week time for submitting the copy of report ,having asked for four.week and two week time earlier now high court has given one week time and case has been fixed for hearing after two weeks.A division bench of Justices Dilip Sinha and A P Bhangale, while hearing a PIL of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti president Kishore Tiwari, expressed concern on the unbated farmers suicide in Vidarbha.

Counsels for petitioner Firdos Mirza and Vinod Tiwari brought to the notice of court that state government had appointed Vice-Chancellor of Pune University Dr Narendra Jadhav, who had submitted his report on July 19 last year, but no action has been initiated by the respondent state government as it was expected that Maharashtra Govt. should take urgent steps to implement Dr Narendra Jadhav Committee recommendations, but most of recommendations are till unattended ,kishore tiwari , alleged in the recent application before the high court.

In a plea to the Hon,blr HC, president of the Samiti Kishor Tiwari has alleged that the institutionalised corruption and redtapism in implementation of Rs 5,000 crore special package is the main cause of the government's failure to arrest the ever growing suicides of distressed farmers in the most backward Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

Citing the efforts made by his organisation since 1999, Kishor Tiwari drew the attention of High court towards the probe report and recommendations by Dr Narendra Jadhav Committee.

The Committee submitted its report to the government on July 19 ,2008 and urged Maharashtra Govt. to take immediate remedial measures to avert further suicides of the distressed farmers and their families,but after lapse of 7 months ther is relief order from Govt.

A detailed survey by Government controlled Vasantrao Naik Sheti Swawlamban Mission states that the farmers 'in extreme distress' (Column 9 of the Survey Chart) are 4,34,291 and the farmers' families suffering from serious illness are 92,456 in six districts of Vidarbha.

The detailed survey was conducted by the Mission at Amravati under the guidance of Divisional Commissioner of Amravati in 8031 Villages of six districts of Vidarbha comprising of Yavatmal, Amravati, Akola, Buldhana, Washim and Wardha in which 17,64,438 families were surveyed by the Mission.
Dr Narendra Jadhav Committee recommendations are based on this report have asked to provide subsidies food to all distressed farmers and free health care to critically ill farm family members but till ther is no action hence there is ATR.
Petitioner has requested high court to arrange the implemntation of Dr Narendra Jadhav Committee recommendations but administration has not been able to give copy of report to HC ,kishor tiwari informed.

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