Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vidarbha Tribals demands BPL cards-Protest rally rohpat kolam pod

Vidarbha Tribals demands BPL cards-Protest rally Rohpat Kolam Pod

The BPL survey done by Maharashtra administration in 2002 ,BPL cards are being distributed to the beneficiaries but most tribal families in vidarbha have been deleted from the new BPL list and their names have replaced by political workers of village who are not entitled for BPL cards as per norms but in order to get benefit of Govt. schemes BPL card is must .

In order to get free health care,food security, Gharkul (home)facility and even to get benefit of farmers relief package BPL card is must hence denying the BPL card to tribal is nothing but denying all facilities include health and food security and other basic facilities to poor tribals hence VJAS has demanded scraping of BPL list as per 2002 survey and urged administration to include all tribals of vidarbha in BPL list.

Today thousands of tribals will participate in protest rally at rohpat kolam pad,tribal leaders tukaram meshram ,babrao parchake ,ankit naitam will arress protest rally.

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