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Two more distressed farmers commits suicide in vidarbha : VJAS urged Maharashtra Govt. to tackle fresh crop loan crisis seriously

Nagpur- Dated 23rd June 2009

Last night around midnight Vinod Rathode. farm activist of village Wagdara called VJAS office to inform that one Mangal Chavan (age 32) consumed pesticide and has been decleared dead in V.N.Govt. medical college yavatmal same time Dr.Arvind Bhoyar social worker of village Gawara brought dead body of one credit starved cotton farmer from tribal community named Parasram Dhurve (age 30) who committed suicide two hour after mangal chavan of wagdara killed himself .“ both farmers are victim of gostile policies of bankers and this is single of restart of farm suicide spiral in vidarbha.our repeated request to administration to restore the baking credit network to credit starved farmers of west vidarbha is being ignored resulting these farm suicides” informed Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti(VJAS) told to media persons in Pandharkawada today.

“suicide of Parasram Dhurve is case of victimization ,he was going to State Bank of India Patanbori branch daily since 4th june after the announcement of bankers before protesting farmers that all illigiable farmers will be given fresh crop loan but bank officials have made life of tribal farmers miserable as they asked these innocent farmers to bring NOC of farmers adjutant to Parasram Dhurve ,this is nonsense and ridiculous,we will press for criminal action against erring bank officials of State Bank of India Patanbori branch ” Dr.Arvind Bhoyar noted social worker of Gawara informed today . “Parasram Dhurve is not single case of victimization,there are hundreds of credit starved farmers being till tortured by bankers and are being forced to kill themselves” Dr.Arvind Bhoyar added.

Mangal Chavan is the second farm suicide of our village but all farmers of my village wagdara are in debt trap and non of cotton farmers are doing well ,loan waiver has not changed the economic condition of wagdara moreover P.M. relief package has shown any sign of relief in my area,farmers are till dying inspite of toll claims of Maharashtra Govt.” Vinod Rathode. farm activist of village Wagdara informed .

Earlier the first victim of vidarbha farm credit crisis was reported last week when one Lakhama Namdeo Tekam tribal farmer of village Khusal-Wagholi in yavatmal district of vidarbha committed suicide due debt trap and failed to get fresh crop loan from his coopretative bank. “ after lakham tekam suicide till date nobody from administration has visited our village ,the ground situation has been very grim as banker have till adte not resumed crop loan disbursement more over delayed monsoon has added further worries to us” informed Prem Rathode village sarpanch.

“we will got to door of each farmers to give them fresh crop loan ,NABARD who announced after prime minister package is not even visiting the vidarbha ” Kishore tiwari of VJAS informed as per District Administration reports now it’s official crop loan disbursement is less than 50% in comparison to last year disbursement .there is huge cry all vidarbha fresh crop loan to all illegible farmers after loan waiver but bankers are facing liquidity crunch due insufficient fund sanctioned by apex bank NABARD as agriculture credit has been reduced to 40% in comparison to agriculture credit to given to farmers in year 2006 after Prime Minister of India Dr.Man Mohan Singh visited vidarbha and announced to relief package of Rs.3750/- crore .

‘After the interest waiver of Rs.1080 crore in 2006 followed by complete loan waiver of Rs.71,000 crore in march 2008 added to maharashtra Govt.’s extended loan waiver of Rs.6208 crore in December 2008 ,it was told that in vidarbha at least 3 million farmers will get farm credit from financial institutes but non-professional attitude and non-cooperation of bankers the complete exercise of loan waiver has been failed and till date only 20% illigibale farmers could manage to get credit from institutional finance owned by state .we demand serious attention of Govt. over farm credit crisis in west vidarbha ” KIshore tiwari of VJAS urged in press note.

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Kishor Tiwari


Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti



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