Monday, August 31, 2009

Five more vidarbha farm suicides in last 48 hours ridicule Govt. claim“farmer suicides come down significantly” - VIDARBHA TIMES blog reports

Five more vidarbha farm suicides in last 48 hours ridicule Govt. claim “farmer suicides come down significantly”

Nagpur- 1st September 2009,

When Indian Govt. was claiming that the number of farmer suicides in the country has come down significantly in the first half of 2009. Whereas 1,105 farmers committed suicide in 2008 because of agricultural factors such as crop failure, indebtedness and drought, the same number has come down to 203 in the first half of 2009 at same time five more farmers committed in last 48 hours taking toll to 55 in vidarbha in august alone.

The recent victims of continuous apathy and administrative negligence involved in prime minister farmers relief package of vidarbha farmers are facing complete crop failure due to drought are

1.Dilip Chavan in Yavatmal District
2.Onkar Unahale in Buldhana District
3.Ramdas Rathode in Washim District.
4.Babarao Daware in Wardha District.

5.Balkrishana Sonawane in Gondia District

‘The claims of Indian Govt. that agrarian crisis and prevailing distress has been fallen down is misleading as more than 286 districts have already been declared drought hit and most of crop in central and south Indian has already lost ,now after the admission of Indian prime minister and daily statements of Indian Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar that nation is under severe drought ,it is obvious that this will result in to crop failure, indebtedness pushing million of farmers in deep distress and allowing them to kill themselves such statements reflects insensitive attitude of Indian babus towards the agrarian crisis as they measure gravity of ground situation by doing comparison of farm suicide figure which also not in line with fact ,it’s matter of national shame’, kishore tiwari Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti informed in press note today.

‘If farm suicides are fallen down then why Govt. website on farm suicide of west vidarbha is not updated even after order of Mumbai High Court ,Nagpur Bench direction ’asked Tiwari .

Vidarbha is staring at the worst ever drought this year with an unprecedented short fall in monsoon rain , pest epidemic destroying standing crop and steep decline in ground water level as these four-month (June-September) monsoon is the main source of water for irrigation in the vidarbha as more than 90% farmers are dry land farmers involved in BT.cotton cultivation which recommended for the sowing in the assured irrigated land hence nature seems to have turning against Vidarbha this year as with half of the kharif season is over, the region has received less than 40% of the normal rainfall, the total yield is likely to effected by 50% ,Tiwari added.

“Total apathy of local Govt. and administration has beeen the main cause of recent despair along with on going massive corruption in relief package in by Indian prime minister to west vidarbha farmers as nobody is monitoring the progress in PMO even after Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh has promised to do so. The fuctioing of Maharshtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan is too hostile to allow him to continue as CM for a day as Govt. has more than Rs.100 crore to give various schemes announced by the state in last ten days but same govt. has no moey to give food grain and health care even after the it’s own rented one committee of Dr.Narendra Jadhav ”kishor tiwari of VJAS added.

VJAS has urged UPA chief Smt. Sonia Gandhi to visit west vidarbha abd review the situation after the prime minister relief package and mega loan waiver as corruption in package and complete failure of bankers to provide fresh crop loan to farmers is adding fuel in existing despair gloom in already distressed farmers hence we want urgent relief from administration ,tiwari added.


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