Saturday, December 26, 2009

VJAS urged BJP to oppose Maharashtra Govt. “Grain liquor” Policy

VJAS urged BJP to oppose Maharashtra Govt. “Grain liquor” Policy

Nagpur- 26th December 2009.

After BJP National president Nitin Gadkari has announced that now BJP will have drastic change in it’s operational outlook and will work on principle of 'Pro-development policies, not ideology to guide BJP', it’s National general secretary Gopinath Munde has already started it’s follow-up when he open supported government's decision allowing farmers to make alcohol out of food grains like maize, jowar and bajra .

Munde has come out to support the Ashok Chavan government decision to allow use of grains like maize, jowar and bajra for the production of liquor after the Bombay High Court sought government’s reply on a PIL demanding that process of giving subsidies to grain-liquor manufacturing units be stayed v.i.z. include , Gopinath Munde''s daughter Pankaja ,Union minister Vilasrao Deshmukh''s son Amit Deshmukh, NCP leaders Govindrao Adik and Vimal Mundada and others

The decision has sparked furore in the state, as it is being perceived as an encouragement to alcohol consumption as the decision is being openly opposed by Hon,Ble Justice Chandrasekhar Dharmadhikari ,Anna Hajare, Mehesh Elkunchwar and other . The opposition parties too had expressed their fears that the move will lead to shortage of food grains.

‘as per economic survey of Maharashtra Govt. for year 2008-09 ,there is drop of more than 25% food production in the state that is before the drought year and this year the food production is likely to drop by 50% hence the recent decision of the state government on clearing 23 proposals to make liquor from food grains is very unfortunate ,we expect BJP party should not defend such decision which are against the poors and effecting food security of the state’ Kishor Tiwari Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti said in press note today.

Earlier Government now BJP National leader is defending the alcohol-from-foodgrains decision by arguing that only degraded, blackened jowar and bajra, damaged by bad weather and untimely rains — which otherwise goes waste or is used as cattlefeed — would be used for making liquor but all over world good quality grains too could be diverted for alcohol making resulting inflation in food prices . VJAS urged national BJP to take clear stand on the issue as it has created the doubts on it’s new 'Pro-development policies compromising the basic ideology of party, Tiwari added.


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