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16 Vidarbha farmers suicides in a week - VJAS urged for Smt.Sonia Gandhi to save vidarbha farmers

16 Vidarbha farmers suicides in a week - VJAS urged for Smt.Sonia Gandhi to save vidarbha farmers

Nagpur-15th march 2010

Unseasonable rains in the last two-three days in the region for vidarbha growers, these have proved to be extremely detrimental as six more farmers suicides reported in last 72 hours taking toll to 16 farm suicides in a week include one women farmer in the on going agrarian crisis in the region which has shown impact of despair and extreme distress forced over 2 million farm families as per official survey, informed Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan andolan Samiti (VJAS) in press note .

“In a letter to UPA convener smt.sonia Gandhi India VJAS has drawn attention toward the fact regarding seriousness of agrarian crises in India that has claimed more than 2,16,000 farmers killed themselves in Maharashtra since 1997 as official figure of Govt. of India and majority of farmers are from dry land region south west India ,this year there is severe crop failure due to drought in Maharashtra as more than 20000 villages have officially declared drought hit by Maharashtra Govt and despair in amounting to suicide due to apathy of administration toward the crisis ” Tiwari added.

16 vidarbha farmers who committed suicides in this week are

1.Gunwant Raut of Dhotra inWashim

2.Vithal Lende of Bishur in nagpur

3,Amol Matharmare of Mahatoli In Yavatmal

4.Kisan Patil of Katpur In Amaravati

5.Sandeepzole of Pahur In Yavatmal

6.Purshottam Dewase of Kakada In Wardha

7.Ankush Narayan Thakray of Nimtalai in Nagpur

8.Suryakant Ganpat Gokare of Aadkoli in Yavatmal

9.Satish Keshav Dhote of Bhabulgoan in Yavatmal

10.Smt.Vimal Abhiman Kowe of Zuli In Yavatmal.

11.Santosh Janardhan Bhisale of Koyali In Washim

12.Prahald Nimba Rathode of Mahagoan in Yavatmal

13.Raobhan Raoji Surpam of Morwa In Yavatmal

14.Praka Bhaukade of Udi In Akola .

15.Balaji Paikine 0f Marsud In Yavatmal

16.Prahal Gawande of Bhadkad In Akola

As per administration reports these drought hit 15460 villages in vidarbha facing the problem of water ,fodder ,food and employment but till date any single district administration has not started any relief work resulting migration of thousands farmers for the want of work .ground condition is worst than June-2006 and now it’s time for Indian intervention to solve vidarbha agrarian crisis as all relief package failed to give any result we demand to provide free health care, food security, rural employment , fodder to save dying cattle ,drinking water to rural masses and cattle on priority basis so that prevailing acute distress can be minimize and farmers suicides can be controlled ,Tiwari said.


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