Friday, May 28, 2010

Heat wave claims 130 lives last four days in Vidarbha :VJAS blames Mega Deforestation for Drastic Climate Change

Heat wave claims 130 lives last four days in Vidarbha :VJAS blames Mega Deforestation for Drastic Climate Change

NAGPUR-May 28, 2010

The heat wave sweeping across central India claimed 130 lives in vidarbha while agrarian crisis added nine farm suicides during the past four days ,The death toll in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra mounted to 180 since May 28, 2010 with 33 persons succumbing to heatstroke on yesterday 27th May Reports of these deaths came from Nagpur, Buldhana, Bhandara, Chandrapur, Amravati and Gadchiroli districts that include two bride and two groom at the time of marriage ,all public hospitals and medicals colleges are operating round the clock to admit the cases of sunstroke and opened special ward for the same but most the people died before getting medical aid ,Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) informed in a press note today.


Death Due to Heat wave in vidarbha

24th may


25th may


26 th may


27th may




Coal-yielding Chandrapur in eastern Vidarbha was the hottest at 48.3°C. The Gandhi district Wardha recorded 48°C while Nagpur had a high of 47.2°C on Tuesday whereas

Yavatmal,Akola ,Amaravati ,Buldhana and Washim has crossed 48°C and water crisis is adding fuel to the scorching heat wave as region is reeling under drought and state administration has shown it’s inability to tackle the crisis ,VJAS added.

“CM Ashok Chavan told to press on Monday that 20,240 villages facing water scarcity, only 4 % water in Marathwada dams, and 3% in vidarbha dams . We all know the problems give us Solution; I mean government is too hostile to provide the relief . the present heat wave is due mega deforestation in central India and unplanned water management in the region ,the drastic climate is change is manmade due to wrong policies of administration . the intensity of heat wave of parametric graph is significant lower in the region where surface water management is good and area has got proper forest cover .central India has been converted in to desert in last decade and we are paying the price of it ,today hundreds of innocent are been killed by sunstroke ,next summer will claim thousand lives if these ecological imbalance is not corrected. this is very big warning of climate change and Indian Govt. should respond to it ” Kishor tiwari of VJAS urged Indian Govt.


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