Saturday, October 30, 2010

Action-Aid Healing Touch to Dying Vidarbha Farmers

Action-Aid Healing Touch to Dying Vidarbha Farmers

Action-Aid Healing Touch to Dying Vidarbha Farmers and


Action-Aid Team headed Regional Manager Niraja Bhatnagar and Hinani Ravat recently toured farm suicide prone vidarbha region and visited villages Hiwara,Kawatha and Saikheda and discussed the issue of agrarian crisis in details ,large numbers of distressed farmers and farm widows .since june 2005 more than 8000 cotton farmers have committed suicides in west vidarbha region where as these villages hiwari ,kawatha and saikheda have already claimed 8,12,14 farm suicides respectively after the introduction of Bt.cotton seed in this region as all farmers are cotton growers. despair and distress level is too high to control as more than 4 million farm families are in deep distress and debt trapped . there is urgent need of food security ,health care,social system restoration and urgent availability of farm credit and relief aid to save these innocent victimization of millions of dying cotton farmers.

Action-Aid is working with vidarbha farmers to address agrarian crisis in long term and short term perspective .Earlier in August too Action-Aid Team headed regional manager Niraja Bhatnagar and programme manager Mudhukar Sanap and visited villages Takali,Mandavi, Sunna,Matharjun ,Zari, Maragoan in order o under stand issues of farming community and issues related to tribal land right , malnutrition,unwed mothers and toxic potable water containing flouried and arsenic and health hazards .Ecological disorder and migration kolam tribals due on going coal and lime stone mining projects were discussed at length with and decided to take initiative to address the hardships with proper intervention at all levels.
VJAS activist kishor tiwari ,mohan jadhav bhimrao naitam and suresh bolenwar was with action aid team .VJAS has welcome Action-aid intervention in on going vidarbha Agrarian crisis and thanked for solidarity farmers

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