Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vidarbha farmers flays US Prez.Barack Obama role of ‘Marketing Manager’ of another ‘East India company’

Vidarbha farmers flays US Prez.Barack Obama role of ‘Marketing Manager’ of another ‘East India company’

Nagpur-7th November 2010

US Prez.Barack Obama who visited first India’s commercial capital Mumbai on Saturday has cleared his ideas regarding India as ‘Market’ not biggest democracy where 100 crore population is facing problems ‘Food-Shelter-Health’ and asking for statutory permission for overtaking the retail ,pharmaceutical, auto, mining and education sector as they have done in agriculture which has already ruined the rural economy of India is great threat to India’s food sovereignty ,public health, ecologically safe habitats and existence Indian retail trade , is invitation to start another ‘East India co. Regime’ ,alleged by the Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti a pressure group which has been fightin for the rights of 3 million cotton distressed protesting to draw his attention to the plight of the region's agriculture sector caused by 'American policies’

‘The first speech of US Prez.Barack Obama in the meeting of Industrialist and Capitalist of India is very shocking as he is the American president who is in the role of Marketing Manager to US MNCs which under deep recession and economic crisis and focusing 100 crore population out of which 80 % are below poverty line and without food, shelter, employment and health security as ‘Big Consumer Market’ is very unfortunate .USA can’t ignore basic serious issues of poverty and hunger of south east Asia and big problem to the peace and harmony of the region due to US intervention in adjusting nations and existence of mega military forces in and around India’ Kishor Tiwari sharply reacted over Obama business speech in Mumbai on Saturday.

‘US Prez.Barack Obama should speak about the truth that from period between 1995 and 2009, the US government paid a quarter of a trillion dollars or a staggering Rs1250000 crore in farm subsidies to its farmers and as per recent report on US federal subsidy published earlier this year by the Washington-based research organization, the Environment Working Group (EWG), the American tax payers shelled out $245.2 billion in farm subsidies during 1995-2009, which works out to an average of $15 billion or Rs75000 crore per year. US Prez.Barack Obama demands for India to open up the FDI in retail and food processing, push for the GM seeds’ adoption, reinvigorate the Indo-US knowledge initiative is matter of great concern and Indian right wing parties should opem their mouth on the issue before agreements are signed and chapter are closed allowing US companies take over in agriculture and rural business’ Tiwari urged.

‘we have been trying to show update hon,ble Prez. that mass genocide is the result of American policies to protect their cotton farmers and the claim that Bt Cotton has brought genetic revolution in agriculture is hoax when 80 per cent of three million cotton growers'' families are in deep distress and debt and one farmer commits suicide every eight hours and that American Cotton and Bt Cotton have ruined rural economy of cotton growing Vidarbha region as more than 10,000 cotton growers in Vidarbha, who opted for Bt cotton seed, committed suicide but this truth will not surface in the whole tour due to hostile approach of Indian Government’ Tiwari added

US Prez. Should know that the US policy of providing huge subsidies to cotton farmers in America has triggered over 216,000 farmland suicides in India, GOI is forming policies under the influence of White House, it is our Indian Government and the Agriculture Ministry is promoting genetically modified seeds which is too toxic to eat and creating Ecologically problems and banned in US and EU till being promoted as genetic revolution is matter of concern but it is not being reflected in any discussion that's very unfortunate’ Tiwari added.


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