Monday, July 18, 2011

Four more Credit starved vidarbha farmer commits suicide in 48 hours

Four more Credit starved vidarbha farmer commits suicide in 48 hours : scanty water and credit restarted farm suicide spiral vidarbha

Nagpur- Dated 18th July 2011

Massive NPA due defaulting sugar factories of western Maharashtra state owned MS cop. Bank which was declared bankrupt in last month by RBI has created major problem of crop loan disbursement in farm suicide prone district of vidarbha as NBARD has Stalled the Agri. Credit to under section 11 in which state administration failed to proper counter grantee, resulting in more four credit starved farmers suicides in last 48 hours taking official toll 440 in year 2011 alone, debt trapped farmers as per media reports are identified as

1.Anil Tandilkar of village Ukapati in Amaravatit

2.Subhash Kasdekar of village Ranamalur in Amaravatit

3.Ramesh Jumade of Achalpur in Amaravati

4.Anandrao Khande of viallge Tawashi In Bhandara

Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed in press release today .

As per district administration reports now it’s official crop loan disbursement is less than 50% in comparison to last year disbursement .there is huge cry all vidarbha fresh crop loan to all illegible farmers but bankers are facing liquidity crunch due insufficient fund sanctioned by apex bank NABARD as agriculture credit has been frozen after the apex MSCB has declared ill and appointed Dr.Sudhir Goyal as it’s administer ‘

“even after Dr.Sudhir Goyal promised us as credit flow in Rs.510 crore in first week of July and another installment of Rs.500 crore since 12th July but nothing has happened and crop loan is till standstill due technical issues after RBI twisted the irregularities and scam of existing directors of MSC Bank .vidarbha farmers suffering due default of western maharashtra sugar lobby this is mast unfortunate hence we demand intervention of central Govt. arrange crop loan disbursement to dying vidarbha farmers” Tiwari added.

‘After the interest waiver of Rs.1080 crore in 2006 followed by complete loan waiver of Rs.71,000 crore in march 2008 added to maharashtra Govt.’s extended loan waiver of Rs.6208 crore in December 2008 ,it was told that in vidarbha at least 3 million farmers will get farm credit from financial institutes but non-professional attitude and non-cooperation of bankers the complete exercise of loan waiver has been failed and crop loan amount in last five year reduced to 50% whereas cultivation cost has increased in multifold thanks to skyrocketing price of Bt.Cotton Seed ,Fertilizer and pesticides and labor ” Tiwari said

“We want vidarbha farm suicide saga as part of history and we don’t want to count further farm suicide in vidarbha but corrupt officials and non-functional public leaders are not allowing us to do so .It’s very much humiliating and disturbing to count the farm suicide and then put it of international radar but in order to save dying farming community ,we will continue to do” Tiwari added.

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