Sunday, August 28, 2011

UPA managed Team Anna with "Match-Fixing" with BJP as Resolution on ‘Lokpal Bill’ is Eyewash

UPA managed Team Anna with "Match-Fixing" with BJP as Resolution on ‘Lokpal Bill’ is Eyewash

The large section civil society is very much confused over the so called victory celebration after parliament sent three suggestions of Team Anna that has been sent along-with descent notes from all most all parties to standing committee ,in fact standing committee has publicly asked for such suggestions and Govt. has already sent Team Anna's 'Janlokpal bill' before debate on 27th August was initiated hence matter of 'Team Anna victory' is matter of investigation as all political parties are openly admitting that once again UPA this time with Match fixing with BJP managed to defuse public anger came on the road by giving the letter from PM that has no legitimate control over the functioning of standing committee of parliament mover over it will lead to another confrontation with Parliament and UPA Govt. .

The Day before debate Team Anna announced that Annaji would call off the fast if parliament gives approval to all three demands of Annaji which has not been done as per record of the parliament and Dharna will continue till Janlokpal Bill is passed at Ramlila Maidan but three member civil society has called off agitation and asked people for victory celebration now what has been changed in Govt. lokpal bill and what has changed the in position of all political parties in their views in last 13 days that has forced three member civil society to say that draft of janlokpal bill is approved ,it's rather misleading to billions people to say that demand have been 50% achieved and 50% are left where as nothing has achieved and UPA has successfully once agin managed to see that team Anna suspend agitation but having seen larger public support than APRIL agitation of Anna Govt. has pur bigger team for 'FIXING' that include Shri Shri Ravishankarji,ex-CM Maharashtra Vilasraoji Deshmukh ,Medhatai Patkar and Bhiuji Maharaj and Sandep dixit and Salman khurshid as main negotiator which has put more responsibility on three member civil society to clarify the nation that they are not fooling the nation and 74 year Annaji over the legitimate position of so called Govt. resolution sent to standing committee taht will clear the path to accommodate the disputed provisions of janlokpal bill in lokpal bill or they are planning another agitation from 26th Jan.2012 on the same demands once again repeating tape that Govt. has betrayed them over the issue which is clear today itself that Annaji and nation has been betrayed by UPA-BJP along with three member civil society.

The Debate in both houses of parliament of three issues of ‘Janlokpal Bill’ related to citizen charter, Lokashukta in state and inclusion of lower level Babus in preview of Lokpal bill-2011 without any rule and statutory provisioning is nothing another ‘eyewash’ and betrayal with Annaji and billions of Indian who want ‘Corruption Free India’ asexpected anti graft law will not stand to public aspiration hence Anna Hazareji is urged to give alternative to existing political parties with help of other activist and anti-corruption movement leaders like swami Ramdev in 2014 election in order to give freedom to Indian masses and get rid of cancer of corruption.

The whole preceding in both houses of parliament on Statement made by Leader of House Mr.Pranab Mukherjee on Lokpal Bill as after recording views expressed by Learned Members of Loksabha, and also in Rajyasabha, it simply concluded meet/talk, saying that the views expressed by various Learned Members shall be transmitted to Standing Committee for is Perusal & making Recommendations on it & after that Committee will send it again to Loksabha for taking its call at "Appropriate Time" So How it can be termed as "Resolution" as No such Resolution was moved in either house nor it was tabled for voting. Entire Nation has seen proceedings Live on LS TV.

Its requested Speaker to simply send it to Standing Committee. Hence, its not binding on Committee at all. Its up to committee to take cognizance of asid discussions sent to it. So now, where is question of passing any Resolution by Loksabha or Rajya Sabha as claimed by both parties hence its only pure Eyewash, seems used just to get rid of Anna Hunger Strike. Core issues pertaining to PM & Judiciary under Lokpal are systematically sidelined by both parties hence this is misleading of the facts mentioned above, what's a proprietary & authenticity of P.M. Writing to Anna on this saying "Resolution Passed" ,these developments are very unfortunate and will put ‘civil society’ in fix as they are informing the people as victory of civil society over Indian parliamentary system.

The civilian unrest and massive protest of millions of common masses has given authority to Anna Hazare to change this most corrupt political system and allow country to elect new political alternative to existing rotten and corrupt political system .India is threshold of economic and social freedom and civil unrest in clear indication of revolution but Team Anna is limiting it ‘JANLOKPAL’ and ‘LOKPAL’. country wants to get rid of these corrupt leaders and executives and demand eradication economic and social corruption hence Anna should extend the demand from ‘JANLOKPAL’ to change present corrupt Govt. and people of Indian will force them to step down.

in fact rural India’s 70% population of farmers ,tribal and land labors are real victims of massive economic corruption due to wrong policies of state .the well-established policies of giving subsidies, license and free trade ,globalization ,GM food and privatization of health care, education and rural employment are basic issues of corruption which are beyond scope individual base and policy base corruption hence Anna demand even it is conceded today will same fate that was of first lokpal bill 1069 hence present momentum and public unrest is right opportunity for civil society to uproot this US-UK-USSR BASE corrupt political rulers system to allow young generation to take over the power .India needs change and Anna’s civil movement can do it other wise bloody revolution will follow hence Team Anna should expand demand and get ready for long fight as common man is behind them.

Even after 66 years of so called freedom 90% population is denied food, shelter, healthcare ,education and forced to die due to starvation ,despair and distress then there is need to change system and policies and year 2011 is set to have that change and Anna Hazare’s movement against graft is the beginning of that revolution and we urged all section to civil society to join the second freedom movement in order to save million of dying vidarbha farmers and tribal who are innocent victims of this post-independence hostile systematic political and administrative corruption .

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