Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Land Acquisition Bill is against Farmers -VJAS

Land Acquisition Bill is against Farmers -VJAS

Nagpur-6th September 2011

Vidarbha farmers has strongly objected format of the politically sensitive and critical proposed land acquisition Bill, a little over a month after it was unveiled to the public by the ministry of rural development on 29 July and cleared by union cabinet on Monday while ignorning the all suggestion made by member civil societies and farmers advocacy group as it is step towards the smoothing the land acquisition for corporate in dry land farming area like vidarbha which will gradually illuminate the farming community at large ,the proposed bill has not giving any protect to dry land farmers and their livelihood thereinafter ,bill will effect very badly in the backward region of India where agrarian crisis has forced thousands of killed themselves and majority of farmers wants to quit the farming as it has huge loss making business mainly due wrong policies of state hence bill is against the dry land farmers which are 90% and most venerable to market exploitations due to debt trap . Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) has asked parliament to scrap the proposed National Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill and send back to cabinet for redrafting to safe guard the interest of dry land farmers and protection of cultivatable land for food security as ministry has even allowed conditional acquisition of multi-crop land as per suggestion of corporate that against fundamental right of farmers ,kishore tiwari of VJAS informed in press release today. .

‘Earlier the Vidarbha Civil Society members and activist Collective slammed the Rural Development Ministry saying that the newly drafted ‘Land Bill’ is against the preamble of the Indian Constitution. the preamble of the New Bill is against the Preamble of the Indian Constitution, and it is the same old Bill of 1894 with new decorative words. And further he questioned the perspective and framework of the Bill by saying that the bill would marketize land and rural development. He observed that the bill does not provide space for the local people to participate in decision making and it is imposing the LA on the people which is against the spirit of the constitution. there is no clear demarcation about public and private purposes in the bill, since all the public industries have been absorbed in the process of privatization. And this is attempt to increase the farmers to leave the farming and give land for corporate to so called lan market in India hence all law makers should reject draft which is against the Indian farmers’ Tiwari added. .

The new bill gives legitimate smoothing procedure Multinational Companies and in future Government will act only on the instruction of the MNCs, there should very clear and pratical plan of rehabilitation of farmers and complete impact of such acquisition on society and environment has been in ignored as it proposes cash incentive other than complete social security to the displaced masses .Issues of lives, land, livelihood and identity along with safety to forest land water body has been given low importance than the development of land market in the country which is against tribal and downtrodden backward agrarian community of dry land vidarbha hence parliament is being urged to reject the bill, tiwari asked.

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