Tuesday, September 11, 2012

High Court Treats letter as PIL and issue Notice to Maharashtra Govt.

Pathetic condition of Asharm Shala (tribal schools) :High Court  Treats  letter as PIL and issue Notice to Maharashtra Govt.

Nagpur -11th September 2012 

The letter written by Tribal activist Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti on 30/06/2012 on pathetic condition of tribal residency school popularly known as Ashram shala to Hon’ble Chief Justice M.S.SHAH of Mumbai high court has been treated  as Public Interest Litigation(PIL-No.51 of 2012)  by  Hon,Ble Chief Justice was listed before Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court comprising justice Pratap v. Hardas and justice M.L .Tahaliyani   and High court issued notice to Maharashtra Govt to file an affidavit on plight of ashram schools across Maharashtra that remain in limelight for various controversies, including poor state of affairs, financial irregularities and mismanagement . High court has asked petitioner Kishore Tiwari to present personally on next hearing which is fixed on 14th sept. 2012   .
Recently in July when death of innocent tribal students reported in one of Ashram shala (Tribal school) there were massive media reprts regarding pathetic condition of these tribal schools hence disturbed with these reports petitioner directly wrote a letter Hon,Ble High Court  for intervention and direction and informed that
1. Govt. of Maharashtra is pending money on tribal student more than any rich person in metro but is residency schools popularly known as Ashram Shalas are in very petty  and pathetic .the facilities provided by school management are of quality and are in very bad condition.9 % of total state Govt. budget is being reserved and spend  on the tribal students and development of tribal and  around  Rs.4000 crore is allotted and spent  each year and lot of  purchases are made on paper for creating requisite facilities as student are on record provided A to Z items that can change complete scenario of tribal in state  but ground reality is completely different as these tribal students are denied basic needs and food and they are completely neglected .
2.Tribal students are given school uniforms but this till today uniform has not been supplied .very poor quality mattress and blanket have been provided. tribal deptt. has purchased  very poor  quality mattress @Rs.2100/- where is would have been possible for Govt. to provide good quality mattress and balkents are till missing from these tribal schools . Quality of food and vegetable are too poor to eat hence we want there should complete enquiry in the pathetic state of affairs of tribal schools in vidarbha , Tiwari said. 

The petitioner with fact finding team has visited more than  29 such Tribal schools in Vidarbha, run by private parties mainly MLAs and MPs  where they saw pitiable conditions of such schools, students are packed in cramped rooms without proper security and there are no toilets available even for girls. Government grants are taken for non-existent students and no medical aids were being availed due to which 75 students had died in three years. Not just students but teaching and non-teaching staff are also exploited. Petitioner wants High court to remind the government of article 21 of the constitution that gave the citizens the right to live with dignity. Earlier too HC was informed pathetic condition and ill management and shocking   incidents such as sexual exploitation of a tribal girl by school staff, deaths of children due to unavailability of medical treatment and supply of adulterated food grains to Ashramshalas  but even after HC order Govt. failed  to take any action against the managements of these tribal schools ,Tiwari added.

“we will pus up demand of scraping these traibal schools in remote forest area and all students should be given accommodation and  all facilities in hostels in near taluka or district place and they should be given education with main stream students as this will be cost saving and result oriented solution to tribal school crisis which has been multi-crore earning industry for all politicians ”  Tiwari added.

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