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Cotton Crisis Deepen in India as Bt cotton losing steam, productivity at 5-yr low

Cotton Crisis Deepen in India as Bt cotton losing steam, productivity at 5-yr low and Mah' Govt. reports  Bt failure to hit cotton yield by 40%
Vidarbha cotton farmers advocacy group Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti  (VJAS) has strongly objected   Cotton Association of India's recent estimate of Indian  cotton crop output to be lower by five per cent this year at 354 lakh bales against 373 lakh bales last year as misleading due massive Bt.cotton  crop failure reported in Maharashtra in around 42 lakh hector which is major cultivating state along with Gujarat ,A.P.and Rajasthan .

it is reported that

 'The revolutionary Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton crop in India has started losing steam steadily due to lack of innovation and diversified pest attacks emerging from frequent changes in climatic conditions.

As is evident from the data collated by the Cotton Advisory Board (CAB) under the Union Ministry of Textiles, cotton yield has started falling gradually after the four years of revolution between 2002 and 2006 when bollworm-resistant Bt cotton seed changed farmers’ economy. After that, however, farmers have witnessed a sustained decline in yield from a peak level of 554.39 kg per hectare (ha) in the cotton year 2006-07 (October – September) to an estimated 488.89 kg per ha in 2012-13.'

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' Nearly 5 million cotton farmers in Maharashtra are facing severe crop failure and there are very disappointing reports of cotton crop production in reported in other part of  India but The cotton association of India has estimated cotton output at 354 lakh bales which has shocked us as cotton economy at large in going through recession but projecting such gloomy picture is hoax in fact for cotton export and Indian mill sector is lowest but CAI is giving misleading data of arrivals and cotton acreage hence we demand Govt. India white paper of cotton production and cotton economy as more than 12 million Indian cotton farmers are deep crisis as there is steep hike in cultivation cost whereas reduction in production and drop in market prices due global recession in textile sector' Kishore Tiwari  of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti  (VJAS) informed in press release today.

For the first time, Maharashtra has officially admitted that cotton yield is likely to reduce by nearly 40%. Bt cotton failure in more than 4 million hectares of land has reduced cotton yieldfrom 3.5 million quintal to 2.2 million quintal.
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A report sent by the state agricultural department to the Centre states that the estimate of the net direct economic loss to cotton farmers in the state will be nearly Rs6,000 crore, whereas accumulated losses are likely to cross more than Rs20,000 crore due to a steep rise in cultivation costs.
Farmers and activists in the state’s cotton belt say the rise in the prices of Bt cotton seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and labour since last year has had a huge impact. “The agrarian crisis sweeping through the state due to Bt cotton failure has only widened. Unlike when cotton crop failure was reported only from Vidarbha and Marathawada, reports of such crop failure are now coming in from Khandesh in north Maharashtra, too,” said Kishore Tiwari 
'Earlier The Cotton Advisory Board, in its  estimate in January, projected cotton output of 330 lakh bales, due to reports of bollworm infesting some of the BT cotton crop across the country, but largely in few regions of Maharashtra and Rajasthan. and Maharashtra Govt. reported Bt.cotton failure in 40%  hence cotton crisis in India has taken serious turn  Genetically modified (GM) Bt.cotton seed has created it's monopoly in Indian market  which is being cultivated in more than 12 million hector largest in world  but has been major cause of prevailing distress and debt which is forcing cotton farmer's suicide hence ground level true picture is must' Tiwari said.

'Vidarbha Bt.cotton farmers who are facing severe crop failure are demanding bailout package from Indian Govt.as crop damage compensation and another complete debt waiver so that cotton farmers who are killing themselves due to despair and debt are saved 'Tiwari urged. 
According to state records, Maharashtra grows Bt cotton in 4.2 million hectares of land. This is the largest among all cotton-producing states. Even thenit has been reporting lowest cotton yield of about 5 quintal per hectare since 2006. The latest official estimate says this is likely to fall to 3 quintal per hectare.
“We demand a compensation of Rs20,000 per hectare and fresh crop loans for every farmer for the ensuing kharif season. We also want food security and free health education, along with the implementation ofland development, soil enrichment and watershed development under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act,” VJAS said.
VJAS  appealed to the government not to mock the farmers. “We hope the state relief packages actually help farmers this time instead of just benefiting contractors, politicians and multinational agro majors like it has in the past.”

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