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Maharashtra Budget fails address Vidarbha Crisis

Maharashtra Budget fails address Vidarbha Crisis
Nagpur-20th March 2013

Mahrashtra budget which  envisages revenue receipts of  more than Rs 1,55,000 crore against last year receipt of more than Rs.1,44,000 crore  excessding 8,000 crore to last year estimate of Rs.1,36,000 crore  but failed address the on the going crisis of farm suicide prone Vidrabha region as there is no relief package for dying 3 million cotton farmers  who are debt trapped and are committing suicides earlier  Indian budget has ignored plights of drought ridden and suicide prone distressed and debt trapped farmers even after CAG has exposed the truth that earlier  mega loan of 2008 has not reached the farmers hence it was expected that UPA-2 last budget before general election will addressed the issue farm debt, poor MSP and diversion to sustainable from so called second green revolution hence 3 million cotton farmers farmers are too much disappointed and want special bailout package  to save dying farming community who are innocent victim of  wrong technology and climate change, .Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) informed in press release today .

Even there is expected rise in Rs.19,000 crore in year 2013-14 the size of the annual plan of the state has been raised by only Rs.100 crore takint it  Rs 46,000 crore and thereis marginal hike in the special component plan for scheduled castes ,tribal sub plan and district plan (general) outlay  over the last year which reflects unplanned expenses of Govt, which is most serious part of Babus misusing public exchanger ,Tiwari added.
even after country in claiming record agriculture production ’ Tiwari added.
Maharashtra Govt. reported to Indian Govt. that 14 district has been affected by drought and there is no drinking water in above 6,000 villages where around 12,000 villages are facing water shortage ,asking Rs.27,000 crore fro relief from centre but received only Rs.780  crore and with budgetary provision of only Rs.2,000 crore ,this is peanut to handle drought crisis too, Tiwari said.
Crisis driven people of vidarbha are demanding special incentive for dry land farmers ,fresh crop loan, free medicine under NRHM and work in his own farm under MGNREGA including food security to distressed farmers but there is not single paisa kept under this Rs.1,55,000 crore Maharashtra budget. the rosy picture painted by finance is contradicting it’s own economic survey 2013 which has exposed state bankruptcy and growing agrarian crisis but has solution addressed to crisis outlined by economic survey that’s agony ,Tiwari added.

‘Vidarbha is classic example of   Govt.’s wrong policies in the name of second green  revolution where farmer’s are killing themselves @ 8 hourly since June 2005  even after relief packages amounting Rs.10,000 crore and farm loan waiver amounting more than Rs.12,000 crore ,agrarian crisis has not been addressed as all relief packages  were targeted the Agriculture in the name infrastructure or technology but sustainable holistic solution to hardship of distressed dying cotton were not even given any consideration in Indian budgets since 2006 hence we have requested Indian finance minister to re-look   and review prevailing agriculture policies which are forcing farmers to commit suicide even after country in claiming record agriculture production ’ Tiwari added.
‘The basic issues of vidarbha agrarian crisis that the rise in cost of chemical inputs , market volatility of rates , wrong loss making MSP and poor intervention   of Govt., free private market impact ,poor rural health services and very costly education  are not being considered as core issue of agrarian crisis hence wrong allocation budget in the agriculture is adding fuel to crisis hence we want complete change in the existing Govt. policies which is promoting MNCs and killing farmers in the name free market economy and globalization hence this appeal ’Tiwari urged.

‘the existing agriculture crop pattern and practices in the crisis hit dry land region of India where farmers suicides are being reported are the product of UPA Govt. policies allowing wrong technology and  toxic chemical methods of cultivation that has crated very complex problem of social ,economic , environmental nature hence sustainable eco-friendly agrarian practices is the only solution which is being demanded as policy change is coming budget but all were not even discussed ’ Tiwari asked.

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