Thursday, April 18, 2013

2 Million ton Ultra Tech Cement Plant is unsafe for Nagpur

2 Million ton Ultra Tech Cement plant is unsafe for 8 Million Nagpur Population
NAGPUR: 18th April ,2013

2 million ton integrated Ultra Tech Cement plant with 12 MW power plant  which is coming up at Tharsa near Kanhan in Nagpur Metro Region  will crate serious not only health hazards to nearly 8 million people but give long term impact to greenest city of India as it is located in the metro limit and will needs  2000 tons of toxic Fly Ash of NTPC Mouda to be brought daily threatening environmental disaster & endangering human life, fertile agriculture land and wildlife hence Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti has decided to file objection  along with   environmentalist group in environmental public hearing    planed by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB)  for provision of environmental clearance to UltraTech Cement's grinding unit on 19th April ,Kishor Tiwari of VJAS informed in press release today.
 'In fact the  first public hearing was fixed on February 15 had to be cancelled following strong opposition from residents of nearby villagers. Sarpanchs of Tharsa and Ashti-Navegaon villages, where the plant is coming up, said they had not received public hearing notice a month before it was scheduled, which was mandatory as per the procedure. This time, MPCB had informed the gram panchayats of Tharsa and Ashti-Nawegaon only but Residents of the affected villages are again saying that they will oppose the hearing slated to be held on April 19 as theyare  not informed. you are having reservation on this mega cement plant as this unsafe 8 million people residing in limit of Nagpur metro and adjoining villages ,there are very very serious concern about  public health and pollution of Green city Nagpur has been raised expert and activist and we are also support their valid  ground that the cement plant will cause air, water and soil pollution in a radius of at least 10 km hence  the norms of ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) should be followed as today existing Khaparkheda and Koradi ,Mauda NTPC power plants have ruined the farmers and adding one more  cement plant in this area will have long term environmental and social impact hence we demand MPCB's relook over the issues raised expert' Tiwari urged , 

'It is reported that UltraTech has proposed a 2.0 MTPA cement grinding unit and 12 MW captive power plant in Ashti, 35km from Kanhan and the areas of concern about the plant include irrigated lands being acquired, air pollution threatening green fields and local water bodies, rivers and groundwater resources hence this serious public health issue but Local MLAs who initially oppose in public hearing  then they are getting managed  having contract in project and huge compensation paid to them for clearance that is what happened in earlier NTPC  and Koradi power plant cases moreover objection taken by expert are shown the dust bin and EIA has been stage manged show for consultants with 'CASH & CARRY ' hence we urge general public and media to take up issue to see that Nagpur is saved ' Tiwari added.

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