Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rain disaster continued in Vidarbha

Rain disaster continued in VIDARBHA– Victims await AID

NAGPUR: 1st August 2013

The unseen  record rain in drought prone vidarbha has been creating havoc and  more than 100 people killed and 60 thousands families homeless and massive damage to standing crop  in an around 5 million hector amounting more than Rs.20,000 crore hence Maharashtra Govt. being urged to give relief to 2 billion rain-flood hit population  of vidrabha  as flood-hit are in urgent need of food, compensation, fresh credit and medical help Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) informed today .

‘In last 24 hours all part vidarbha and Marathawada received rain ranging 120mm to 240mm which has added fuel to already flooded region which has received all most double average rainfall  of June –July  since 1959 ,Admission has given report of much less crop and property damages  as ground data is not available and daily fresh damages and crop failure is being reported hence relief compensation should be made on line and all fresh crop damages and  expected rain in august-September likely add more crop failure area hence  fresh periodic survey and centralize monitoring  of damages are must as vidarbha-marathwada region is leading toward national disaster” Tiwari added.  

Earlier Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan announced on Saturday in Nagpur after touring two places in vidrabha that ground situation in flood-ravaged is very serious as around 80 people died, more than 56 thousands families have been homeless and standing crop in million hector damaged out of which crop under  3 lakhs hector  effected more than 50% as per initial estimates of local administration, damage to agriculture would be assessed by Sunday evening and a package announced in the Legislature Monday, now more than 5 million farmers are keeping high hope with Govt. as part healing touch to debt trapped and distressed farmers who are in the on going Agrarian crisis and epidemic of farm suicides, but if  deadlock is continued then need relief aid will be delayed hence CM should take initiative and announce the relief aid, Tiwari added.

Vidarbha rain-flood crisis needs integrated relief package that should address compensation crop damages to all farmers as rain is till continued  the flood victims are crying for help and property ,credit restoration and fresh crop loan to vidarbha  farmers ,food security for all effected families under antyodaya, free health services  and 100% reimbursement of  fees for higher professional education is need of the hour,Tiwari  urged CM
“Around 2 billion  of population of vidrabha are facing rain furry and are not getting food, electricity and medical health there are wide spread protest and cry but administration is not able to give any aid ,officials till assessing the flood crisis and requisite relief aid is awaiting their survey  that will take another month that  more irritating hence  we want chief minister should visit to flood hit vidrabha and order the relief” Tiwari urged.

Record rain since 2nd June @ more than 100mm to  200 mm per day has created havoc and most of region which is known as dry land area has been converted in to historic in flood-ravaged areas as region agrarian crisis hit and more are debt trapped and distressed has reported more than 10 thousand farm suicides since 2005 and massive crop failure as per initial report in a million hector due rain furry  and it is that reported due on going rain cotton,soya and paddy under more than 2 million hector is likely damaged calling emergency measure to tackle wet drought in flood-ravaged areas of the region. Many talukas, especially in east Vidarbha, have been badly affected due to very heavy rainfall over the last 52 days. The maximum damage has been to cotton and Soyabean crops. Paddy, which requires lot of water, too is likely to have been damaged and farmers were forced triple-double sowing of costly seed and dosing of fertilizer now in a deep distressed as they arranged it from private money leaders and now even rain stop today crop under 5 million hector yield will not more 50% hence total damages are more than Rs.20,000 crore , tiwari said

 “We are receiving rain in day that is ten time than we used to get in whole month neither the farmers nor the field is ready to face this massive cloud busting and hostile and helpless administration is adding fuel in the crisis ,it is reported that  east Vidarbha, more than 3.37 lakh hectare, which is over 18% of the total land under cultivation, has been flood hit. The worst affected is Yavatmal district where 20% cropland has been affected by floods caused by the rains. Agriculture officials said that the damage is on the higher side as crop damage is over 50% now Wardha and Chandrapur, Gadchiroli more damages are reported even last year drought hit Buldhana flood has damaged crop as major dams in vidarbha are over flowing causing more damages to crop vidarbha more than 80  casualties of human being reported thousands of cattle died in rain and flood hence we want central intervention declaring wet drought in vidrabha and relief aid to dying farming community of vidrabha” Tiwari urged.   .

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