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Sharad Joshi’s plea to oppose ‘Food Security Bill’ is Rubbish

Sharad Joshi’s plea to oppose ‘Food Security Bill’ is  Rubbish

Nagpur -11th November  2013
Shetkari Sanghatana Supreme Sharad Joshi who is strong supporter of globalization and free trade and advocating for USA base Bio-tech Company Monsanto who has created monopoly cotton seed which is main cash crop of Maharashtra and centre of controversy that GM technology is main cause of economic collapse of cotton trade and prevailing agrarian distress forcing more than 40 thousand farmers suicide in Maharashtra since 2004 after state allowed commercial trial of BT. cotton seed   ,now openly opposed UPA decision to give the food security which  guarantee food security two-thirds of the Indian population  and proposes to supply 5 kg of rice, wheat and coarse grains at Rs.3, Rs.2, Rs.1 per kg, respectively, every month to three-fourths of rural population and half the urban population in the country as ‘Anti-Farmer Move’ , is misleading and rubbish needs to be subjected for larger debate as Sharad Joshi’s statement reflects the view of all pro-WTO-World Bank-USA MNCs lobbyist in India    Kishor Tiwari of  VJAS ,the only farmer west vidarbha dry land farmer’s voice since 1999 who are innocent victims of free trade  and completely failed GM-BT technology in cotton crop of the region forcing Govt. to have national agenda to go back original sustainable cotton seed technology ,strongly reacting to needless unfortunate remark ,  informed in press release today.
‘Vidarbha classic example of agrarian crisis driven free trade and shifting cash crop from perennial food crop in unregulated manner as such shift of crop pattern in west vidarbha correlate prevailing distress and farmer suicides numbers with east vidarbha where food crop dominates as main crop, the issue of sustainable minimum support price to farmer growing food crop and direct cash incentive  to such farmers with integrated social and economic security plan is need of hour not the opposition to the national food mission which is need of the hour hence we request very senior farmers leader like Sharad Joshi whose grate work for cause of the farmers movement is till respected at large but his pro-USA base free trade stand lost his support and charisma,   to rethink the stand as his party is contesting national election 2014 and such anti poor  policies will damage the credibility as dry land farmers who are now growing only cotton ,sugarcane and soybean has been demanding food security cover hence this humble  this humble request to Joshi urging him to give up his loyalist to  hostile USA-WTO  trade  policies killing thousands of farmers in name of second green revolution’ Tiwari  added.

“Those who understand poverty and hunger in rural India and starvation and malnutrition death tribal region of India, would not have opposed the ordinance, in fact universal food security bill is pending before the Nation since 2004 and hunger is killing million. Political parties who believe in vote bank based caste base equation or fundamental emotional religious issues will find ton of arguments to oppose the food security ordinance but such opposition to create obstacle in food for all poor will hammer their long term prospects of changing the power at the center hence we urge all political parties to support the ordinance and get implements without any leakages and corruption  in public distribution system (PDS) in rural part of India” Tiwari.
It is reported the universal food security  programme would require more than 61 million tons of food-grain and is expected to cost the government about Rs 1,25,000 crore and the state governments will now have to identify the beneficiaries on a war footing through an open transparent criteria and that is tough task as progressive state like Maharashtra has been using BPL survey of year 1997 as base intensify  real   needy poor who needs  food security which is long pending demand of the VJAS which is agitating since 2001 and moved Mumbai high court and Maharashtra human right commission (MHRC) in past but even after direction from high court families under BPL and tribal are denied food security hence we want urgent lunching of scheme, Tiwari added.

‘This is most unfortunate that even supreme court India has created right of food but main opposition parties has not taken up issue   when  administration has not been giving  food security to all illegible families as per provision of food control order 2001 and existing list of year 1999 of BPL families  and those critising ordinance of food security has no time to look at the supreme court of India clear cut guidelines and union control Food Control Order -2001 that every year list of BPL families under PDS food security scheme should renewed as per list submitted by Village Panchayat in it’s “Gramsabha”, in fact UPA food security is under  to enforce supreme court direction and guidelines of  Food Control Order 2001 which is most welcome step even after it is taken after 12 years ,Tiwari added.

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