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Shocking Mah Govt. survey that 4.5 lakh Vidarbha farmers are in Aacute Distress -93% are Debt-Trapped

Shocking  Mah Govt. survey that 4.5 lakh Vidarbha farmers are in Acute Distress -93% are Debt-Trapped
Nagpur- 3rd march 2016
Recent door to door survey done by administration in January  2015 of around  2 million Vidarbha farmers of six district Amravati division  where more than 11,000 thousands cotton farmers committed suicide  in last 15 years mostly having dry-land and drought prone  climatic conditions .Survey has reveled shocking fact that  13 lacs 60,000 thousands farmers are in found in distress out of which around 4 lacs 50,000 are found in deep distress and any small shock can trigger these  farmers  to opt extremity ,farm activist group Vidarbha JanandolanSamiti(VJAS)  convener  Kishor Tiwari  informed quoting reported published regional daily today.
The administration warned the Govt in the survey report these 4.5 lacs farm familes who are classified as in acute distress type A are prone to suicide if causes of distress and despair are not addressed ,the major reasons of distress is mounting debt as survey revealed that around 93 % farmers are in debt and issues of heavy losses due to crop failure and low market price of cotton ,critical health, daughter’s  marriage, educational expenses and unemployment,Tiwari added.
Earlier  in the year 2006 same type of door to door survey to know reasons of prevailing distress in agrarian crisis hit west Vidarbha was done after the intervention of Mumbai high court Nagpur bench in matter of PIL filed by farm activist kishor tiwari asking govt. provide relief to distressed farmers  but that time 3 lacs farmers found in acute distress and that force Indian Prime Minister Manmohan singh to visit Vidarbha and announce special Vidarbha package of Rs.4560 crore  on 1 July 2006 after that more than 30 thousand crore packages including debt waiver in 2008 were given but farmers suicides continued hence forcing Govt. second door to door survey in 2014
According survey done in farmers suicide prone six districts of west Vidarbha amaravati.akola.yavatmal, buldhana, washim and wardha and here is shocking data
Farmers in Acute distress
Level A
Famers in Moderate distress
Level B
Farmers with minimum distress
Level C

in west Vidarbha in last 15 years 11,097 farmers committed suicide and Govt found 4,358 illegible for compensation and 6,588 cases have been rejected ,as yavatmal district has reported 3,114 farmers suicides and has been epicenter of farmers suicides in country where in last month district administration has done survey of four village in the district where maximum number of suicides reported in last few years with help of physiological experts and report which was placed last week has shocked the Maharashtra administration as it has warned the administration that prevailing acute distress will trigger more suicides in district if corrective steps are taken that forced CM Devendra Fadanvis to take ground review and asses the reality by visiting yavatmal today ,he will visit these villages will stay there too,Tiwari informed

when earlier survey of change mega magnitude was doen in 2006 3 lakcs farmers were found in deep distress then appointed Dr. Narendra jadhav committee  which gave recommedations of gving  Food and health security to all distressed , Higher MSP to cotton and Higher MSP to cotton but all packages never addressed these recommendations, now when in 2015 more shocking and pathetic report of west Vidarbha farmers distress and despair has been placed before the administration now CM Devendra Fadanvis has also initiated idea of appointing fresh committee now headed by Dr.MS Swaminathan to look in crisis and suggest the remedies, which will have same fate as earlier committees, Tiwari added.  

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