Monday, February 29, 2016

It's Pro-Farmer's Budget- Kishor Tiwari

It's Pro-Farmer's Budget- Kishor Tiwari

Nagpur-29 Feb.2016 

" For the first time in  NDA Govt., has brought hope and cheer for all the farmers across the country as it covers the core issues of agrarian crisis and hostile rural economy related farm credit , irrigation facility,health security,restoration of sustainable agriculture, food crop promotion , E-marketing and intervention with price stabilization fund  ,food security,crop insurance ,rural employment under MNREGA and Mudra scheme  , LPG and road connectivity ,thin is right move  to address the present agrarian crisis   and stop farmer suicide but more sensitivity and proper implementation is need of the hour ", Said Kishore Tiwari, President of Late Vansantrao Naik Sheti Swavalamban Mission (VNSSM), a Govt Maharashtra's Special Task Force for Farmers in 14 Distressed Distt of Vidarbha & Marathwada in Maharashtra State reacting on budget 20016

the budget of 2016  For the first time, a record farm credit  allocation has been made  of Rs. 9.35 lakh crore in fact  It has quadrupled since 2013. Finance Minister introduced special 0.5% Agricultural Welfare Tax to be collected thru Service Tax. Its welcome move, much needed for welfare farmers, , but this amount of Special Tax must be made available to Farmers Distress Proven Areas in India specially like Vidarbha & Marathwada where maximum no of unfortunate incidence of farmers suicides have been occurred, to provide direct help to Govt of Maharashtra to give helping hand to Farmers in Real Distress. So this Special Agro Welfare Tax of 0.5% must be spent for Distressed Areas instead of General Pool, as it has been specifically added due to our VNSSM demands", Tiwari added.

Mr. Tiwari welcomed Central Govt for not announcing any Big unwanted, Mindless & BOT Mega Project to please big corporate, further demanded that Union Govt while amending MNREGA Act must provide to allow States to give direct benefits to Farmers such as 100% grants for digging wells & small water ponds under MNREGA in Rain Fed Areas like Vidarbha & Marathwada.

" Agro Priority Sector Lending enhanced to Rs.9.35 Lacs Crores to be made directly available to Farmers, instead of Agro Processing Sector, virtually turning to NPAs. There should be separation of Direct & Indirect segments in Agro sectors so that Farmers can be benefited directly & can get Credits from Nationalized Banks in Public Sectors instead of Cooperative Bank. Similarly, Food Security schemes tobe strengthen to give direct benefits to families in distress regardless of Agro holding", Tiwari demanded.

we are pleased to know that the budget aims to double the farmer’s income by 2022 with ehlp of a dedicated Irrigation fund worth Rs.20000 crores to be set up under NABARD and bringing .5 lakh acres to be brought under organic farming over three year period ,implementation of 89 irrigation projects will be fast-tracked,.Rs.35984 crores is the total allocation for farmer’s welfare.this shows the priority of the government is to provide additional resource to the rural areas,TIwari said .

we welcome the move to give extension of credit to   very marginal segment of farmers with Kisan Credit Cards (KCCs) has the benefit of interest subvention scheme prolonged for further period of up to six months (post-harvest) against Negotiable Warehouse Receipts (NWRs), at the same rate as available to crop loan. This is done to dampen the agonizing sale of crops by small farmers, provision of Rs.15000 crores towards interest subvention to reduce burden of loan repayment has been made ,Tiwari said 

Government has earmarked Rs 86,500 crore for irrigation under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichaai Yojana. Total allocation for agriculture for the coming fiscal is to be Rs 35,984 crore. Further the government has said that 89 irrigation projects are to be fast tracked by the on a priority. Out of this 30 projects are to be completed by 2017. Tiwari said that the focus on irrigation, MNREGA, crop insurance was important. now babus  should convert it in to reality ,TIwari added.

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