Saturday, August 12, 2017

PESA Gramsbha resolute complete Liquor Ban and Tribal Rights Restoration Plan

PESA  Gramsbha resolute complete Liquor Ban and Tribal Rights Restoration Plan 

Dated 12th August 2017 

Around 162 tribal villages which are having special rights under constitution provision of article 244 to exercise rights to form rules and guidelines for local governance under provision of PESA(Panchayat extension in schedule areas) ACT-1996 to resolute unanimously in special convention at Pandharkawada in Yavatmal district to have complete ban of liquor and adoption of farmers kids under local fund of MP/MLA who killed themselves due debt and crop failure ,Tribal leader Ankit  Naitam who is convener of the function informed here today .
 Vasantrao Naik Shetkari Swavalambi Mission (VNSS) Chairman Kishore Tiwari  to while presiding over the function  moved following resolutions which are 
1. enforce complete liquore in all tribal villages under PESA 
2. to food security under antyodaya to all tribal families .
3. Tribal farmers who have killed themselves due to on going agrarian crisis ,all dependents of farmers families should be  adopted under fund given MP/MLAs in the DPDC .
4.By  2017  all tribal villages should have digital links where as most of villages are not electrified and not connected with roads .the water source available to villager is contaminated with Florine and other toxin metals .
5. as due on going uncontrolled forest cutting ,big environmental and ecological issues  are coming up hence complete ban on all types of forest cutting is resolved .
6. all rights of water body to local tribal village body is demanded.
7.  land rights to all landless tribal farmers .
8. No CFR (community forest rights) activities in the PESA villages .
9. compulsory education in tribal language to tribal student in PESA Schools.
10. restoration of land to tribal which are  taken over by  non-tribal in the PESA areas .

tribal leader tulsiram kumare ,dharma atram. santosh naitam,pravil kulkarni. madhukar ghasalkar, tukaram ,atram attended the meet . the resolutions are being sent to Indian president and Maharashtra governor who are responsible for the implementing PESA act , Kishor Tiwari added.


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