Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kalavati nahin toh BeBitai sahi-Midday -Maha polls; Samiti replaces Kalavati with another farm widow

Kalavati nahin toh Bebitai sahi
By: Varun Singh
Date: 2009-09-26

Vidarbha Aghadi leaders, wary of Kalavati Bandurkar's wavering ways, get another candidate to file nomination for the Wani seat as a second option

Leaders of Vidarbha Aghadi, wary of the wavering ways of their party candidate Kalavati Bandurkar (48), have got yet another farmer widow, Devitai Bayas (45), to file her nomination as an Independent, as part of their Plan B, in case Kalavati ditches them.

Kalvati, to the relief of party leaders, finally filed her papers to contest from Wani, yesterday, though she had earlier said she would not contest.

Relatives say no

Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Aghadi said Kalavati was dithering because she feared that the aid promised to her by the government would be blocked if she contested the polls.

"We left the decision to her. However, her relatives are forcing her to backtrack from the electoral race," said Tiwari.

I'm in full form: Kalavati submits her nomination to contest for the Wani seat in Yavatmal yesterday.

On Thursday, Kalavati was admitted to a district hospital located in Bandhar Kawada village, after she complained of chest pain.

"I got her admitted, as she was ill. But she filed her nomination at noon yesterday. If she cannot campaign, we should have another candidate to campaign," said Tiwari.

Bayas lives in Hiwara Zari village, 45 kilometres from Kalavati's village.

Kalavati's blood samples have been sent for tests and the results are expected in a day or two.

Claim To Fame

Last year, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi mentioned Kalavati, a landless labourer, in Parliament to highlight the plight of debt-ridden farmers in Vidarbha.

She was offered a monetary fund of Rs 30 lakh.

Her debt-ridden husband had committed suicide in 2006, leaving nine children behind.

Rs 20,000
The amount Kalavati is required to pay the landlord whose fields she tills every year

The number of Kalavati's children. She has seven daughters and two sons

Percentage of Vidharba's contribution to cotton production in Maharashtra


  • Maha polls; Samiti replaces Kalavati with another farm widow


Nagpur, Sept 26 (PTI) In the midst of flip-flops by farm widow Kalavati Bandurkar on contesting the Maharashtra Assembly polls, the NGO supporting her candidature today replaced her by another woman.

"Since Kalavati is not well and under tremendous pressure from many quarters for withdrawing from contest for the October 13 Assembly elections from Wani, Samiti has decided to replace her with Babytai," Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti President Kishore Tiwari told PTI.

"Kalavati will decide her own fate. She may contest if she can withstand pressure, but as far as Samiti is concerned its nominee to represent the farm widows is Babytai whose husband Chhatar Singh Bais ended his life in year 2007," he said.

Kalavati, who shot into limelight after Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi mentioned her plight in Parliament, was yesterday hospitalised.

She, however, drove in an ambulance to Wani office of Assistant Returning Officer accompanied by Tiwari to file her papers yesterday.


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