Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vidarbha farm widows struggle will continue -Sunil Kuhikar

Vidarbha farm widows struggle will continue -Sunil Kuhikar

here is article written by senior editor of daily Tarun Bharat Nagpur after agrarian crisis icon kalavati was forced opt out of election race .the article is thrown light on the ground reality and pathetic condition of rural vidarbha .

please read this article .

VJAS is will make the bebitai bais election as mark of respect to more than 7000 farmers who committed suicides and will try our level best to focus on main demands of vidarbha farm widows which are
1. Food for the dying families

2. Family pension to all widows

3. Free higher education, and aid for marriage of their daughters.

4. Right of land owned by their husband. Deprived of this right, most widows are forced to leave their homes.

The reason why the VJAS was trying to field a candidate in the coming elections was because the issue is being ignored by the State administration, and hence getting into the election process would have provided an opportunity to draw attention to these critical issues.

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