Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Land Development Bank ordered forcible recovery in a ‘Gandhigiri style’

Land Development Bank ordered forcible recovery in a ‘Gandhigiri style’

NAGPUR: September 29, 2010

Co-Operation and Marketing Minister Harshvardhan Patil has issued fresh order of forcible recovery now in different style of Gandhigiri by beating drum before the house of short listed willful defaulters as Land development bank in a Naxal effected Gadchoroli district has given debt recovery notice to one debt trapped marginal farmer named Shivshankar Rajaram Adgela age-55 of village sironcha that bank officials will start Dharana Agitation before his house with drum beating and slogan shouting a since 10 a.m. to.5 p.m. on 5th October in order to recovery the 1992 tractor loan of Rs. One lakh eighty thousand of which he has returned one lakh fourty five thousand and now they are demanding Nine Lakh twenty seven thousand which against the law of land that banker can’t recovery more than basic amount as part of interest..

LDB bank officially declared earlier that there will not any forceful recovery of vidarbha farmers due wet drought and huge crop failure this year but now state administration seems have green signal to start in such Gandhigiri type of recovery that will damage the image of agrarian community at large

‘This is totally contradictory to the announcement of co-operation and marketing minister Harshvardhan Patil in Mumbai on Thursday that The one-time settlement (OTS) will now be available till March 31, 2011 and uncalled for as this will lead to auction the land mortgaged with LDB against the term loans and thus dispossess the farmers of land and now Chief Minister Ashok Chavan should intervene to stop this forcible recovery as this is not the time even if farmers wants to repay the loan under OTS ’Kishore Tiwari VJAS urged in press release today.

‘VJAS has no objection regular recovery but objected action of seizure of land and forcible recovery now recent letter issued by LDB bank is much more serious as they have asked respective Bank manager to form team of bank employees and first move laud speaker in the village and then start drum beating slogan raising and they have termed this action as ‘Gandhigiri’ which will force the debt trapped to commit suicide, we will protest such action of recovery as all debt is disputed one needs to scan as per recent OTS orders’ Tiwari said .

‘crisis driven LDB banks of west vidarbha is till awaiting Rs.446 crore of loan waiver amount paid to apex bank in march 2009 by NABARD moreover STATE Govt. failed to pay interest waiver 70% amount has not been paid already received in 2006 from central Govt. It’s apathy of Maharashtra Govt. that diverted the money to western Maharashtra and allowed these banks in vidrabh is become ‘bankrupt’ as even the OTS scheme which was announced by the state government in September 2007 for around 1.25 lakh members of the LDB and its branches, could not take off in west vidarbha and cotton farmers were kept out of OTS net ’Tiwari allged.

‘Issue of the unpaid salary of around 550 LDB employees of vidarbha sine December 2009 has been interlinked with forcible recovery of outstanding due of dent trapped farmers and now as agrarian crisis are further deepen ,LDB cant go on interlinking both issues and Nabard and Maharashtra Govt. to settle the salary payment issue in order to avoid innocent victimization of debt trapped farmers ,those Govt. should continue legitimate action against willful defaulter as per recent announcement of cooperative minister’ Tiwari urged.

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