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Cold Wave and Excess Rain damaged standing Bt.Cotton Crop in record 110 lakhs Hector in India: VJAS demands complete ban killer Bt.Cotton Crop

Cold Wave and Excess Rain damaged standing Bt.Cotton Crop in record 110 lakhs Hector in India: VJAS demands complete ban killer Bt.Cotton Crop

Nagpur -9th January 2011

‘yesterday my 10 acre plot of Bt.cotton was lush green and I was expecting to recover my crop losses due to excessive rain but record cold wave has damaged my whole plot within one night .now the bumper crop of cotton has been dream for me .I am not alone there thousands of farmers who drop second ruby food crop and continue the irrigation from any source available to them as climate in December was ven hot and humid was favoring second flash hence everybody gave fertilizer dose and hope to make the losses but sudden drop in temperature below 3-4 deg.Centigrade . As ruined the hopes of all farmers, we have lost very thing ,over sensitive Bt.cotton has been killer crop for us’ Sudhakar Gohane (Mobile-09420773972) of village Kawatha in Kalapur Tahsil of Yavatmal District was talking to Agriculture officer who has been surveying thousand s damaged crop in farm suicide hit district of Yavatmal.

When Monsanto manufacture of Bt.cotton seed has been planting the fabricated ‘paid news’ of bumper crop through media team on company payroll with help Bt.cotton promoter of Indian expert of cotton crop like head of Central Institute of Cotton Research (C.IC.R.) regarding recore bumper cotton crop in India same time more than 5 million Indian cotton farmers who opted this year for khariff season 2010-11 ,thanks to US MNc Bt.cotton seed manufacture Monsanto more than 3 million farmers are from maharashtra alone where Bt.cotton is under cultivation in 42 hector are crying the different tune of sudden climate change has ruined agrarian economy of the region and added the fuel in on going agrarian crisis which claimed highest from suicides in the cotton belt of India , Suresh Bolenwar (mobile-758889402) a progressive cotton farmers of vidarbha informed in press note today.

“Due to excessive rain has jumped the cultivation cost to double but expected yield is likely to reduce to 50% resulting more than Rs.27,000 crore huge financial losses to Indian cotton growers hence we want that Govt. of India should come out of the cotton growers unusual sudden losses and urged to ban this Gm technology which not suitable to the dry land farmers of central India ‘ kishor tiwari of VJAS asked the Indian Prime Minister to day.

In a letter to Indian Prime Minister,Dr.Manmohan Singh , VJAS has given details of sky rocking cultivation cost and gravity of losses due excessive rain and recent cold wave which is exposing the truth of the agrarian crisis in the cotton growing area of India, here is that table

Losses due to excessice rain and clod wave 110 lakhs hectors Bt.Cotton







Fluking ,family labor and interest




28 lakhs hector

1400 crore

1500 crore

1960 crore

1300 crore

5500 crore



42 lakhs hector

2100 crore

2200 crore

2940 crore

2840 crore

2100 crore

10200 crore


110 lakhs hector

5500 crore

5700 crore

7700 crore

5200 crore

1500 crore



VJAS has urged Govt. of India to recover the losses from US MNc Bt.cotton seed manufacture Monsanto as this is failure of technology not the complete failure as farmers who are cultivating Non-Bt.cotton an organic cotton there is no damage reported of excessive rain October –November and cold wave hence state should regulate the technically failed seeds and stop the exploitation of US MNc at the cost of Indian farmers suicides as per official figure of Indian Govt. has crossed 2,17,000 in last decade and most of suicides are closely related to debt and despair due crop failure of modern genetically revolutions in agriculture and killer seed of America .hence we repeat our demand of complete ban on imported seeds in India. , Tiwari added.


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