Monday, April 18, 2011

Robbery of irrigation water in vidarbha for Thermal Power Plants continue: Vidarbha farmers says ‘No’ to M/s JinBhuvish Power Project in Yavatmal

Robbery of irrigation water in vidarbha for Thermal Power Plants continue: Vidarbha farmers says ‘No’ to M/s JinBhuvish Power Project in Yavatmal

Nagpur - April 18, 2011

‘Now on going robbery of water of the irrigation projects funded through prime Minster’s vidarbha relief package and AIBP(Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Program) in order to address the agrarian crisis and to stop farmers suicides in west vidarbha for 85 thermal power projects capacity to tune of 56,000 megawatt out of which more than 10 are in very advance stage in Gondia,Bhandra,Nagpur,Wardha and Chandrapur Districts now expanded to worst hit Yavatmal district where more than 2000 farmers committed suicides since June 2005 as very unknown player in power sector company named “Jinbhuvish Power Generations Pvt. Ltd” has launched two Mega Power Projects v.i.z.

1. 1260 MW (2*300 MW+1*660 MW ) Coal based Power Plant Location:village:-Bijora Tehsil- Mahagaon, District-Yavatmal (Maharashtra) public hearing of this project is over on 24th march 2011

2.1320 MW (2*660 MW Super critical Coal based Power Project) Location :Village :-khutafali,Tehsil-NER,District-Yavatmal(Maharashtra) public hearing of this project is on 19th april 2011

Costing Rs.5040 cr. And Rs.5280 cr.

Which has been strongly objected by farmers activist group Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) and decided to take up issue with central and state administration to redress the genuine hardship of the farmer..

‘As Govt. has pumped more than Rs.5000 crore in these irrigation projects so that dying cotton farmers which are dry land farmers will get guaranteed water to save crop and take additional one so that crisis are minimized and farm suicides are controlled but now same water is being diverted for the power plants this is highly objectionable and contrary to Prime Minister Vidarbha Relief Package condition and objects and it’s anti-farmer policies leading to the another chapter of cotton farmers genocide hence we are opposing it’ Kishor Tiwari of VJAS informed in press note today.

‘Jinbhuvish Power Generations Pvt. Ltd is closely owned by the business aids of BJP national president Nitn Gadkari as other project actvities are companies are related BJP supreme so local ex-BJP MLA Madan Yerawar has acquired around 1000 acre land for these projects and Manish Mehta is playing very key role in the project this much more shocking to us’ Tiwari added.

Jinbhuvish group activities listed on the portal are

1. Development of more than 300 Acres of Commercial & Residential complex.

2.Partners in one of the biggest Multi-Utility Integrated Township with Special Economic Zone in the Central Province of India encompassing an area of 3280 Hectares.

3.Building of the State Express Highway No. 31 stretching 125 Kms between Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

4.Erection and Operation of Appu Ghar Amusement Park spread over 140 Acres in Nagpur attracting an annual foot fall of 2.5 million visitors of all age groups.

5.Establishment & Management of an Ecotel Forest Country Resort in the Kanha forest region Innovatively promoting wild life adventure.

Which are mush more eye opening to the facts that along with congress and NCP leaders of vidarbha now BJP has official joined the party of the robbers who are responsible for farmers genocide in the region .

‘we will take up this issue to the public of vidarbha and start the massive protest against these on going robbery of water, coal and other resources of vidarbha against these fraudulent leaders “Tiwari added.




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