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Vidarbha Farmers oppose the conversion Vidarbha Sugar factories into Liquor Plants

Vidarbha Farmers oppose the conversion Vidarbha Sugar factories into Liquor Plants

Nagpur-24th April 2011

After drought hit Marathawada region of Maharashtra now it’s turn of dying vidarbha as all 42 closed sugar factories in Agrarian Crisis hit Vidarbha are once again taken over by recently developed ‘Liquor–Ethanol’ mafia for production of so-called healthy liquor from poor’s people food and most unfortunate part that all most all closed factories once started by ruling congress party leaders have taken over BJP National President Nitin Gadakari and Vice President Gopinathji Munde joining very notorious ‘Ethonal Cartal’ run by NCP president Sharad Pawar and conspiracy has made venerable all ‘Paddy and Pluses Growers’ forcing them committee suicide as Govt. failed to procure single kilo of paddy and pluses from farmers in this season ,this sensational allegations leveled today by vidarbha farm activist group Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti urging BJP National President Nitin Gadakari and Vice President Gopinathji Munde to tell the truth to the society .

“The recent massive farmers rallies for the promotion of sugarcane cultivation in Bhandra –Gondia and wardha by BJP National President Nitin Gadakari so as the Govt. subsidies food crop base liquor factories owned by Vice President Gopinathji Munde being going in full production ,this is much more irritating as BJP is party who is National contractor of character and clean India building and National President and vice-president are involved such activities are opened opposed by all section of society moreover complete salient of RSS over the issue is very shocking as RSS chief Dr.Moham Bhagwat are closely monitoring the development of these Two RSS disciplined workers who are listed as top billionaires’ of Indian politics ” Tiwari furthered alleged .

“the recently acquired and floated sugar cum liquor factories in vidarbha not only manufacture liquor but will take away more than 50% water reserved for irrigation that is serious issue as all these sugar cum liquor are having mega thermal power plant as package turnkey project as all such proposals are pending for consent before Maharashtra pollution control board fro consent .Purti power plant at Bela is running on coal not on the molasses and power is sold to the Mumbai base reliance group where feeder and transmission lines were set up by state owned electric company that support our allegation that all national parties have joined the robbery of water ,coal and forest resources now turned toward the poor farmer food crop which will create the situation much more pathetic ” VJAS warned the administration

At present paddy cultivation and cotton growers in Vidarbha are up in the arms against ill-conceived agriculture policies if Central Government. They say, the government has fooled them by not procuring their produce at prices it had promised a few months back.

Central Government had assured a minimum support price (MSP) of Rs. 3,000 per quintal for Tur apart from a Rs. 500 bonus per quintal. Lured by tall promises, a large number of farmers especially in Western Vidarbha opened for Tur cultivation. According to officially figures, the area under Tur cultivation increased to as high as 1.20 lakh hectares. However, even as the harvest season in long gone, the Government ditched the framers had to sell their produce in the open market at a low price of not more than Rs. 2,700 quintal.

As a result, this monsoon, more farmers are expected to switch over to the non-traditional crop of sugarcane and very risky BT cotton, VJAS president Kishor Tiwari said, ”It is unfortunate that the farmers in the region are not given correct prices for their hard-earned produce. An increasing number of farmers are also opting for sugarcane even as the region has little facilities for irrigation. If the trend is really followed, it will lead to rampant water scarcity in the region in the days to came. It appears to be a well-conceived plan on the part of the government to turn the shut sugar factories in the region into liquor manufacturing units. It is for this reason that government is taking measures to bing Tur and cotton cultivators to loss by not assisting them” Tiwari alleged.

‘we have written these facts to Indian prime minister and top leaders of BJP for urgent intervention as this move will further ruin vidarbha region already in grip of agrarian crisis’ Tiwari informed.


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