Monday, June 27, 2011

Govt. ordered Land Auction of Credit Starved Vidarbha Farmers

Govt. ordered Land Auction of Credit Starved Vidarbha Farmers

NAGPUR: June 27, 2011,

All guardian ministers of vidarbha agrarian crisis district are asking all banks to disburse the crop loan to dying vidarbha farmers who are committing suicides due to debt trap private money lenders and private micro finance institutes (MFI) but same time administration has ordered the auction of all movable and immovable properties of defaulting farmers and such auction is talking place today in Yavatmal and 29th June at Mohadi in Bhandara district .Co-Operation and Marketing Minister Harshvardhan Patil has issued fresh order of forcible recovery of short listed defaulters as Land development bank ’Kishore Tiwari Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed in press release today.

In letter written by VJAS to Maharashtra Chief Minister Prathiviraj Chavan enclosing the notice of auction on 26th june 2011 today given by Yavatmal Land Devl.Bank (LDB) to one debt trapped farmer Anil Ramdas Patil of Sathephal Taluka Kalam in Yavtmal asking him to pay all dues with interest before 26th June other his land will be auctioned by public auction notice Anil Patil is not the case of isolation another debt trapped in Bhandara district Surendra Barai of Mohadi village has received the similar notice of his land auction on 29th June 2011 .it is also inform

ed to the chief minister that these farmers who are under default of Land Devl.Bank (LDB) have approached Mumbai High Court ,Nagpur bench where all petitions are awaiting final relief after admission hence state Govt. action is unjust and untimely as farmers are credit starved and finding difficult to get the money from open market for purchasing the seed and fertilizers as bankers are not giving the fresh crop

loan even after repeated appeals of local ministers including Maharashtra Chief Minister and Dy, Chief Minister hence Govt. has been urged to stop these forceful recoveries of LDB and stop the on going land auctions .

‘farmers are being sandwiched due to anti-Govt. policies of import export as they are not able to sale cotton ,pluses and paddy and now they are getting seed and fertilizer in open market even after paying premium moreover bankers are delaying the disbursement of fresh crop loan as NABARD has stopped the fresh Agri credit to Maharashtra Cooperative Bank which gives more than 80% crop loan through district corporative bank and societies and now this forcible recovery and fresh process of auctioning the land for recovery is adding fuel to already aggravated agrarian crisis which has claimed more than 10,000 farmers suicides since June 2005 in the vidarbha and more than 2,50,000 suicides in Indian since 1999 hence we want urgent intervention of chief minister ’ Tiwari informed .

‘In order to stop on going atrocities on cotton farmers and to wake up the officials who are deep into slumber we are starting drum beating agitation from 2nd July Challenging the government ‘s claim that there was no funds crisis and there was no shortage of seed and fertilizer and banks are in a position to lend money is hoax in ground reality there is no seed and fertilizer for poor dry land farmer and thousands of farmers have denied agricultural fresh crop loan even they are illegible.The Samiti has also pointed out that co-operative banks were strapped of cash farmers who were unable to secure the crop loans from the banks had no alternative but to borrow from private moneylenders as the kharif season has already started hence we are starting 'Daphade wajava' that beating drums to ‘awaken’ bankers and administration tiwari added.


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