Monday, July 23, 2012

As Prez. Pratibhatai Patil Disappointed Thousands Vidarbha Farm Widows

As Prez. Pratibhatai  Patil  Disappointed Thousands Vidarbha Farm Widows

Nagpur -23rd July 2012

Most veteran Congress leader Pratibhatai  Patil who is from Maharashtra and is spending  her and her family members  political career  from worst agrarian crisis hit and known as farmers suicide capital vidarbha when became the first woman President of India ,it was expected that healing touch will be given starving thousands of farm widows and kids of the farmers who committed suicides in last decade but  unfortunately, in her five-year term that healing touch was missing as before stepping down from office Dr.APJ Kalam visited Yavatmal (vidarbha) in July 2007 and has special meeting with vidarbha farm widows and wrote series of letter to Govt. for attending the issues raised by from widows but next year December 2008 visited same place Yavatmal (vidarbha) but failed to give 5 minutes time dying vidarbha farm widows but even after five years now she is stepping down today but thousands of vidarbha farm widows  who are demanding ‘Right to live ’ since 2001 are disappointment as our  Pratibhatai  Patil fails to give justice to dying farming community of her homeland vidarbha, Aparna Malikar (09689184642) (farm widows appeared in KBC last year) .secretary vidarbha farm widows association (WFWA) informed in press release today .

‘When I wrote regarding unjust and atrocities done to me by my in-laws ,till date I have not received acknowledgement my letter .we have been demanding basic rights of food security ,land ownership ,education to our daughter and family pensions to starving thousands of farm widows but all pending with state Govt., then we thought  Pratibhatai  Patil will take the issue but nothing happened in last five years hence we are deeply hurt and disappointed ’Malikar added.

‘‘we supported as prez but unfortunately Pratibhatai  Patil was always locked in one or another controversies and it was not case she has not visited Maharashtra in last five years in fact though there is no rule, it has been convention that a President visits the home state not more than six times a year, she has visited double trips as per convention but not to look in to the problem of people but to live with grand children in Pune ,we hope now she will take up issue of thousands of Vidrabha Farm Widows  to give healing touch to millions of distressed agrarian community of her homeland Vidarbha ”Kishor Tiwari Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti farmers activist group working for welfare of farm widows urged retiring  Indian prez. today.

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