Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Maharashtra farmers urged PM to sack Sharad Pawar

Maharashtra cotton farmers urged PM to sack Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar

Nagpur-24th July 2012
The 3 million vidarbha cotton farmers who are reeling under agrarian crisis and drought has reacted very strongly on recent on going boycott of  Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar to the very important meeting with Agriculture secretary on alert over a deficient monsoon, directing ministries to help states facing drought-like situations by taking urgent steps to put  contingency plans to distribute seeds, augment fodder and power and deal with drinking water shortages when Indian  Prime minister Manmohan Singh went ahead asking agriculture secretary to gear up plans to fight the impending drought situation particularly in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka, if the monsoon does not revive, this is height of   blackmailing the coalition partner when country need  functional Agriculture Minister and part-time one hence we urge PM to replace Sharad Pawar with sensitive and responsible  fulltime dedicated non-corrupt to handle delayed rain and damage to crops , Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti, President, Kishor Tiwari informed in a press release today.

‘In fact India's Agri. Minister and NCP Supreme Sharad Pawar is totally responsible for on going cotton growers suicides in cotton belt of vidarbha since June 2005 and failure of all relief packages to stop on going farmers as money given to for irrigation project has been siphoned out by NCP Ministers and his party men direct involvement and action initiated by Maharashtra chief minister is reason of on going blackmail pressure tactics but his larger role in mass genocide of more than 10,000 cotton farmers in granting mass commercial production permission to Genetic Modified Bt. Cotton of USA base company Monsanto in vidarbha .when farmers were committing suicides since 2005 most of time India's Agri. Minister and NCP Supreme Sharad Pawar was in cricket and he never visited a single household even when PM visited vidarbha hence his immediate removal will give certain relief dying vidrabha cotton farmers’ Tiwari added. 

VJAS has claimed that these farmers’ suicides are innocent victims of Govt. Policies from which NCP Supreme Sharad Pawar is responsible as his NCP Party Ministers are involved in all mega scams in Maharashtra which are surfaced and are in focus today hence his recent pressure tactics has exposed him but PM and Congress should not concede hostile demands and it’s right to get rid of killers of innocent vidarbha farmers’, Tiwari added.

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