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Govt. apathy on Vidrabha Agrarian Crisis continued now NHRC summons Maharashtra Chief Secretary summoned

Govt. apathy on Vidrabha Agrarian Crisis continued now NHRC  summons  Maharashtra Chief Secretary summoned

Vidarbha region of Maharashtra has been reporting farmers @ one farmer every 8 hours since but Govt. apathy towards crisis has shown its climax when chief sectary of Maharashtra Govt. was forced to summons even after administration failed to respond human right panels repeated notices and reminder, the Maharashtra Govt. non-serious attitude and zero response to NHRC was even brought to the notice of supreme court of India but babus in state administration are unmoved hence we demand stern action against chief sectary of Maharashtra and suspension respective collectors of vidarbha districts ,Kishor tiwari of vidrabha janandolan samiti(VJAS) demds in press realease today. 
 It is reported that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued  summons to the Chief Secretary of Maharashtra in one case and to District Collector of Yavatmal in another case, for their failing to submit replies to the commision on the farmer suicides in the Vidarbha region

on  September 12th, 2012 NHRC issued notice Maharashtra chief secretary onmedia report of vidrabh farmer suicides returnable in four weeks but till date report is waited ,here is NHRC details
National Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to the Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra on the basis of a media report alleging that seven farmers committed suicide in the past 72 hours in the Vidarbha region. The press report was carried on 4th September, 2012. The Chief Secretary has been asked to respond to the allegations within six weeks.

Allegedly, Dhayneshwer Thakary, Pramod Mamankar, Kanikrao Kukade, Vitthal Bhogare, Shyam Sahare, Doulat Kukade and Chakradhar Choudhary were those who committed suicide recently. As per documentation done by Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS), 528 farmers had committed suicide in the Vidarbha region between the 1st January and the 2nd September this year. The cause of suicides, as reported in the press report, was damage to the cash crops like soya, paddy and cotton because of heavy rain in the area.

The Commission has observed that the media report, if true, raise a serious issue of violation of human rights of farmers.

The Chief Secretary of Maharashtra is yet to give his version of the farmer suicides in September, 2012, despite the National Human Rights Commission’s (NHRC) notice seeking a reply to the incidents within four weeks of its receipt date, which ended on November 19 lastly matter was brought before supreme court of India but till there is no response hence this summon to mahrahstra chief secretary ,Tiwari added.

The apex human rights panel issued the notice to the Chief Secretary based on a petition filed by Supreme Court lawyer and rights activist  who highlighted the sorry state of farmers in Vidarbha region of the state.

As many as 565 farmers had ended their lives since January this year owing to the acute agrarian crisis in the region, the petitioner said.

Shivaji Wagh and Baliram Wagh of Pokhari village, Ramesh Kharat of Giroli village and Prakash Jadhav of Koregoan village in Buldhana district, Sunil Choudhari of Karanja Tehsil in Washim district, Yashwant Chavhan of Sultanpur village in Amravati district and Shankar Mudalkar of Yari village in Yavatmal district have reportedly committed suicide in four days of September, Tiawri said.

Baliram Wagh and Shivaji Wagh, who hanged themselves in two hours, are father and son. It is reported that Baliram had committed suicide around 10 am on Saturday and the news of his death led his father to end his life. With the suicides of seven farmers, allegedly prompted by a massive pest attack on their crops causing huge loss, the toll of farmers’ suicide in Vidarbha reached 59 in September.

Right requested the NHRC to investigate the issue, carry out post mortem examination, file a magisterial enquiry report of the incidents and direct the government of Maharashtra to ensure the farmers of human rights and pay compensation to the kin of the deceased.

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