Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making contractor as"law-maker" is reason of Nitinji Gadkaris Fall

The dramatic turn of events on Tuesday,  when Nitin Gadkari was finally eased out to make way forRajnath Singh to take over as National President of BJP, holds important lessons for Gadkari the BJP as well as the RSS, including its Chief Mohan Bhagwat and De-facto Chief Srikant alias Bhaiyyaji Joshi. Although the RSS has small face saving having implanted another of its ‘front men’ – in the form of Rajnath Singh – as BJP president, the circumstances under which it had to let go of its preferred candidate – Nitin Gadkari – count as a serious virtual loss of face for the Sangh fountainhead. For the past few months, it had the option of managing the transition from Gadkari on its terms. But in the end, it had to yield, in the face of a virtual revolt from the senior BJP leadership – and the manifestly politically motivated income tax raids on Gadkari’s companies. In the end, it had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the transition, not on its terms and not at a time of its choosing.
It is most relevant to note that in all but the crudest calorific sense, from day no. 1 Nitin Gadkari is always termed lightweight whose political worthiness and heft is unfathomable to anyone beyond the closed circle of RSS functionaries who exercise a disproportionately high influence on the political affairs of the BJP, even after neglecting the business & commercial priorities of Mr.Nitin Gadkari.  Long after it became abundantly clear that Gadkari’s continuance as BJP president was hobbling the party from making political capital out of the numerous corruption scandals that wrack the UPA government, the RSS, the soul & mothership that guides the BJP  ideology, recklessly insisted on Gadkari’s re-election – virtually twisting the arms of senior BJP leaders  and forcing them into submission. And it very nearly had its way – until, barely a day before the “re-election”, the income-tax raids on Gadkari’s business empire torpedoed that plan.
If anyone known to the talks inside BJP circle, can easily identify the root cause behind this ultimate fall of Gadkari, as an accumulated effect of various factors of autocratic style & approach. However, this all goes in the cause of action in the mind of most of workers, functionaries & the seniors in BJP that the approach & the style in which Mr. Gadkari unilaterally SELECTED IRRIGATION CONTRACTORS LIKE AJAY SANCHETI AS RAJYA SABHA MP, SIDELINING & ignoring the claims of VETERAN LEADERS BALASAHEB APTE, SARDAR AHULUWALIA, RAM NAIK, BANWARILAL PUROHIT, KIRIT SOMAIYYA, ETC. EXPERIENCED & DESERVING LEADERS OF BJP  AND ALSO HELPING KNOWN IRRIGATION SCAMESTERS  MITESH BANGDIA – SANDIP BAJORIA, both having proximity to NCP leader Ajit Pawar TO BECOME MLCs IS the ROOT CAUSE OF NITIN GADKARI’s FALL and  ultimately the BUSINESS PRIORITIES OF NITIN GADKARI KNOWN TO EVERYBODY, COST HIM TO LO0SE PRIME POST IN BJP. It was most unfortunate to see the autocratic style & approach adopted by Mr. Gadkari ignoring the basic ideology & culture of BJP and selecting politically useless businessmen for the nominations to the upper house of parliament and the State Legislature, without any logical rational. This all ultimately caused changing the minds of the senior functionaries of the party and also the Sangh Parivar, barring Bhagwat – Joshi – Kulkarni – Pande – Ranades, etc., and now Gadkari has to go most at the eleventh hour un ceremonially.

The critics and the slow - steady runners in the party & the parivar, by clinging onto Gadkari and insisting on foisting him on the BJP, despite the clamour from within the BJP rank-and-file and from the rest of the leadership (including from LK Advani), the RSS had effectively enfeebled and emasculated the BJP, merely in order for it to be  able to impose its ”maternal”’ diktat on its political progeny. That the RSS leadership - Bhagwat – Joshi – Kulkarni – Pande, insisted on such a course for so long, willfully blind to the overall political ramifications of the decision, shows up these leaders of RSS as being either politically illiterate  - or, more likely, as being insensitive to the BJP’s need to define its self-identity on its own terms.
Like an aged, control-freak matriarch who insists that her grown-up son stay at home and carry out his filial duties, forgoing career opportunities in the world outside that he yearns for, the RSS leaders Bhagwat – Joshi – Kulkarni – Pande has virtually misused & tried to clip the BJP ‘s wings and has it wrapped around its little finger.  It has held back the party from realizing its potential and shaping its own destiny, even if it means making mistakes that it can learn from.  For the BJP too, the events of recent months, culminating in the political denouement on Tuesday, show up the merit of breaking free of the maternal apron-strings that bind it to the RSS bosom – and of redefining its relationship with its mother ship. For a party that denounces and mocks the Congress’ inability – or unwillingness – to outgrow the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, the BJP comes across as equally wussy whenever it has to face up to the RSS. For far too long has it allowed these RSS leaders Bhagwat – Joshi – Kulkarni – Pande to dictate and define its patriarchal worldview, which – truth be told – is regressive for the most part and out of synch with  modern, urban young India.
It is most unfortunate that the atmosphere and the impression that created in the political circle that by surrendering too readily to these RSS leaders Bhagwat – Joshi – Kulkarni – Pande at every turn, the BJP only comes across as a “mamma’s boy” who can’t think for himself.  As Tuesday’s events show, the RSS, purported to be controlled by Bhagwat – Joshi – Kulkarni – Pande & can, under compelling circumstances, be forced to yield ground. In fact, the BJP would have embellished its democratic credentials if it had actually gone ahead with an open contest for the presidency, instead of persuading Yashwant Sinha and Mahesh Jethmalani to back off in the interest of party unity, and allowing and giving another chance to these RSS leaders to impose Rajnath Singh on the leadership. In a larger sense, the BJP must realize that just as there comes an optimal time when every young adult must leave his maternal home and find a future for himself and redefine his relationship with his parents in a manner that goes beyond traditional notions of filial piety, the party too must break free of the umbilical cord that binds it to its cloying RSS mother.
In this background, the approach and the style which Nitin Gadkari is used to adopt  clearly give a lesson. Because, when the business interest become paramount, the ideology & the principles vanishes as seen in the present case. If we just have a look on a small comparision of Gadkari’s choice Ajay Sancheti than life time sacrifier like Balasaheb Apte who devoted his entire life for party and the parivar. Similarly, other senior leaders who could have been considered for Rajya Sabha nomination like SARDAR AHULUWALIA, KIRIT SOMAIYYA, RAM NAIK, BANWARILAL PUROHIT, ETC But how these can be compared with contractor Sancheti whose only qualifications was a established government contractor having proximity – links to Gadkari. Perhaps, Gadkari forget the past of the party and parivar. The way in which government contractor Ajay Sancheti surprisingly nominated to Rajya Sabha sidelining senior leaders and useful functionary had raised many questions those days.
Who was this Ajay Sancheti ? Just have a quick look : 
Name - Shri. Ajay Shaktikumar Sancheti - Non Executive Vice Chairman of SMS Group of Companies including Infrastructure Ltd. A Commerce Graduate. He said to be started his career in 1985 with a Coal Mine Construction Project. Businessmen Sancheti claimed to be having excellent managerial and interpersonal skills, of course, for business development. Owing & opening of Indonesian Coal mine was his major breakthrough. Sancheti claims having extensively travelled worldwide and widely known for his public relations. As a government contractor his groups has variety of work experience arising out of execution of Bembla Dam Project in Yeotmal District, Construction of tunnel and Cut n’ cover of Ghodazari canal of Gosikhurd Dam project, Construction of right bank canal of Gosikhrud project in 0-5kms, Construction of Tekepor lift irrigation scheme catering for 6000 hec. Land, Construction of Ambora lift irrigation scheme catering for 10,000 hec. Land, Construction of khatao tunnel of Urmodi dam project, Construction of Pentakli tunnel of Pentakli dam project, Operation, Maintenance and transfer of Electronically Operated Toll Collection System at Vidyasagar Setu, Kolkata, Construction maintenance and Operation of Durg bypass on National Highway No.6, Engagement of a contractor by MCD for toll collection at border points from specified commercial vehicles entering delhi, Waste to generation, Ranjangaon, Nagpur, CEPT Nagpur, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Installation of centralized treatment facility for Bio-Medical Waste Management at Vikaspuri, Delhi, Consultancy – Pune, Nagpur, Indore, Bhubaneswar, Raipur, Construction of Captive Rail Line Linking between Khaperkheda Thermal Power Station & Saoner Coal Mines for MSEB, Construction of Broad Gauge Railway siding for New Parli Thermal Power Project, Doubling of Railway line between Gevra and Junadih Railway station including civil work, Construction of Broad Gauge Railway Siding at Khaperkheda, Construction of ROB no. 5 & no. 6 in Madurai to Kanyakumari National Highway, Contract for operation and maintenance contract for Nellor Chikaluripet section of NH-5, Short term improvement and routine maintenance of Barwa Adda-Pannagarh Section, Short term improvement and routine maintenance of Kanchipuram Walajpeth-section of NH-4 and so on.

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