Friday, December 20, 2013

Maharashtra Govt. ignored Vidarbha Agrarian Crisis in Nagpur Session

Maharashtra Govt. ignored Vidarbha Agrarian Crisis in Nagpur Session
NAGPUR: 21st December 2013
The complete apathy CM Prithviraj Chavan and hostile stage managed working of main opposition has ignore in vidarbha farmers and tribal crisis in recently concluded Nagpur session of winter Maharashtra assembly as more than around 5 million dry land farmers are in despair and distress due massive crop failure of main cash crop cotton and soybean is facing main problem of load shedding and on going drive of disconnecting agri. pump power supply  from MSEDL, issue of support and bonus to cotton and soybean growers ,restoration fresh bank credit to all defaulters who are in debt-trap of private moneylenders  and Disbursement relief package to tune of Rs.3480 crore since august 2013,Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) informed today, urging Govt. to provide aid to tackle very pathetic situation to give healing touch to dying farming community which is crying for food, medicine and relief aid ,Tiwari added.

‘As this was last Nagpur session on Maharashtra assembly before general election and assembly election, it was expected that the core issues of agrarian crisis, tribal malnutrition, non-functional public distribution system and rural power and massive unemployment crisis will be focused but concrete announcement will be made but nothing happened more over same announcement of MIHAN Project, textile park, competition of pending irrigation projects has disappointed the agrarian community and tribal of vidarbha who are dying due to starvation or committing suicides due to mounting debt and successive crop failure as winter session of Maharashtra assembly is in progress it was expected that CM should visit crisis hit region and discuss the progress over relief disbursement and review the relief rehabilitation of victims but he just attended state functions and hardship of masses were ignored ,it happened as main opposition parties were not keen to get issues resolved to logical conclusions even state has not implemented Dr.Narendra Jadhav committee recommendation more failed to get through the anti-money lending laws approved from central  ” Tiwari said.

When vidarbha cotton and soybean farmers are committing suicides three farmers a day since 2005 and this year historic excessive rain and flood causing crop failure ,they are crying for higher support price @Rs.6000/- and @Rs.5000/- for cotton and soybean but not only   CM Prithviraj Chavan but union agriculture minister sharad Pawar were managing to get bailout package from centre to tune of Rs.8000 crore with help of main opposition parties that has made mockery of serious issue and there is growing unrest in the vidarbha region against all political parties who are sharing power with out addressing basic issues of dying masses will result in opting third alternative ,Tiwari warned. 


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