Wednesday, December 18, 2013

US protest reaches rural part of India-Burnt Effigy of US president demanding unconditional Apology

US protest reaches rural part of India-Burnt Effigy of US president demanding unconditional Apology 
Nagpur 18th     December 2013
Recent over the arrest and humiliation of an Indian diplomat, Devyani Khobragade has getting bigger "national outrage" as farmers in remote western part of Maharashtra region vidarbha burnt effigy of US president Barack Obama demanding unconditional apology and withdrawal of criminal cases against Devyani Khobragade who is from Maharashtra . 

‘we are shocked to know ground reality and treatment to  Indian lady diplomat who has immunity,is treated like hardcore criminal when US jurisprudence allows special procedure for dealing white collar crime and we term this as  US racism and justification of US administration to needless action to Indian  lady diplomat who was handcuffed -paraded and put in custody with sex-workers and drug peddler is highly objectionable and this is US terror will receive larger protest and vidarbha farmers will boycott American seed and agrarian input which is main reason farmers suicides in the region, Kishore Tiwari of farm activist group vidarbha janandolan samiti informed in press release today .
‘we are worried about  her and her children's safety and preserve the dignity of the IFS, which was "unquestionably under siege as there are  reports that Khobragade had been strip-searched and her DNA swab taken and this voilation of  Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR) and  this is a sensitive issue for many in India more over the recent remark of the US Marshals Service  that "standard arrestee intake procedures" were followed has fuel more fire to protest’ Tiwari added.

US MNCs  are involved in unfair trade practices and they are responsible for on going cotton farmers genocide but Indian Govt. is not only protesting them but also acting as touts same US officials  are treating out diplomats like criminals as US terror that can not be tolerated more Indian should ban all US MNCs till unconditional apology and restoration Indian prestige is not done ,farmers demanded. 

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