Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hundreds of farm widow’s and farmers joined ‘Save Vidarbha' Protest on 1st MAY Mah. Day

Hundreds of  farm widow’s  and farmers joined   ‘Save Vidarbha' Protest  on 1st MAY Mah. Day
Yavatmal-1st may 2014
When Maharashtra  administration  is  celebrating state government’s Maharashtra Day on 1st MAY same time hundereds of farm widows and  farmers are protesting against Govt. apathy towards demands of vidarbha cotton farmers and farm widows ,demanding fresh crop loan  to every  crisi ridden drought hit debt trapped farmers ,higher minimum support price @Rs.6500/quintal and disbursement of relief aid to all farmers and family pension,food security to all farm widows and member of families of farmers who committed suicide since june 2005 , Kishor Tiwari, president of Nagpur-based Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti, (VJAS), in a Press release .
Five million distressed dying farmers recently hit by historic hailstorm and massive raining in august last suffering heavy damages as per official records amounting more than Rs.10 thousend  crore even state Govt. declared Rs.4000 crore as relief in March this year and Rs.3000 crore last year and restore pending crop of debt trapped farmers  but aid starved farmers are committing suicides  and banker forceful recoveries are on moreover apathy of Govt. toward  more than 12000 farm widows of ill fated cotton farmers who have committed suicide since 2005 has forced them starvation as basic demands of food security and family security pension is still pending  hence this on protest ‘Dharna’ on 1st may Maharashtra day, ‘Vidarbha Agrarian Crisis is result of last 60 years of backlog and apathy which has treated region as it’s colony when they are celebrating the grand  MAH. Day celebration, we are observing the fast to remember the farmers who have committed suicides in west vidarbha due to wrong policies of the state  and complete neglect toward region .more than 5 million farmers and 6 million tribal in vidarbha region have been denied basic security of food, healthcare and employment freezing all fundamental rights betraying all toll promises given at the time of Maharashtra State formation on 1st may 1960 now people of wants complete reassessment of situation and separate the vidarbha region to stop farmers and tribal on going Genocide’ Tiwari  urged Govt.while addresing the meeting .

The protest hunger strike has been organized by VJAS which has been keeping track of farm suicides in Vidarbha region and working for empowerment of hundreds farm widows in the region main demands of vidarbha farmers are disbursement fresh crop loan and relief aid every hailstorm and drought hit farmers ,minimum support price (MSP)  Rs 6,500 a quintal during for next kharif season  ,food security and family pension all vidarbha farm widows   ,Kishore Tiwari informed .

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