Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sops for Farmers are Hoax - Mah. Govt. ignored Vidarbha Farmers,Farm Widows and Tribal-VJAS

Sops for Farmers are Hoax - Mah. Govt. ignored Vidarbha Farmers,Farm Widows  and Tribal-VJAS 
Nagpur 6th June 2014
When Maharashtra  pegs revenue receipts at 1,80,320 crore which is record one but even Congress-NCP state government  has shown 4,103.3 crore deficit Budget for 2014-15 but failed keep hardly Rs.100 crore needed  to give food security, health security, educational concession to 3 million distressed dying vidarbha farmers even after 6 year old Dr.Naresh Jadhav committee recommendations already legitimate sanctioned in 2010  which is ongoing insensitivity and apathy toward dying suicide prone agrarian community of vidarbha hence so-called declared sops are rubbing the salt to the wounds of farmers as vidarha farmers main demands of complete crop loan waiver ,special bonus to match cultivation cost with loss making MSP  for cotton and soybean  cash crop the most venerable segment of distress  being  ignored ,the announcement  doubling the minimum assistance given to farmers is nonsense as 90% affected farmers hit by drought, unseasonal rains and hailstorms.
 have not been identified and so-called relief  to reduce  tax rate on cotton to 2 per cent from 5 per cent and the budgetary provision of merge 100.4 crore to boost the textile sector is just making mockery of cotton crisis hence Mah. Govt. has made its way for repetition of  humiliating defeat of Loksabha in next October assembly election, Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janadolan samiti (VJAS) was reacting strongly after budget announcement.

“it was expected that  after humiliating historic set back to congress and NCP ,this was last chance for state leadership to address the burning  issues of agrarian community and staving trials related to  feasible and sustainable farming ,income base agrarian activity for market volatile cash crops like cotton and soybean, restoration food security, health services, educational facilities  and job creation in rural level but even after state revenue receipt has jumped to  1,80,000 crore  ,we shocked to pathetic allocation in social security sector ,babus have ruined the state and our long pending demand of farm widows and food loan to tribal ,brining     40 thousand women self-help group (SHG) to be brought back banking  
Network as SHGs are in default along with majority vidarha farmers but budget has been salient over these critical issues “Tiwari
‘Maharashtra dying debt-trapped  5 million dry land farmers needs healing touch by way direct relief in support price, cultivation subsidies in seed, pesticide, fertilizer  and wages and proper protection from market forces and existing health service ,PDS and  educational network rather giving them high dreams of high-tech irrigation and modern technology for better productivity and post cultivation storage’ Tiwari urged.

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