Monday, June 2, 2014

Vidarbha farmers’ ‘Kisanoki Chai Pe Charcha aur Chinta’ urged PM Modi for special integrated Package

Vidarbha farmers’ ‘Kisanoki Chai Pe Charcha aur Chinta’ urged PM Modi for special integrated Package
Maregoan (Yavatmal) – 2nd   June   2014
Hundreds of vidarbha distressed debt-trapped farmers and farm widows joined ‘Chai Par Charcha our chinta’ (talk of tea time and despair) at village maregoan in Yavatmal district today with festive mood of victory and celebration but prevailing despair and urgent need for healing touch to around 3 million farmers was much more seen in all speeches and demands raised to PM Modi related to the MSP of cash crop cotton and soybean, complete loan waiver, strong regulator to curb exploitation of seed, fertilizer and pesticide companies, direct subsidies for new technology and irrigation facilities, planed administered  agronomic practices , issues of climate change and rigonwise implementation of implementation national agriculture plan and white paper of complete failure national agrarian polices and network of ICAR, varsities and agri. Departments are main issues other than complete rehabilitation more than 10,000 farm widows and family members who are victim of wrong policies of the Govt., are main issues  and farmers passed resolution that NDA Govt. should give ‘Vidarbha Kisan Bachav integrated package’  for all farm suicide prone and drought affected dry land region of India ,Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan samiti(VJAS)  announced in farmers victory meeting today.
Agrarian expert Moreshwar watile,suresh bolenwar ,nitin kamble,prem chavan, mohan jadhav,rajubhau todsam ,manoj meshram and farm widows  aparna malikar,vandan gawande ,gita rathode ,shushila mohurle took part in the discussin and put farward the farmers demands.
‘As we are given to understand by union transport minister Nitin Gadkari that our PM Modiji are keen to address vidarbha farmers suicide issue and resolve the prevailing agrarian crisis of the region, today’s meeting has shortlisted the all hardships of the dying farmers and we will move with demands and long term and short term solutions with high hopes to get mega relief package soon’ Tiwari added.  

PM Modi new MSP formula and promise of fresh bank credit has been real hot button to get massive historic support agrarian community which is traditional voting as per cast equation  hence today also main issues raised by farmers are about  loss making  minimum support price ,non availability of crop loan ,poor  Irrigation, market infrastructure and transport infrastructure ,Lack of resources and the absence of adequate incentive structures ,anti-farmer Policy  & Inadequate technology ,Non availability of crop insurance  hence all pending recommendations national commission of farmers (NCF) should be implemented  for urgent targeted urgent relief we will these demands to PM Modiji  through main NDA leaders  Nitin Gadkari, Shiv Sena Chief Udhav Thakray , Rural dev. Minister Gopinath Munde ,BJP Mah chief Devendra Phadanavis ,all  MPS of vidarbha region in both houses of parliament, Tiwari said.

‘Vidarbha classic example of complete neglect and apathy of Govt. on rural economy and distressed starving rural India as issues of farmers and tribal has been matter of discussion for and election issue for political parties but for first time PM is serious to take advice with concerned farmers and tribal not with so called agriculture expert and economist who are created this pathetic condition hence we are hopeful to have urgent relief on economic front related to cost of agri. produce ,cost of seed, fertilizer  and pesticide , hostile credit network and very poor health, educational and  industrial growth in the area ’  Kishor Tiwari of VJAS has added. 

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