Wednesday, February 25, 2015

VJAS welcome AAP decision of Free Water and Power Tariff cut –Urged Maharashtra Chief Minister to follow ‘AAP’

VJAS welcome AAP decision of Free Water and Power Tariff cut –Urged Maharashtra Chief Minister to follow ‘AAP’
Nagpur -25th Febuary  2015
Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) activist group who is working for rights of dying cotton farmers and food staved tribal of eastern part of Maharashtra has welcomed Delhi AAP Chief Minister  Arvind Kejriwal to his historic decision to subsidies  water and power  which has largely been privatized and is being operated under word bank and free trade era of globalization  since 1991 and supported by policies of UPA and  NDA parties  allowing corporate houses to exploit common man which is being strongly protested throughout country wherever water and power distribution is handed over  private players who are just taking people on ride having made unholy alliance with both  congress and BJP  hence in order to save congress party led ‘Progressive Front Govt.’ of Neo-globalization brand ambassador  Prathviraj Chavan form humiliating defeat in next election PDF Govt. of Maharashtra is humbly urged to give free water and subsidies electricity for poor families under BPL as done by Haryana congress Govt., Kishore Tiwari of VJAS informed in press release . 
‘When Delhi Govt. with merely with Rs.4000/- crore budget can take decision then state like Maharashtra where annul tax revenue collection is crossing Rs. one lakh sixty thousand crore  can take decision to give subsidy to local bodies and electric companies to give free water and free power to poor and tribal without going for budget provisioning  as  state has cur food and kerosene subsidy and social  welfare fund to larger extend for direct benefit to poor  hence this is good chance Maharashtra Govt. CM to restore his credibility lost by giving empty election promises of farm loan waiver and tollfree state ’, Tiwari added.
‘Water-Power Distribution’ is National Issue –AAP decision to Impact UPA-NDA Pro-Globalization Policies
 AAP Govt. which has initiated free water and power tariff cut as fulfillment of election manifesto but this will have larger impact  pro-liberalization agenda forced by world Bank which is asking  center and states to cut subsidies on water-power-fuel and private these most essential service to corporate houses and both main leading national parties congress and BJP will have to rethink their model of development instrumented by ‘US-WORLD BANK-WTO-IMF’ and this is good beginning and move toward the real independence hence we welcome AAP decision and urged all states should follow it mainly BJP ruled states who have kept their PM candidate in waiting to avoid ‘India shining-2004’ experience, Tiwari added. 

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