Monday, May 11, 2015

VJAS to move High-court as Mah. Govt. declare that 'No solution to stop farmer suicides'

VJAS to move High-court as Mah. Govt. declare that  'No solution to stop farmer suicides'
Nagpur- 11th May 2015 

Recent statement of  State agriculture minister Eknath Khadse that Mahrashtra Government has no solution to stop farmer suicides in the state. The issue of farmers committing suicide is a touchy one in the state after  meeting with the chief minister last week to discuss how to curb farmer's suicide cases in the state and what measures can be taken, but it has yielded no solution. There is no concrete solution to completely stop the suicides after Chief minister Devendra fadanvis repeatedly announced that farm loan waiver and special relief packages are not solution to stop farmer suicides where National BJP leader who is representing farm suicide hit vidarbha in union cabinet Nitin Gadkari  asked distressed farmers not to rely on God and government and no Govt. can give sustainble minimum support price (MSP) as promised by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ,has added fuel in the on going unrest in debt trapped farmers who burned  agriculture minister Eknath Khadse effigy in a massive protest  against his misleading remark that tribal  do not commit suicide because they are morally strong. They know how to struggle in life." where as hundreds of tribal farmers are killing themselves as ministers has termed farmers who are not tribal  as immoral and coward which is also reflects Govt. attitude insensitive to farm suicides and prevailing distress ,farmers advocacy  group Vidarbha Janandolan samiti(VJAS) has decided today to move special application in their already pending PIL Nagpur bench of Mumbai high-court since 2005 in which numbers directives and ordered given to state Govt. has not complied now ministers are officially  admitting that clueless and will continue this farmers suicides in order to get suitable directives from judiciary so that innocent  victimization of distressed can stopped ,Kishor Tiwari who is petitioner in this PIL has informed to in press release.
Kishor Tiwari has recalled December 2005 High court ordering Rs.1000  fine to a all babus including chief secretary fro showing insensitivity toward farm suicides issue and not responding in same PIL which is being reopened after same insensitivity shown now by ministers ,when agriculture minister Eknath Khadse was claiming that no tribal commits suicide innocent tribal farmer of village Ghodkhandi near Yavatmal where Maharashtra chief minister visited in jan,2015 ,killed himself due Rs.1.5 lac debt of Maharashtra bank ,showing effect of empty promises and hostile functioning of state.
'as more than a dozen commissions, committees, expert panels and research groups have submitted comprehensive reports and recommendations to curb farmland suicides and yet Govt.feels there is no solution whereas Maharashtra  CM Fadnavis is  traveling  abroad and is bringing Israeli experts to stop farmers crises that is intentional negligence  when survey done by divisional commissioner  in January  2015 of around  2 million Vidarbha farmers of six district Amravati division  where more than 11,000 thousands cotton farmers committed suicide  in last 15 years mostly having dry-land and drought prone  climatic conditions .Survey has reveled shocking fact that  13 lacs 60,000 thousands farmers are in found in distress out of which around 4 lacs 50,000 are found in deep distress and any small shock can trigger these  farmers  to opt extremity hence we are moving in high court ,Tiwari added.
Tiwari said the agrarian crisis became critical owing to introduction of new seeds and new cultivation methods, cash crops replacing sustainable drought-prone food crops around the state since 1998 and this year massive crop failure and international recession in cotton has increased acute distress resulting in more than 500 farm suicides in last 100 days in 2015 hence we are moving in high-court with special plea to order prosecution of state ministers and babus for criminal negligence  toward  serious issue of agrarian crisis and farm suicides .. 

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