Friday, July 3, 2015

MHRC summoned Yavatmal collector on Kolam Tribals' Plight

MHRC summoned Yavatmal collector on Kolam Tribals' Plight
dated 4th July 2015
Yavatmal district which has reported kolam tribals farmers suicides in last few months has been issued fresh noticed by  The Maharashtra Human Rights Commission(MHRC)  against compliant filed  Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti President Kishore Tiwari regarding complete apathy of state administration to implements High court order issued 2001 to provide  food ,shelter,potable water im the matter of kolam starvation death  

The Maharashtra Human Rights Commission chairman Justice S.R.Bannurmath has issued summons to Yavatmal collector directing him to appear before it on July 7 at Amaravati  and  present his report on the complaint filed by VJAS  President Kishore Tiwari. The complaint is regarding plight of kolam tribals  of yavatmal district and the dismal conditions in which they are forced to live with complete survey report ialka pod in ralegoan taluka of yavatmla distrcit .
Tiwari alleged that in a affidavit collector yavatmal has informed high court that all kolam tribals have been covred under antyodaya scheme for food security but in fact ground reality 50 % kolam tribal denied the food under PDS and several irregularities were detected in public distribution system but despite a high court order to set things right, the grains supply remained irregular. "The poor Kolam tribe members do not get subsidized foodgrains for three months in a row. Grains meant for them are sold in open market," Tiwari said in his plea.
the kolam tribals farmers are forced to commit suicide as they are denied land right and institutional credit and all welfare scheme of kolam tribal are being misused by other people hence Tiwari has prayed for criminal action against all district officials . 

He also alleged that because of the apathy of the district administration, the tribals were leading a miserable life. The government hospitals had no doctors and the wards were used for housing staff like nurses. The condition of ashramshalas (special schools for tribals) was worse. At one such residential school for girls, the toilet is locked and inmates have to wait till dark to defecate in open, he added.

The government had given an assurance in the court in 2001 that the tribals would be provided with houses and proper shelters. Till date the promise has not been fulfilled because of the callous attitude of the district officials concerned. Acting on Tiwari' s petition, the Commission asked the district collector to be present before the Commission at its camp office in amaravati on July 7  at 11am to respond to the complaints.

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