Sunday, July 5, 2015

Starved of Crop-loans, 8 more Vidarbha farmers killed themselves in last 48 hours

Starved of Crop-loans, 8 more Vidarbha farmers killed themselves in last 48 hours
July 5 , 2015 -
When Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fandanavis is on US tour and claiming ‘Make in Maharashtra ‘ claiming  vidarbha shining with metro rail an smart city projects but ground reality is to gloom to support his wild claim as more than 5 million deb-trapped distressed farmers are in deep trouble due on going resowing of kharip crop and continuous denial of fresh crop loan to drought hit  resulting 8 more innocent vidarbha farmers suicides in last 48 hours ,they are four  from yavatmal ,two each from wardha and  Amaravati identified as 1.Marotrao Atare of village Pandhari, 2.Amol Wadhale of village Shirasgoan,3Ppandurang Madavi of village Watkhed 4.Gunjabai Madavi of village takla all from Yavatmal District 5.Santosh Chantule of village Shendurjana and 6.Shaymrav Kokarde of village Bhivapur in Amaravati and 7. Sathish Sidram of village Gohda  and 8. Dinesh Bhonde of village Porgavahan both from Wardha taking toll to 802 in vidarbha alone in year 2015 , Kishore Tiwari of the Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti claimed today. 
Maharashtra farm loan crisis is the result of hostile functioning Maharashtra Govt. who has made mockery of crop loan disbursement as   the Rs 2,000 crore that was announced to be used to restructure farmer loans taken from district cooperative banks, the state government has made provision for just Rs 25 crore as earlier announcement of Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, in a review meeting of the kharif season, announced that before 15 June, all district cooperative banks would be provided with financial assistance of a total of Rs 2,000 crore from the state has not been fulfilled resulting present crop loan restructuring crisis ,VJAS chief Tiwari alleged 
in fact due to the delay in providing fund to DCC banks, more than 18 lakh farmers from western Vidarbha region were denied crop loans by the DCC banks and The government’s apathetic stand has resulted into maximum farmland remaining uncultivated as farmers have no money to purchase seeds and fertilizers,” said Mr Tiwari.
The situation has worsened after the waiver. He pegged the number of farmers who have defaulted on loan payments at over 2 lakh as against 4.16 lakh agriculturists in the district. The cooperative department records put the number of defaulters at 1.17 lakh in Yavatmal. However, this is limited to the loans granted by Yavatmal DCCB. Tiwari has called for another round of waiver for farmers.
Vidarbha, adding to the distress of the farmers who have suffered heavy losses for last three consecutive years because of bad weather conditions and poor prices for produce and  the situation is so bad that cultivators are unable to procure seeds, fertilizers and implements to start their work even as the rains are expected any time. "Around 40% of land has been  remain untilled and unsown this time as f timely action is not taken was not taken as CM was touring world allowing vidarbha farmers to die ' Tiwari alleged .

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