Thursday, June 15, 2017

PM should give a package of Rs 32,000 crore for farmers 'debt waiver: Farmers' Mission to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM  should give a package of Rs 32,000 crore for farmers 'debt waiver: Farmers' Mission to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Nagpur: Date 14 June 2017

Devendra fadanvis led Maharashtra government historic announcement of amnesty of farm debt to the tune of 32 thousand defaulting crore crop loans on June 11th  but day after,Minister Arun jaitaly announced after bankers meet that state has to take full burden of this loan waiver  on 12th June  which has been strongly objected by special task force chairman and farm activist kishore tiwari which is tracking farmers suicides in the region since 1995 and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene in this matter as farm loan has triggered after UP Govt.'s  Rs.39 thousand crore farm loan waiver which his promised to UP during election and as agriculture credit is central subject it is must for central responsbility to bailout  the states where agrarian crisis is major issue and farmers suicides due to debt  is matter of serious concern  .
RBI has been advocating anti farmers bias stand on the farm loan waiver as all PSU banks has been taking different stand  to huge corporate loan to the tune of Rs.12 lakh crore and interest waiver given to them even after their willful default,Tiwari added in a letter written to PM asking him for urgent intervention in the farm loan waiver as Maharashtra Govt. led by devendra fadanvis has working on long term solution to address prevailing agrarian crisis his efforts have shown very positive result as agriculture growth of state has crossed double digit but even after the record productivity of pluses and other food grain crops the income of farmers has not increased due to very hostile intervention of center specially Nafed and FCI and if state which is having legacy Rs.4.13 lakh debt and continuous deficit in budget then additional burden of Rs.32 thousand crore will badly affect  the ongoing project of addressing rural crisis and core issues of agrarian crisis like local value addition ,creating market linkages and rural employments along with mega developments which are already in pipeline ,Tiwari urged .

.    Maharashtra has 13.6 million farm households, of which 10.06 million are small and marginal (with less than 2 hectare holding). Nearly 9 million farmers get bank loans or are covered by the formal net — this figure went up significantly after Devendra fadanvis led Maharashtra government came in to power 
 Farmers’ leader Kishore Tiwari  termed the recent  farmers’ strike as a conspiracy against Chief Minister hatched by rattled opposition parties. Calling the state-wide agitation of farmers as justified, Tiwari at the same time slammed the Opposition leaders for using the agitation as political tool to target the Chief Minister.

Tiwari questioned the timing of the agitation. “According to a survey, the popularity of Fadnavis is at its peak in rural areas of the state. Under his leadership, the BJP is winning elections after elections. Rattled by the victories, all the leaders of political parties from Western Maharashtra are attacking the Chief Minister on the basis of the farmers’ strike. The peaceful agitation suddenly turning violent is the handy work of the Opposition leaders,” Tiwari charged.

 Chief Minister Fadnavis is sensitive to the problems of farmers and taken several initiatives resulting in increase in produce of farmers in the state. However, the income of farmers has declined due to various reasons. Farmers were forced to sell their produce much below the minimum support price, Tiwari claimed.

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