Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eight credit starved vidarbha farmers’ suicides reported in last 48 hours.

Eight credit starved vidarbha farmers’ suicides reported in last 48 hours.

Nagpur-13th June-2010

The complete apathy of Maharashtra chief minister Ashok chavan toward the vidarbha agrarian crisis has started showing it's impact on vidarbha agrarian crisis as unattended of issues related to non availability of farm credit , seeds, fertilizers and growing economic distress has resulted in 8 credit starved vidarbha farmers suicides in last 48 hours ,the recent victims of vidarbha agrarian crisis that include from four Amaravati distrcit ,two from most effected yavatmal and one from akola and washim district each.,they are-

1.Sudhakar Sarad in Amamravati

2.Mansan Shedokar in Amaravati

3.Babarao Chavan in Amaravati

4.Grupasagr Adau in Amaravati

5.Ravindra Masekar n Yavatmal

6.Pundlik Sidam in Yavatmal

7.Mahadev Nikanth in Akola

8.Vilas Belkhade in Washim

Taking toll to 413 in 2010.

"The situation in West Vidarbha where six of the districts are facing farmers' suicide crisis has returned once back to year 2006 even after prime minister relief package and mega loan waiver due to hostile attitude of administration very poor planning of ICAR and NABARD implement proper food crop pattern and soil enrichment ,rainwater harvesting, micro social audit of water shade activities and promotion of special pluses zone for vidarbha ” VidarbhaJan Andolan Samiti president Kishore Tiwari informed in press release today.

''Vidarbha facing the worst ever drought of century more than 5 million farmers of vidarbha in of 15460 villages are facing problem of drinking water, food ,fodder and work under MGREGA scheme ,resulting these farmers suicides in vidarbha.

There is acute shortage of seed and fertilizer ,farmers are not getting bank credit as there is no clear cut order of reconstruction of crop loan due to drought .water crisis has created havoc in rural vidarbha and million of people are force to drink very toxic water which is also rare and one has to walk for more than miles to get it .till today administration has not arranged to food, fodder and work under MGREGA and prevailing despair and distress adding fuel to on going agrarian crisis .we were expecting that Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chvan has no time to attend these problems and another Maharashtra Bhumiputra Union Minister for Agriculture Shri Sharad Pawar is too busy in cricket to address the farmers crisis then Indian Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan singhji approached and urged to revisit vidarbha but nothing is happening in PMO at any level ,nobody is responding to our request and more debt trapped farmers are till killing themselves resulting more despair and condition of farm widows and family members of farmers who committed suicide are more pathetic as they are facing starvation and health care problems " Tiwari added.

'There is an urgent need to stop cultivation highly rain sensitive crops like suger cane and Bt.cotton in the crisis-ridden Vidarbha region and give special financial incentive take to pulses and food grain cultivation. Cotton cultivation is a capital intensive and aggressive way in which Bt cotton is being promoted could lead to a disastrous situation once again as it demands more water,If the coming monsoon is deficient like last year, the situation in Vidarbha is bound to be aggravated. Maharashtra government is not any taking steps to promote food crop and promoting cash crops that unfortunate and if Govt. failed to take corrective steps to address the on going agrarian crisis ,this apathy will the restart farm suicide spiral in near future " said Tiwari, urging Indian Prime Minster to attend to vidarbha agrarian crisis with out further delay.


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