Thursday, June 10, 2010

No change in MSP of cotton disappointed Betrayal of 4 million Maharashtra Cotton Farmers : Rise in MSP of Pluses and Paddy is Peanut -VJAS

No change in MSP of cotton disappointed Betrayal of 4 million Maharashtra Cotton Farmers : Rise in MSP of Pluses and Paddy is Peanut -VJAS

Nagpur- Dated-10th June 2010,

A decision for keeping MSP of cotton for kharif crops for 2010-11 unchanged for the successive last two years by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has disappointed more than 4 million cotton farmers of Maharashtra.

“this is betrayal with cotton farmers of vidarbha which is main cash crop of region ,cotton farmer were expecting minimum Rs.3500 per quintal MSP .the Rs.50 is hike in paddy MSP unjustified where as Govt. claiming big rise in pluses MSP is not inline with CACP calculations and will not encourage the farmers opting pluses cultivation in place of cash crops where such non realistic and unjustified MSPs will have greater impact on food crop promotion programme of Indian Govt.” Kishor Tiwari Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed in press note today.

The the recommendations of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) are based on the following factors that include Cost of production, Changes in input prices ,Input-output price parity,Trends in market prices, Demand and supply situation ,International price situation, prices paid and prices received by the farmers and implications for national –international subsidy but MSP declared has ignored all the factors

The increase was given for the widely consumed arhar dal (tur), the MSP for which has been increased to Rs 3,000 a quintal from Rs 2,300 last year but market price for last whole year on more than RS.3800/- where as the MSP for moong, another popular variety, has been increased to Rs 3,170 per quintal from Rs 2,760. Support price for urad has been increased to 2,900 a quintal from Rs 2,520 last year.

“This is peanut and need urgent revision for encouraging the dry land farmers to go for cultivation of pulses. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has ignored this which is unfortunate decision hence we want the review ” Tiwari added.

UPA Govt. before election has given promise that dying farmers will get reasonable MSP and UPA Govt. more sensitive to the hardships of dying farmers but after the election year, Central Govt. has changed it’s outlook toward the cash crop growing farmers who are playing key role in increasing so called agriculture growth ,are being completely ignored and specially Cotton and Soyabean farmers of vidarbha who are in focus due to on going farm suicides and drought and the decision to keep MSP of cotton and soybean unchanged is unfortunate, Tiwari said.

“UPA Govt. is urged to review MSP of Cotton and Soybean to Rs.3600 from Rs.3000 and Rs.1860 from Rs.1560 respectively in order to save dying 4 million farmers” Tiwari demanded.


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