Monday, June 28, 2010

VJAS moved MHRC against Polluted Water Supply to 8,900 Villages in Maharashtra

VJAS moved MHRC against Polluted Water Supply to 8,900 Villages in Maharashtra

Nagpur-Monday, June 28, 2010

Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) has moved Maharashtra State Human Right Commission (MHRC) against recent official report of the State health department which has issued red cards to 8,901 village panchayats, which were found supplying contaminated drinking water to than 1.2 billion rural population mostly tribal and backward class and deprived masses .VJAS in the petition before state human right panel has urged HRC to order to criminal proceeding against concerned officers responsible for making killer drinking water available and forcing the more than 1.2. billion people to drink toxic contaminated water resulting in health hazard and disease like astroflorosis,paralysis and renal and anartic disease is nothing but the offense under culpable homicide and stringent action is needed to save life the innocent people who are drinking contaminated water due to failure of state administration,Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) has informed in a press release today.

As per report Village panchayats in Yavatmal district have received the highest number of red cards. Of the total 1205 village panchayats in this district, 986 have been issued red cards

Nanded, the home district of Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, has won the dubious distinction of receiving the second highest number of red cards in the state.Of the total 1,313 village panchayats in the district, 784 have serviced the red card for supplying contaminated water.In Latur district of ex-Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh is ranking third in the state as 722 of the total 787 village panchayats have received the red cards.

















The State health services Medical Officer Dr Sachin Desai offcially informed that

'The State government conducts inspection of sources of drinking water in the State twice a year. The first survey is conducted from October to December. The second survey is conducted from April to May.

During the survey, the health department personnel conduct inspection of cleanliness in 15 metres distance area from the sources of water. Based on this finding, the health department issues red, yellow and green cards to the village panchayats.Village panchayats supplying pure drinking water to local residents are issued green cards and the bodies supplying contaminated water are issued red cards. The village panchayats having defective water supply system are issued yellow cards.

The health department had issued red cards to 8,901 of the total 28,262 village panchayats in maharashtra which is highest in rent years ,

VJAS has submitted recent affidavit of state administration submitted in mumbai high court Nagpur bench that administration has made available safe drinking water to tribal villages in vidarbha and yavatmal district in particular where as state health department survey and inspection report has exposed the false claim of local administration.we will move special application in mumbai high court In atter of our PIL regarding tribal starvation death in which Govt. action taken report(ATR) is awaited ,Tiwari added.


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