Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maharashtra Govt. set to auction 50,000acres land of Three Thousand Dying Vidarbha farmers to recover ‘Bank Debt’ from 23rd July –VJAS

Maharashtra Govt. set to auction 50,000acres land of Three Thousand Dying Vidarbha farmers to recover ‘Bank Debt’ from 23rd July –VJAS

Nagpur -22nd july 2010

‘As more than 3 thousand farmers who are having loan amounting to tune of Rs.25 crore from respective district land development bank as they failed repay loan due successive crop failure and drought il last decade in vidarbha and they were not covered under Rs.71,000 crore mega central Govt. loan waiver and Rs.6240 crore extended state loan waiver ,under the power wasted to Maharashtra Govt. under cooperative act ,ordered to recover the debt by auctioning all movable and other belonging of ‘Debt Trapped’ drought hit farmers of vidarbha immediately and those officers failed to follow the orders will have face stern action on or before 31st July 2010’ this is recent order issued by Subhash Mane (I.A.S.) Managing Director and Chief Administrative of Maharashtra Land Development Bank ,state Govt. owned bank with equity participation of Nabard (R.B.I.),officially liquidated due to N.P.A. and accumulated huge losses even after frequent state and R.B.I. ‘Bail Out Packages’ due massive corruption of hostile bank directors of respective District Land Developments Banks.

The meeting called by District Deputy Registrars(DDRs)in suicide prone agrarian crisis hit west-vidarbha at Yavatmal ,Akola ,Washim ,Wardha ,Amaravati ,and Buldhana ,it has been decided to start auctioning of land of defaulter farmers with full police protection by 23rd July ,Friday .all district collectors have been asked to monitor the recovery process and arrange to provide all necessary help wherein required, Kishor Tiwari,President Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS)informed in press note today.

“We are shocked to see the recent orders of Maharashtra Govt. as this region is till facing drought and last year there was crop failure and moreover bankers failed to reconstruct crop loan and fresh credit and now this forceful recovery by auctioning land ,house or anything ,this is highly irritating and unjustified act of state which is forcing the distress farmers to commit suicide ,VJAS has decided to stop all such auctioning process by beating officers and by violent agitation as these are excess of senior officers who are sitting in air conditioned chambers in Mumbai and Delhi and mainly responsible mass genocide of vidarbha farmers since 2001 ’Tiwari added.

VJAS has urged Indian Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh for his urgent intervention in this recovery process that will result in another spiral of vidarbha cotton farmers suicides as all relief packages and loan waivers failed to provide any relief to these dying farmers.

“When Govt. has spent more than Rs.5000 crore in fraudulent relief packages and mega loan waiver amounting more than Rs.78,000 crore loan wiaver which was turned out to be another hoax then why this forceful Rs.25 crore recovery that will result the auction of land of 3000 distress vidarbha farmers which would have been easily avoided but nobody is there in administration to attaend the lst cry of these dying farmers’ Tiwari said.

VJAS is moving application in their PIL of farmers suicides urging the High court to stop these forceful recoveries of Maharashtra Govt., press release added.

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