Tuesday, July 6, 2010

VJAS urged PM to relieve over Burdon Sharad Pawar

VJAS urged PM to relieve over Burdon Sharad Pawar

Nagpur-6th July 2010

‘Sharad Pawar is the minister who is directly responsible for the mass genocide of more than 8000 vidarbha cotton farmers since june 2005 and food crisis in country has realized after 7 years of office that he is over burden, having ruined the rural economy and brought rural despair distress in rural India , himself asked for reliving from the ministry of agriculture and food supply that’s golden opportunity to the prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh for appointing full time Agriculture and Food Supply Minister’ Kishor Tiwati Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS)urged PM to relive him in letter today.

‘we have been demanding the ouster of Sharad Pawar from Agriculture Ministry as he has played very key role in Bt.cotton commercial trials permission in Maharashtra in June 2005 which is main cause agrarian distress and farm debt trap in west vidarbha region resulting more than 8000 cotton farmers suicides as he is de-facto owner of Monsanto,USA base MNC producing Bt.cotton seed ,

Sharad Pawar himself toured in west vidarbha and promoted this killer seed more over he forced state owned seed corporation ‘Mahabeej’ to market this Bt. Cotton seed which was failed in 2005 that forced Govt. at the state level and the center to provide relief packages worth Rs.5000 crore in 2005 and 2006 .

Sharad Pawar as BCCI chief and then IPL main convener was so occupied that he could not visit single house of farmers who has committed suicide more over he allowed the cotton farmers of vidarbha to die hence we urge PM to sack him urgently who is killer of cotton farmers of vidarbha from post Agriculture Minister’ Tiwari said in a letter to PM when he news came that Sharad Pawar himself told to PM that he is over Burdon wants get relieved it as he wants to give more time in ICC and commodity exchange where he has been closely associated .

“when Sharad Pawar took the charge of PDS ministry buffer food grain stock in country was more than required and some of stock was lost quality due to rain and this bad quality wheat was allowed to off- loaded but the sale of good quality food grain in the country in 2005 -2006 has been biggest ever scam ih which Sharad Pawar’s associates gained more than Rs.10,000 crore but this PDS ministry massive corruption in off loading the rotten food grain stock has caused historic food crisis in the India and it is till continue hence removal of Sharad Pawar as PDS minister is must’ Tiwari added.

Sharad Pawar is richest minister in country as per his official affidavit to election commission and earned huge profit in recently held IPL,he and his party has lost it’s rural mass base in west Maharashtra and now it’s time for UPA to part with him in order to save the country from clutches MNCs and market forces other wise thousands farmers and poor will have to kill themselves ,VJAS added in press release.